Monday, September 16, 2013

SUNSET ON SUMMER FUN----Summer to Fall

There are certain things in summer that we love--beach, cook-outs, hot dogs on the grill, sunburn, gardens--but also all the wonderful things we love about autumn-- apples, changing leaves, cooler weather, cuter clothes, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING!!

In our romance novels we love setting and mood. In December we LOVE holiday themes, but what about now???

During the SUNSET ON SUMMER FUN blog where you have a chance to win a Kin dle or a Nook everyont is talking about what we will miss when summer ends, but it is also a shadow of the beautiful things to come in the fall.

Please enjoy these two seasonal excerpts!


Martin donned his sunglasses and headed outside to one of the resort’s more popular bars.
Glad he’d opted to dress casual today—Sperry deck shoes would fare sooo much better at the beachside cabana than his usual wingtip Oxfords—he followed the sand-dusted wooden path. The tropical sun warmed his skin, making him wish he’d worn short trousers. His blood had thinned so much down here, once he returned home he’d have to wear his heaviest pullovers.
A vaguely familiar steel-drum tune danced in the air around the Tiki structure. Strings of colorful lights hung from the thatched roof along with tin signs advertising different beers and that it was five o’clock somewhere.


Closing his eyes on the black specter, Ichabod whimpered, “Please, do not kill me.”
Before the words left his trembling lips, a giant fist snatched him by the scruff of the neck. Ichabod’s scream was heard throughout the Hollow, piercing the night and doubtless startling sleeping children on nearby farms from dreams of apple picking, hayrides, and other such autumnal delights. And as that shrill sound echoed back to Ichabod, it brought a new wash of terror over him as he was bodily thrown over the lap of the Horsemen.


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