Geoffrey grunted, wincing as he strained to get what he so desperately wanted. A lone bead of sweat ran a track down his forehead and lingered on his brow, moments away from stinging his eyes. He stretched toward his prize. Lower lip pinned between his teeth, he focused harder. “Just… a… little… bit… Ouch!”

Yanking his burnt hand back, he sucked on the wounded digit. “Damn light-bulb.”

He cautiously climbed down from his desk, regretting the decision to remove his shoes because his socks were slippery. But he didn’t want to scratch the mahogany, so he’d just have to be careful not to fall and break his neck. That would really ruin his plans. Retrieving a hand towel from his private bathroom, he returned to his sabotage project.

Having assumed the light-bulb would be fluorescent, the burn had shocked him. The bulb should’ve been the energy efficient kind, not the cheap household variety.

Add that to the list of things he planned to have a word with Cole McCarthy about.

Geoffrey’s law practice encompassed half of the top floor of the Dennison Tower. Cole McCarthy supervised the six man property management crew which serviced the thirty-story building. He and his partners paid exorbitant rent to be in the exclusive part of Seattle their clients preferred, and from the skyline view to the toilet paper or light-bulbs, they expected the best. And Cole was supposed to make sure it happened.

Cheap light-bulbs, indeed. Wait till he got his hands on that man.

His blood raced at the prospect, heating his skin and sending a tickle behind his belly button and just below. He tamped it down and climbed carefully back onto the desk. This time, armed with a towel, he removed the bulb without injury to his person. He shook it until the filaments rattled.

When he screwed it back in, he let out a triumphant, “Ha, ha!”

No light.

Dismounting, he replaced the towel and his shoes. After putting his desktop in order, he took a cleansing breath and hit the intercom. “Tiffany?”

“Yes, Mr. Winters?”

“I need to speak with McCarthy from maintenance. There’s a light out in my ceiling.”

“I can take care of that for you,” she offered.

“No thanks, Tiffany. I’m tired of the shoddy job his staff is doing. I want to speak to him personally.”

“Of course, Mr. Winters. One moment, please.”

While Tiffany got Cole on the line, he used the opportunity to collect himself. His black hair, which he kept trimmed high and tight, hadn’t been mussed from his endeavors, thankfully. After centering the Windsor knot of his tie, he snapped his suspenders into a more comfortable position. He thought about putting his suit coat on but the royal blue cotton of his fitted dress shirt accented the broad shoulders and flat abs he’d been working so diligently for at the gym. And he wanted Cole to notice.

He knew this was crazy. ‘Desperate’ might even be a better word. But he couldn’t help himself. From the first moment he’d met Cole a year ago he’d been wildly attracted to him. Always inventing new ‘problems’ in the office which required his personal attention. Parking his Jag in the south parking lot near the property management office. Anything he could think of to sneak a peek at Cole McCarthy.

Though he suspected the ruse didn’t hold up anymore.

God love Tiffany, the girl was anything but inefficient. The intercom crackled as she came over the line a few minutes later. “Mr. Winters, I have property management on line one for you.”

“Thank you, Tiffany.” He picked up the receiver, not surprised his hand trembled. “McCarthy?” he clarified, pleased his voice was steady.

“Yes, Mr. Winters?” Cole’s sultry voice never ceased to hit him where it counted. Right in the groin. The deep baritone of it was almost gravely, with just a hint of sarcasm.

“I have a problem.”

“And no one can fix it but me?” the sexy voice on the other line surmised.

Damn, it was that sarcasm again. What he wouldn’t give to fuck it right out of him. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t happen today. Well, at least he didn’t think it would. His cock swelled and he shifted in his chair. This game they’d been playing since the first day Cole came into his office to repair the bathroom sink—a game full of subtlety hidden innuendo—made him so hot he could hardly concentrate sometimes.

“Yes, that is what you’re paid for, isn’t it?” Geoffrey piled on a heaping layer of his own attitude.

He could visualize the man arching his left eyebrow in annoyance. Cole didn’t technically answer to him, but part of his job included keeping the tenants happy. And bossing the other man around definitely made Geoffrey happy.

