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Today we are chatting with paranormal author Lisa Anne Vance. Her debut novel PASSING WHISPERS is being released DECEMBER 1st!!!!

So let’s pull up a chair, grab a drink…alcoholic if you please…and put on your listening caps! If you have a Q at the end you can even win a free copy of Lisa’s book PASSING WHISPERS!

Lisa and I are drinking:

2 oz Van Gogh Coffee Vodka
1 oz Cream
2 oz Dr. McGillicuddy’s Vanilla Schnapps
Add all to 3 oz hot black coffee
Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream

Deanna: Welcome to Cocktails and Cock Tales, Lisa!
This is my first and soon to be infamous question: Where are you and what are you wearing?

Lisa: I’m in exotic New Jersey (don’t be jealous). I wish I could say I was wearing a black, lace teddy, but to be truthful, I’m actually wearing my usual bag lady outfit (sweat pants and fuzzy slippers). I wear that every day, but on special occasions, I put on a pearl necklace.

Deanna: Oooh! Fancy schmancy! I love pearls! What’s your poison? Vodka? Hot Coco?

Lisa: French Vanilla Cappuccino.

Deanna: Hmmm, you’re too easy. Let me think of a way to make one alcoholic…gimme a sec…OKAY! Here goes! Let’s call it a HOT WHISPER…based on your book! YUM!

Lisa: PLEASE… don’t make it hot. I’m menopausal, ya know.

Deanna: I'll serve yours over ice then. Now that we’re comfy, tell me about your new book?

Lisa: PASSING WHISPERS is a paranormal romance novel due to be released by Devine Destinies on December 1, 2010. One year after her husband is killed during a robbery, Kate Sorra is still consumed with anger and grief. She comes across the snow globe he had given her on their first Christmas. Before she can smash it against a wall, Endel finds a way to come back to her. He spends the next two weeks helping Kate to understand the tragedy and move on with her life. Although it’s breaking his heart, he also helps her to find a new love.

Deanna: Wow that sounds like it might not have a HEA…

Lisa: It’s a tear-jerker, but it does have a happy ending. I promise.

Deanna: Oh good! Where did the idea for this story come from?

Lisa: Funny you should ask. I think of it as a Devine Inspiration. I was half asleep on the couch one afternoon, and the story just… came to me.

Deanna: I can understand that! It happens to me all the time! I actually have a fishbowl where I store all the notes for new books…though actually it is a Jagermeister bucket sitting on the bar in my basement. But I digress… Lisa, what was the hardest part of writing this story for you?

Lisa: There is a part where Kate has to council a client in the Women’s Shelter where she is a nurse practitioner. I did a lot of research on Domestic Abuse to make sure she was giving the right advice.

Deanna: It is so cool that you went beyond the internet…so few of us do anymore. Can you tell me what the easiest thing about writing the book was?

Lisa: Even though I have never made love with a ghost, the scenes came easily to me.

Deanna: Oh, if that was the research data you needed, why didn’t you SAY SO?!! I sleep with ghosts all the time!!

Lisa: You do?

Deanna: No, but I had you going for a second, didn’t I? LOL

Lisa: Sigh. A single woman’s lament. Always going… never… well, you know.

Deanna: LOL, Now let’s get back on topic…What is your dream story, your opus, if you will? The one you dream about writing but haven’t done yet?

Lisa: I’m happy to report that PASSING WHISPERS was it!

Deanna: Cool! Can you tell my readers how you first discovered you were a writer? Were you like weeding your garden and just said, “Ya know, I think I’m gonna write a book.” Or was it more profound?

Lisa: After my divorce eleven years ago, I was bored and lonely. I started writing a Web Page, depicting my misadventures as a middle-aged, DWF from NJ. I had so much fun writing it, and got so much encouragement from my Readers, that I decided to write a book.

Deanna: That’s awesome! Is the site still up?

Lisa: Yes. I believe it’s now the longest Web Page in the history of the Internet. http://havingagreattime.net

Deanna: Now what helps you when you are stumped on a scene in a manuscript? I usually have a cocktail or three. But that’s just me.

Lisa: All I have to do is watch a book trailer, or read a book, and my imagination takes off.

