Hi, my name is Jorge. 
I am one of Santa’s elves and you may remember me from my cameo in PIP’S BOXING DAY WISH, Book Two of THE NAUGHTY NORTH POLE series by Deanna Wadsworth. 
I run the social media division at the Mail Department in the North Pole workshop. People are always curious about what happens at the North Pole so I invited a few elves to help me with a Countdown to Christmas blog tour. Some of the elves you may know, and some you may not. I even got the big guy Santa and his sister Lady Claus to join in.
The following is a list of all the blogs in the series and the proper reading order:

Jorge at  Charley Descoteaux
Jack Frost at The Novel Approach
Pip at Hank Edward's Hankerings
Lars at Kayla Jameth's Blog
Santa at ARe Cafe
Pip and Erik SHORT STORY at Daily Dose of Decadence or Brita Addams
Ms. Claus at Naughty Edition Reviews
Jorge at Silvia Violet's blog
Tessa at KT Babb's blog
Erik at Andrew Q. Gordon's blog
Jimmy at Silvia Violet's blog
Pip at Anne Barwell's blog
Donna at Kerry Adrianne's blog
Lars at Paisley Brown's blog
Jorge at Deanna Wadsworth's blog

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