After a long pause, Cole finally asked, “What do you need, Mr. Winters?”

“The light-bulb directly above my desk is burnt out. No doubt because you’re cutting costs using the cheap kind. I want it fixed immediately. I have an important conference call at four o’clock which I need to prepare for. While you and your men wander around the building pretending to look busy, the rest of us are working our asses off, you know. I don’t have time for this kind of incompetence.”

Another long silence followed. Geoffrey thought maybe he’d laid it on a bit thick. However, he couldn’t take it back now. A show of submissiveness would only ruin his plans.

“I’ll be right up, Mr. Winters.”

* * * * * * *

Geoffrey’s breath caught in his chest when Tiffany gestured Cole, tool-belt tossed casually over his shoulder, into the office. Effortlessly carrying an eight-foot orange ladder, Cole thanked her for holding the door. A navy blue knit cap covered shaggy blond hair, making him look younger than the thirty years Geoffrey knew him to be. He’d only buttoned the short-sleeved white shirt with his name stitched above the pocket half way, like he’d thrown it over the grey tank-top as an afterthought.

Brown eyes which always seemed to sparkle with amusement— as if Cole alone were a part of some secret joke —drifted to the burnt out light-bulb above the desk. Then they took in the bright sunlight pouring through the floor to ceiling windows. The sunniness, unusual for Seattle even in July, rendered the russet faux-finish on the walls a pale gold. “I guess we do have a problem.”

Geoffrey pursed his lips. There was that sarcasm again. “Yes, and you’ve kept me waiting.”

Cole quirked one dark brow.

God, he loved that!

He also loved the full sleeve of colorful tattoos the maintenance man had on his right arm. Tattoos he reminded himself not to ogle while at work. Still, the peek-a-boo of a tribal tat on his left arm made Geoffrey long to slide his fingers up the sleeve and explore the rest of it, committing every intricate detail to memory as he learned the significance each image held for Cole.

“Do you need anything else, Mr. Winters?” Tiffany stood patiently in the doorway.

“No thank-you, Tiffany. Please, close the door behind you.”

Cole arched his sweeping dark brow in surprise, but Tiffany didn’t question the instructions as she turned and left.

When the door ‘clicked’ shut and they were finally alone, Cole skipped the pleasantries. “I’m going to need you to move so I can set up my ladder.”

Geoffrey jumped from his chair quickly, getting a little hot under the collar at his ready obedience. He paused in the middle of reaching for the chair, however, when he saw the smile dancing on Cole’s full, kissable lips. Regaining some semblance of dignity, he left the chair where it sat. He couldn’t let him take the lead without at least a little resistance.

Cole cocked his head to the side curiously when he didn’t move the chair.

“I don’t move furniture.”

The derisive tone caught Cole off guard and his left brow quirked. He hadn’t expected that, Geoffrey could tell. Swallowing hard, his dick snaked down his pant leg ever so slightly. Damn, he loved the subtle sexual back and forth of their encounters.

As Cole moved the chair and opened the ladder, Geoffrey poured himself two thick fingers of scotch. He picked up a file and planted himself on the cardamom leather couch in front of the window, pretending to read while he surreptitiously took in the show he’d staged. The whiskey warmed his throat, filling him with a heat which trickled through his veins and headed straight to his crotch.

“Your office is stuffy,” Cole observed after returning from the bathroom with a light-bulb from the storage closet. He noted with perverse pleasure it was another cheap bulb which would probably burn out in a few weeks.

That meant Cole would have to come back.

“Maybe you should check the air conditioning unit,” Geoffrey suggested casually, as if he hadn’t been checking out the other man’s ass.

“Maybe I should.”

His back to Geoffrey, Cole unbuttoned his white shirt then tossed it on the chair. The armpits were sweat stained and the desire to bury his face in the garment for a deep inhale of the man’s scent overcame him. Throat suddenly dry with want, Geoffrey took a hefty swallow of scotch. Choking back a gasp from the burn in his nose and throat, he was glad the faux-pas went unnoticed.