Deanna: I feel ya there, sista! Inspiration is everywhere! Especially in music. Most of my stories have a theme song. Does PASSING WHISPERS have a theme song?

Lisa: I made my own book trailer and found a beautiful song called ‘Hidden Past‘ to use as the background music. Now, whenever I think about ‘Passing Whispers‘, I hear that song. Some people hear voices. All my life… I have heard music. My own personal sound tract! It changes depending on my situation. I live in fear of suddenly hearing the music to JAWS

Deanna: Well, I watch SHARK WEEK and I also have an unnatural fear of sharks, so I won’t tease you on that! Can you tell us about a scene that you have written then afterward, when you read it, you shocked yourself? You know I want a dirty answer (((hint hint)))

Lisa: Nothing in this book shocked me, but I was surprised at how I could describe being made love to by a ghost. After all, I have no experience!

Deanna: So says you!!! You seem slightly obsessed with ghost sex if you ask me…

Lisa: Only recently, Deanna. There’s nothing like the coolness of a ghost in the middle of the night when you’re having your twentieth hot flash.

Deanna: LOL Now can you tell my readers about the contest you are running?

Lisa: I am running a contest on YouTube from December 1, 2010 to December 7, 2010. You get one entry for every comment you make under my PASSING WHISPERS book trailer. The winner will be chosen on December 8, 2010 and will receive a FREE KINDLE and a copy of PASSING WHISPERS to start off their E-book collection: CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Deanna: Sounds awesome!
But winners are not limited to the Kindle contest.
If you post a comment below you will be entered for a chance to win a copy of PASSING WHISPERS!

Lisa Vance’s book PASSING WHISPERS can be found at: Divine Destinies
You can also visit her at her blog, her website and Facebook

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Naughty Things to Say on Thanksgiving

1. Talk about a huge breast!

2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.

3. It's Cool Whip time!

4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!

5. That's one terrific spread!

6. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat.

7. Are you ready for seconds yet?

8. Its a little dry, do you still want to eat it?

9. Just wait your turn, you'll get some!

10. Don't play with your meat.

11. Just spread the legs open & stuff it in.

12. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once?

13. I didn't expect everyone to come at once!

14. You still have a little bit on your chin.

15. How long will it take after you stick it in?

16. You'll know it's ready when it pops up!

Another random Thanksgiving fact:

When Chuck Norris' wife burned the turkey one Thanksgiving, Chuck said, “Don’t worry about it. honey.” He went into his backyard, came back five minutes later with a live turkey and ate it whole. When he threw it up a few seconds later it was fully cooked and came with cranberry sauce. When his wife asked him how he did it, he gave her a roundhouse kick to the face and said, “Never question Chuck Norris.”

See I can be serious too:
“When we exist without thought or thanksgiving we are not men, but beasts.” M.F.K. Fisher (1908–1992)

Now if you still want another laugh, check out this video! LOL

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sex in YA? Tabboo or ignored?

Hey there everyone. My name’s Leslie Soule and I’m pleased to be a guest on this blog today.

When Deanna gave me the idea to do a blog post on the topic of sex in YA novels, I thought it would be a good challenge to tackle. It got me thinking about the novels I’d read and enjoyed as a teenager and how they handled the tricky topic of sex. I used to love reading a series called the Redwall series by British author Brian Jacques.

The series is about a bunch of animals like mice and otters and badgers who live in a big sandstone abbey together and act like people. The very first book I’d read in the series – one I still have, whose pages are old and dirty, whose spine is so cracked you can barely make out the title since I’d read it so many times – deals with the title character named Mattimeo.

Now the book mentions Mattimeo’s parents – warrior Matthias and his love Cornflower, but there is no mention of sex in the entire Redwall series, and yet we know that Mattimeo had to have come from somewhere. Little mice do not just POP into existence from nothing.

So I thought about other novels that I loved when I was a teenager – and realized that, at least with the books I’d read, (Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) sex was completely ignored. I searched the internet for other opinions on the topic, in order to gain some insight.

A Google search led me to the Magical Musings blog, where the question was being posed, “How much sex is acceptable in a YA novel?” The author of the post came to the conclusion that there are no rules. While I can see this, I also think there are still standards and traditions.