No one ever affected him like Cole McCarthy did. And the way he took the steps of the ladder in slow, sensuous movements only made it worse. Hastily, he crossed a leg to hide his growing erection. He’d never understand how the man could render the most innocuous chore sexy. Cole held the new bulb in his mouth so his hands were free to climb the ladder safely. The way his plush, dark lips wrapped around it made Geoffrey long to see those same lips sucking down one of his balls. Damn, he loved to have his balls sucked on, tugged.

Okay, now he really was hard.

Cole’s long tattooed arms stretched upwards, reaching the burnt out light easily. Grease smudged the knees of his Carhartts. He must’ve slid the caramel-colored canvas pants over his jeans because he’d been working somewhere dirty. A thrill went the length of his spine knowing the man had dropped whatever he’d been doing when Geoffrey demanded his presence.

Unaware he was the main act, Cole unscrewed the old bulb. Geoffrey had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop the groan when his tank-top inched up, showing off sculpted abs and a line of dark hair trailing temptingly below his jeans. Damn, the man was a fine specimen.

The whole project took less than five minutes and though, obviously, the new bulb functioned, Geoffrey came over to inspect the work. Standing several feet from Cole, the scent of his sweat affected him so strongly the steadiness of his voice amazed him. “That’s better.”

“You know what would be even better?” Cole asked.


“You treating me with respect.”

His stomach jumped in his throat. He’d never heard that particular note of irritation in Cole’s voice before. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, Mr. Winters.”

Heat rushed throughout his extremities when the bigger man took a step closer. Feeling like cornered prey, Geoffrey’s feet rooted to the spot.

“Do you have any idea what I was doing when you called me to change a light-bulb?” He advanced again, until they were less than a foot apart.

The dominant presence of the bigger man made Geoffrey’s dick snap to attention, a surge of unexpected pre-cum wetting his boxers. “I’m the boss. You should come when I call,” he blustered, jutting out his chin in a feeble attempt to regain the power he’d lost. However, when he thought about it, he didn’t really want the control back. Not this time.

“I’m not your lapdog,” Cole snapped. “And last I checked, you don’t sign my checks.”

The Adam’s apple on his throat rolled as Cole towered above him, so close the heat of his body almost scorched him.

“You know what I think I outta do?”

Geoffrey shook his head, heart racing and dick like a rock. “What?” Dammit, his voice squeaked. He cleared his throat. “File a complaint with the building owner?”

A wicked smile flashed across Cole’s face, his next words laden with sarcastic taunt. “I don’t think so, Mr. Winters. I like to fix things myself. And the only way I see that you and I are going to work this out is if I bend you over this desk and paddle your round little ass.”

A violent shudder rolled the full length of Geoffrey’s body. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected Cole to say that. Nor had he expected it to make him so goddamn hot.

Cole’s lips quirked in a grin. “Hmmm. You like that solution, don’t you?”

His head bobbed up and down though he didn’t recall telling it to do so.

The deep rumble of his chuckle incited more fluid to seep from Geoffrey’s dick. “I thought as much. Then maybe I’ll fuck you till you learn some manners.”

It was a damn good thing Cole seized him by the shoulders then, because his knees gave out under the weight of those wicked promises. The other man slanted his mouth over his, tongue probing in possessively. Moaning under the sudden intensity, he clung to Cole and gave himself over, knowing in the back of his head the gesture granted the man more than permission to kiss him.

It gave him total control.

Arching hungrily into the bigger man, he made a desperate noise in the back of his throat. God this had been exactly what he’d wanted! How had Cole known when Geoffrey himself hadn’t?

Cole ended the battle of tongues but Geoffrey’s lips wantonly followed his. The man chuckled, the power of it undoing his insides. “Looks like somebody likes being told what to do.”

He was nodding again, dammit, but he couldn’t help himself. He loved this wild shift in Cole’s normally cool and reserved behavior. When Cole released him and stepped away to lock the door, Geoffrey actually whimpered— whimpered like a fucking little girl.

When Cole returned, he delivered his order with the certainty of ready obedience. “You’re gonna suck my cock first. Now get on your knees.”

Without hesitation, he dropped to the floor as Cole unzipped and pushed down the front of his jeans. Reaching through the flap of his striped, dark purple boxers, Cole pulled out his rigid cock. Leaving his balls hidden inside, he waggled the shaft in invitation. “Come and get it. You know you want it.”

Geoffrey had never wanted anything more in his entire life.

Like a hungry calf, his mouth chased that long, stiff thing, tongue questing after it, too. Cole teased him for a minute, keeping the prize just out of reach. Then he released himself, his tumescence holding the dick straight out. With a moan he took the proffered cock, the meatiness of it in his grip making his mouth water. He licked the smooth head then swallowed half the length. Spit dribbled freely from his lips and down the shaft, lubricating his fingers. When he had it soaked and could pump his hand in rhythm with his mouth, Cole started to thrust into his mouth.

“That’s it,” Cole said, the authoritative tone tempered slightly with lust. “Suck it like you mean it. Like the little bitch boy you pretend not to be.”

Jeesh, he sure is enjoying this. Then again, it had been a long time since Geoffrey had been this hard himself. The taunting way Cole talked nearly drove him to the edge. He reached down to unfasten his pants and release his cock.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself.”

The sharp command shocked Geoffrey. Releasing him, he gave Cole a pleading look. He didn’t mean it, did he?

Cole tsked and shook his head. “Don’t look at me like that. You won’t touch yourself until I say. And you sure as fuck better not cum in your pants either. You understand?”

He nodded, unsure if he’d be able to obey the last order. He’d been ready to come since that kiss.

Cole took hold of the back of his head and drew him forward. “Now get back to work. Suck my cock.”

Geoffrey earnestly obliged, moaning and making a slobbery mess of his face and Cole’s boxers. He sucked and licked, relishing the silken heat of the dick in his mouth, on his tongue and in his fist.

“Oh, yeah,” Cole groaned, a hand still cupping the back of his head as he drove into his mouth with slow studied movements. “You’re such a slut for my cock. Suck it harder, boy.”

A visceral jolt of desire went straight down his back and he felt his balls tighten up. Damn, every time the man spoke he made Geoffrey hornier than before. His hips began to make tiny undulations. The feel of Cole’s fingers massaging his scalp and the hot dick gliding passed his lips again and again, had him increasing the movement unknowingly. If he kept it up, the fabric of his boxers across his head would make him cum, regardless of Cole’s ban.

“What do you think the people in the building would say if they could see you now?” Cole wanted to know. “On your knees sucking me off?”

Geoffrey couldn’t answer, refused to. Because damn, the idea turned him on. His reply was to open his throat and take Cole all the way down to the root.

“Oh, fuck!” Cole hissed and Geoffrey got a thrill as the bigger man shuddered. “That’s right. Suck it,” he whispered before he went back to goading him. “You walk around this building like you own it. No one knows what you’re really like. That you’re nothing but a cock slut. But I knew. I’ve always known.”

The more he taunted Geoffrey the stiffer the dick in his mouth became. He never would’ve dreamed Cole got off on dirty talk. Hell, he never would’ve expected to like being called a cock slut, either.

But hot damn, he loved it.

Cole kept up his slow thrusting, setting their pace and controlling the entire scene. “You like being on your knees in front of me, don’t you? You’ve always wanted a man to put you in your place. Make you his bitch boy. You just never had the balls to ask for it.”

A wash of shame swept over him and he stopped sucking. Heart racing wildly, the thought of looking up into those brown eyes terrified him. Eyes which could see deep into his soul, clear to all the things Geoffrey tried to hide from everyone. His need to let go completely. But with Cole, he didn’t bother to disguise the tears in his voice. It wouldn’t have worked anyway. “How did you know?”

“Shhh,” Cole whispered, his large hand petting Geoffrey, soothing him. The shame and tension melted away. Cole understood. Maybe he always had.

Something moist struck his cheek a few times, drawing his attention back up.

Cole slapped him lightly with his cock. “Say it, Geoffrey.”

He blinked in surprise. “Say what?”

The wet head thumped his face again. “Say you’re a cock slut, Geoffrey. Tell me you wanna be my bitch boy.”