I recently went to the midnight showing of the new “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One”. For any of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, turn away now, because I will spoil it for you.

***Spoiler Alert***

Okay, so here’s what happens – Ron sees a vision of Harry and Hermione embracing nude. I didn’t remember this happening in the book when I’d read the Harry Potter series all those years ago, so I looked up whether this scene was in the books or not. Turns out it wasn’t. J.K. Rowling, following in the tradition of many other YA fantasy authors, steered clear of the topic altogether in her novels. She, like so many others, didn’t want to touch “sex” with a ten-foot pole.

Personally, I am guilty of ignoring sex altogether as well in my work and in my upcoming YA novel FALLENWOOD. There’s not a scrap of sex involved in it. At the risk of not practicing what I am about to preach, here are my thoughts on the question of how much is allowable: I believe that in a YA novel, if sex is included, it should be used as a tool in order to enlighten the reader (and I don’t mean “enlighten” as in teaching them different positions).

I find it appalling how nonchalantly various forms of social media advocate casual sex as a normal and healthy lifestyle choice for young adults. However, where are young adults to go in order to get the right information on the subject? It’s rare to see YA novels make any statement at all other than silence.

So there ya go – How is sex handled in YA novels?

It isn’t.

~Thanks Leslie!

Leslie will give away a free copy of her short story THE DEVIL'S BIDDING to anyone who would like to post a comment below on this topic.

You can visit Leslie on her website or her www.falcondraco.bravejournal.com

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Naughty Read for One Nice Cause

Well you know all know what they say...Tis the Season.
But for what?

Spending money we don't have? Listening to Bing Crosby? Eating copious amounts of cookies?

How about giving back?

I have had an amazing year. I had my first two books published and a third on the way. Being published has been a life long dream of mine and now that it has happened I want to share some of the love. So I am going to give a little something to a good cause instead of buying more candles and crap I do not need.

SO if maybe you, like me, have been just a little too Naughty this year, I have just the way you can do something a little Nice without totally being good...I gotta look out for all us lump-o-coal-in-the-stocking-folk! :)

What is this Nice cause, you may ask? No, it is not my beer fund. Not this time anyway. This one is legit, LOL

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

If you are not familiar with R4L, it is a life-changing event which gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease.

Read For a Cure is a Decadent Publishing program benefiting the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Each month, my awesome publisher, Decadent Publishing, donates ALL PUBLISHER PROFITS from one book per month to Relay For Life in their efforts to help fight back against cancer.

How cool is that?

In December my erotic m/m short story SECRET SANTA will be that book. Would you just look at that juicy cover? Mmm-mmm Now you see where it's starting to get Naughty again...

Three of the most important people in my life, my two grandmothers and my grandfather all died quickly of very aggressive cancers. They didn't even get to fight. I would love to be, even in a small way, a part of helping fund research so that other families might have a better chance than mine did.

When I signed my first book, Red Riding Hood, with Decadent I was just so happy that someone liked my writing that I gave very little thought to what was going on around me. Later, when I heard about their charitable donations I was so impressed with such willingness to give back that my publisher inspired me to do the same.

During the this Holiday season I will be donating 50 cents from each purchase of SECRET SANTA to this great organization. Its just a tiny way to help but maybe you can help me make it big. You know, try and make up for what you did last Saturday night...now don't deny it. You KNOW what you did...

And I'm such a giver I'm given you a chance to try and get back on Santa's good side. Better late than never, right?

If you have never read an m/m story before, I hope you to pick SECRET SANTA when it comes out next week, not only because m/m books ROCK, but because this story is One Naughty Read for One Nice Cause!

Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy Season!


For more information about how you can help donate to Relay for Life or to join TEAM DECADENT click on the Relay for Life widget on the left of this page or check out their link HERE

The Sentinal


Ichabod: Today we have with us Adam of River Gap pride whose story is being featured in a book entitled Heart’s Sentinel, released Aug 2010. Adam claims to be a shapeshifter. For those of you who have never heard of that, it’s a person that can become and animal (((snort))). But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt because we have been seeing some strange things these last few interviews. Now, Adam why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Adam: I’m a Sentinel of the River Gap pride.