He looked away, unable to look at the man. Fire burned up his neck, scorching his face with embarrassment. Ironically, his penis twitched and he realized pre-cum had been leaking in such a steady stream he’d made a wet spot on the front of his trousers. Lips swollen from sucking and cheeks wet with his own spit, his tongue felt twice its normal size. He couldn’t speak.

“Geoffrey,” he warned, rolling his head in wet circles over his cheek and lips.

His mouth instinctively followed that dick as it withdrew and Geoffrey gave up pretending. “I’m a cock slut. I wanna be your bitch boy.”

Cole let out a low puppet-master laugh. “Say it again.”

“I’m a cock slut,” he said, the distinct note of begging in his voice. “I wanna be your bitch boy.”

“Then stand up and get naked.”

Geoffrey leapt to his feet, pulling off shoes and clothing. Down to only pants, he noticed Cole hadn’t moved removed any of his clothing. The glint in his eye gave him pause. He didn’t like the idea of being completely naked while Cole remained clothed.

Cole sensed his hesitation. “Why are you stopping? You’re my bitch boy. Do as I say.”

A blush traveled across his face and naked chest. But he decided he trusted Cole. Well, at least he thought he did. They had known each other a year, but he’d never seen this side of him. As arousing as the sudden shift between them felt, it frightened Geoffrey how quickly he fell into obeying Cole. He hadn’t put up any resistance. He needed this. Needed to experience the other man dominating him.

Completely naked, Geoffrey bent over when Cole told him to, elbows on the desk and ass in the air. “What are you…?”

A light slap on one bare cheek cut off his question. Geoffrey let out a tiny yip of surprise. But his raging hard-on belied any whimpers of protest. Dark and almost purple, a solitary bead of pre-cum hung from the tip before dripping onto the carpet.

Cole came up behind him, his breath hot on his bare neck, “You want this, don’t you?

He nodded once, his pride not allowing him to verbalize those hidden desires.

Chuckling, he took hold of Geoffrey’s cock. He gasped, a spike of need hitting him in the gut. The rough scratch of a calloused hand circled his ass. Fear and eagerness warred inside him, like going uphill on a roller coaster. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to get off the ride or let go, throw his hands up in the air and scream for the thrill to take him.

Cole didn’t give him a chance to decide. Still gripping the base of his dick, he brought the flat of his hand down on his ass.

“Shit, Cole!” he cried out in shock. “That hurt!”

“Quiet, bitch boy. You know you like it.” He laughed and did it again.

He yelped. He’d never been spanked before and, actually, he didn’t know if he did like it. It stung not only his ass but his pride. Cole gave him a third smack right on the bottom of his crack, by his balls, making him buckle over. But his dick stiffened, as if loving the humiliating act of being spanked like a naughty school boy.

“Mr. Winters?” Tiffany’s voice came over the intercom. “Did you hurt yourself? I thought I heard something.”

“Shit!” How the hell would he explain this one? Better yet, what the hell was the matter with him, letting the maintenance man spank him in his office with Tiffany on the other side of the door?

Cole held his finger above the ‘talk’ button. “Tell her everything’s fine.”

He hesitated. If he didn’t want things to go further, he could tell Tiffany he’d be out in a minute. Then Cole would be forced to leave. He wouldn’t spank him again…yet he would never find out what else Cole had in store.

Cole gave his dick a squeeze, making the decision for him. He nodded and Cole held down the intercom button. “Sorry, I dropped something. No worries,” Geoffrey told his secretary.

Quirking that one brow in amusement, Cole seemed impressed by the calm, professional tone he managed with his bare ass in the air.

“Okay.” Tiffany didn’t sound like she believed him. “If you’re sure?”

He had to bite his lip from growling. “I’m sure.”

Half a mind to tell her to go home early, he decided against it. The thrill of getting discovered, of having to be extra quiet, made him hotter than before.

“Good little bitch boy,” Cole whispered. “Now I’m gonna spank you ten times and you’re going to be as quiet as possible. Do you think you can do that for me?”

Knowing he truly must be a little bitch boy, Geoffrey nodded fervently, his lips pursed in determination. When Cole released him, he took a much needed breath.

If he’d thought the first three whacks counted, he’d have been wrong. Cole delivered another full ten smacks, five to each cheek. He didn’t hold back, though he had to know Geoffrey had never been spanked before. His face scrunched up and tears wetted his cheek as he bit his lip to keep from crying out. Whimpers escaped while he desperately counted each smack, waiting for it to end.

When he finished, Cole gasped for breath. He took hold of Geoffrey’s cock and gave him a few a strokes, massaging his ass with his other hand. “God, your ass makes me so hot. I wanna fuck you.”

Impatience overcame him. “God yes, please!”

Cole chuckled at his eagerness. “Lube?”

“Bathroom, under the sink.” His hole fluttered in anticipation.

Attempting to calm his heart rate, he wiped the wetness off his cheeks then dropped his chin to his chest and took a few deep breaths through his nose while he waited for Cole. His ass stung but, as if taunting him, his cock had remained fully erect during the spanking. Maybe it had even gotten harder.

Damn, what was wrong with him?

A ‘thump’ on the desk startled Geoffrey. “Look what I found.”

Mortification like nothing up to this point washed over him when he saw the brown file-box. He knew the contents and apparently now, so did Cole. How could he have been so stupid as to forget?

“Anal beads?” Cole choked on a laugh and held up the string. “Butt plugs? A vibrator? I didn’t know you were such a perverted fuck.”

“Cole, I can explain…” he began but quickly found that he could not.

All the humor in Cole’s voice disappeared as he picked up the ten-inch red dildo then dropped it, glaring accusation at Geoffrey. “Do you fuck other men in your office with all this shit?”

“No, no…” His throat tightened with humiliation and he looked away. How could he tell him?

Cole’s face lit up as if he’d uncovered a secret. “Oh, I get it. You sit up here and jerk off, don’t you?”

He gave the barest of nods, his face in flames.

“When you said you worked your ass off I didn’t know this was what you meant. That you were up here having fun while I sweat my dick off on the rooftop keeping your air conditioning running so you can be cool and comfy while you stick this”— he held a big butt plug in front of his face— “up your ass.”

“Cole, please,” he pleaded. He never wanted the other man to discover his secret. Now Cole had even more power than before. And the very idea, while humiliating, excited Geoffrey. More than it should have.

“Well, good thing you got all kinds of lube in this little toy box of yours,” he went on, seeming to derive great enjoyment from his embarrassment. “Now, spread those slutty little cheeks nice and wide for me so I can lube your asshole.”

The command made him shudder and obediently, he reached behind and took hold of his fiery cheeks. He divided them so wide his hole stretched, making the pleasure spot inside stir with expectation. Another swat to his ass did not surprise Geoffrey, but he yelped just the same.

Laughing, Cole squirted lube into his hand. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, you won’t know what hit you.”

“Please, just quit talking and do it.” He stuck his bottom out further, spreading the cheeks almost to the point of pain.

Cole made a low noise of approval and easily slid a slicked finger into his hole. “Mmmm, that’s tight.”

Rolling his finger in a circle, he easily found Geoffrey’s spot, manipulating it exactly the way he liked. He released his cheeks to draw Cole in further but the other man had different ideas. He delivered another swat on the top of his ass. “Ah-ah! Keep ‘em spread.”

Moaning, he obeyed, using that grip to roll his hips in rhythm with Cole’s inner strokes, making the solitary digit go impossibly deep. Another two fingers probed passed his barrier and he had to bite his tongue from crying out. Cole’s thumb pressed between his balls, teasing him wonderfully as his fingers stayed buried inside, pulsing on his prostate. Ripples of pleasure churned in his nut-sack and his penis strained for contact. His legs quivered from bearing his weight and his dick leaked one long string of pre-cum.

“Oh, fuck, Cole,” he panted when his lover retreated then dove back in. “I’m gonna come.”

A hand came out of nowhere and squeezed the base of his shaft tight, cutting off the rising orgasm. “Don’t you dare cum, you little slut, don’t you dare!”

Geoffrey released his cheeks and dropped to the desk, his body trembling from the halted expulsion of cum. He wanted to cry, the denial hurt so damn good. “Oh, please, Cole. Just fuck me! I can’t stand it anymore.”

With an arrogant chuckle tempered by hunger, Cole pulled his fingers out, never releasing Geoffrey’s cock. Warm smooth, dick pressed against him then, and he braced his arms on the desk. His hips canted back and he pushed out his stretched sphincter to allow the bigger man’s cock to slide home. He reveled in the delicious sting of the head popping inside, willing his body to engulf it all.

Cole had his hot, lubed dick buried balls deep in less than three steady thrusts. He took hold of Geoffrey’s hip with one hand and delivered a merciful caress to his cock with the other. A quiver of delight raced over his back but it never reached fruition. Cole meant it when he said Geoffrey would not come. He gripped his cock at the root, using his hold as leverage to draw half-way out then all the way back in. Geoffrey’s hips moved wantonly on their own, meeting Cole thrust for thrust. That naked head stabbed at his prostate with each subsequent push. The agony of denial only made the organ sliding in and out of him, the wet sounds of suction and Cole’s grunts, so much more intense.

“Please let me come,” he whined, unable to believe he’d been reduced to this. Tears streamed down his cheeks and he thought if he couldn’t release his load, he’d explode. “Please!”

“No,” Cole grunted the word, pounding him faster, harder.

It was all Geoffrey could do to hold them up. Despite Cole’s strangling hold on the base of his cock, his balls shrank up and blood pulsed in the shaft, fluid leaking. Just when he thought he couldn’t hold out, he felt Cole’s hips pistoning in a familiar rhythm as he prepared to come.

Cole shuddered, slamming in all the way as he came in one hard burst. The two men groaned together as liquid heat flooded Geoffrey’s insides. Cole pulsed his hips through the final waves of orgasm, the soft thrusts of his cock gliding slick and easy with the additional wet. Geoffrey clenched his ass to make it better for his lover, milking clean every last drop. Nothing compared to the scent of a man coming in his ass or the raw, masculine feel of cum oozing from his body.

“That was so hot.” Gasping from post-fuck euphoria, Cole stroked his back with the flat of his free hand, massaging him. Warm lips pressed to his spine, huffing breaths flicking him with spittle. The gentle touches reinforced to Geoffrey the role-playing had been just another stage of their game. A game he never tired of.

“Um, Cole?” His lover still held him in a vice-like grip, his cock dark purple and ready to burst.

“Take a deep breath and calm down, babe,” he said, his humor returning now that he’d finished. “It’s not gonna happen.”

Geoffrey released a broken sob. “But, Cole…”

That puppet-master laugh filled the air once more as Cole pulled out, careful to keep a hold on Geoffrey’s hard, aching prick so the sensation wouldn’t cause him to inadvertently come. He could barely suppress the shudder. He turned to embrace, maybe beg the sexy man who left his spunk deep inside him, to let him come, but Cole took hold of his hips.

“Ah-ah! Not so fast.” Reaching passed him Cole snagged something out of the toy box. “I’m not done with you.”

A thrill went through Geoffrey and hope filled him. Maybe he would get to come after all.

He gasped as cold plastic pressed into his gaping hole. Sperm and lube allowed for easy entry, but only when the toy had been seated deep did Geoffrey realized what had been inserted into his ass.

A butt plug.

Just what was Cole up to? Why didn’t he fuck him with the vibrator or the red dildo?

He planned to demand those answers, but Cole placed a hand on Geoffrey’s abdomen and drew him up until his back pressed to Cole’s front. The action maneuvered the plug deliciously deeper and Geoffrey moaned, his legs trembling. A sharp sensation of desire tingled at the base of his spine and deep in his balls. Just one caress and he would come unglued.

Cole crossed one big arm over Geoffrey’s arms, however, blocking his hand’s unconscious trek to his dick. “Not so fast, lover boy. You’re gonna leave this in until you’re done working today. And you’re not allowed to come either.”

He felt the start of panic and whirled to face his lover, the motion shifting the plug and sending jolts of pleasure through his ass. “No, Cole. I can’t!”

Pressing one finger against his protesting lips, Cole kissed the tip of his nose until he quieted. “You can and you will, Geoff. When I get home and take it out I wanna see my spunk in your ass. Then, when I fuck you again you’ll shoot a huge load for me. I’ll know if you cheated, too, because your second shot is always next to nothing.”

Blushing, Geoffrey stifled a giggle. “Babe, you can’t expect me to wear this. I have a conference call at four.”

Cole gave him that mischievous smile he’d fallen in love the moment they met. The one he woke up to every morning since the third week they’d started dating and he’s asked Cole to move in with him.

“Babe, I’m not kidding. This whole scene was your idea anyway. And you know our rule. The scene isn’t over till we both come. So don’t be backing out now.” He gave him a light peck on the lips and stepped away, retrieving Geoffrey’s clothing from the floor.

True, he had planned the rendezvous—not necessarily all the details, but he’d told Cole this morning to be ready for a surprise at work.

Life often got in the way of romance, sometimes ending the passion of a once fiery relationship. When Cold first moved in, they had taken great delight in inventing new scenes. Hell, keeping their relationship a secret from the people at work still turned them on. Like the time Cole fucked him in the broom closet and ten minutes later they had to pretend they were casual acquaintances while they talked to the building owner. Even now, the memory made his dick leak.

Unfortunately, it had been a few months since they’d done anything adventurous and he’d feared their spark had begun to fizzle. Cole’s mom broke her leg in a horseback riding accident and he’d been taking care of her, the horses and all the summertime chores at her place. Geoffrey felt like he hadn’t seen his partner in ages. But if he learned one thing living with a man who could fix anything and everything mechanical, the key to longevity with most things was proper maintenance.

That’s why Geoffrey decided their relationship could benefit from a little unscheduled maintenance, too.

If the tenderness in the warm arms encircling him were any indicator, he’d been right.

Cole kissed him softly. “Thank you for this, babe. I really needed it.”

“Me, too. I’ve missed you,” he whispered, shuddering when his wanting cock brushed the seam of Cole’s jeans. Unable to resist, he pressed against him.

“Ah-ah,” he admonished, moving out of reach. “Don’t try it. You’re not allowed to cum.”

“But what about the plug?” His fingers moved restlessly against his lover’s forearm, circling Cole’s latest tattoo which matched the one Geoffrey bore on his own left forearm. A distinctive Irish Claddagh, two hands holding a heart with a crown. Marital symbols of friendship, love and loyalty. A symbol of their commitment to each other.

“Forget about the plug.”

“Easy for you to say,” he grumbled as he slid on his dress shirt.

Cole arched that one brow and gave him the look. “Maybe you could’ve sweet talked me into a blow-job or taking that thing out if I’d known about the box of sex toys you’ve been hiding at your office.”

He blushed. “You know how horny I get sometimes.”

His partner chuckled. “I do.”

While nothing could be more embarrassing than your partner discovering your secret stash of sex toys, right now, the predicament Cole placed him in worried him more. “I really have to keep it in till we get home?”

“Yup,” Cole said absently, tossing him his trousers. “Hurry up and put your clothes back on before Tiffany starts calling again.”

“You’re really not gonna let me come?”

Cole laughed. “Let you? You act like you don’t love it.”

He let out a resigned sigh. Who was he trying to kid? They both knew he loved it.

Geoffrey carefully pulled up his pants so as not to twist the plug any more than necessary. He tucked his shirt in and positioned his erection inconspicuously under his waistband, hoping it was camouflaged.

“I can barely tell you’re hard,” Cole said when he noticed Geoffrey inspecting himself. Then he came closer and gave him a hot kiss, wickedly pressing on the plug with the flat of his hand.

Geoffrey whimpered but before Cole caused an undesired effect, he stepped back and gave him an impish smile. “Love you, babe.”

He returned his partner’s smile, knowing that while the rest of the afternoon might prove difficult, the reward tonight would make up for any embarrassment or discomfort. “I love you, too, Cole.”

As he finished dressing, Cole returned to the toy box and withdrew a pair of leather wrist restraints. “You’re a lot kinkier than you’ve let on, babe. Maybe this box should come home with us tonight and you can show me your favorites.”

Geoffrey nodded eagerly. “Deal.”


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