Ichabod: A pride, you say? Like lions?

Adam: (((chuckles))) Not lions, but definitely big cats. It’s my duty to protect our own. I’m also a mixed martial arts instructor for our community. I consider myself a laid back kind of guy, but I take my responsibilities seriously. Any threat and I get feral.
Of course, you don’t believe in the other side of me. I’m betting you’ve never seen a cat bigger than a house cat, much less seen a man shift into one.

Ichabod: (((eyebrow raise))) No, I can’t say that I have seen a man turn into a cat. I’m not sure if that is scientifically possible, but for argument’s sake, can you give my readers an example of how that works?

Adam: Shifters have a wider range of extremes than humans. We see more clearly, farther, and don’t need as much light. We hear sounds humans can’t hear and at greater distances. We smell much more than feeble human noses. We’re faster and more powerful. And it follows that we feel more strongly too, more intensely.

Ichabod: That’s a very interesting talent. I suppose it would make certain activities more interesting.

Adam: There are activities and then there are activities. You thinking about the kind that get you all hot and bothered, prof?

Ichabod: (((bluster))) No, I was just making an observation.

Adam: Oh, well, trust me, there’s some high points and low points to the feeling. A man’s gotta know how to…handle… a situation.
Course, there’s also the ability to actually Shift into our animal form. For example, my other form is a jaguar. A panther, in fact. The black phenotypic variant of a jaguar.

Ichabod: A panther, hmmm? I know I will regret asking this, but if you turn into a panther, what do you do about clothing when you return to human form?

Adam: (((grin’s wickedly))) Depends. Sometimes I head for the nearest cache of clothes, sometimes I don’t bother.

Ichabod: That seems to be a most inconvenient side effect.

Adam: Us shapeshifters like to meet at the clothes line, it’s where we like to hang out.

Ichabod: I think we have gotten off track. Do you have any proof that this is true?

Adam: I could shift, but when I shift back. . . I’d be naked.

Ichabod: (((blushing))) Well, as intriguing as that sounds, I think I will pass. You have to forgive me, but this is all so far-fetched. Are there any ‘normal’ people who might vouch for your sanity?

Adam: River Gap Pride has given sanctuary to Mackenzie Sunton, who used to be human.

Ichabod: ‘Used’ to be human? What do you mean by that?

Adam: She experienced firsthand what it is to be forcibly Changed into a shapeshifter, not born. As a human turned shapeshifter, she could give you insight from both perspectives. I’m the Sentinel assigned to protect her and teach her what she needs to know to survive.
Don’t bother looking to interview her attacker, he’s a dead man.

Ichabod: ((((looks shocked)))) Yes well, perhaps you should leave such matters as vengeance to the authorities.

Adam: On pride territory, the Sentinels and Enforcers ARE the authorities. It’s a harsh world, prof, and shapeshifters live by harsh laws to survive. That a little too violent for you?

Ichabod: I can see you are getting agitated. Why don’t we discuss something more neutral? Can you tell me about this charlatan that has written your story?

Adam: You’re some sort of school teacher, right? You remind me of this other cross-eyed teacher I knew, couldn't control his pupils.

Ichabod: I run a perfectly ordered classroom, thank-you very much!

Adam: (((laugh))) Just kidding. You really ought to find some way to relax, Ichabod. Maybe stop by that Tavern you like to frequent. Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you know a little about PJ Schnyder. She is a quirky girl, but she’s no charlatan. For a human, there’s a lot of cat to her. She loves snuggles and scratches, and curling up in a patch of warm sun for a nap. When she’s writing, she’s been snuggled up on her big comfy chair with her netbook. When she’s out and about, she never fails to pounce on a plot bunny.

Ichabod: Is there a way I can contact Miss Schnyder so that I may speak to her?

Adam: You can find PJ at the following links:
PJ's web site
But I don’t suggest trying to sneak up on her at home. I might take issue with that. I do protect my own.

Ichabod: And where can my followers purchase this book if they wish for a good laugh? I’m, assuming it is in the fiction category (((snort, snort )))

Adam: I’ve got a couple of good lines in the book, actually. Dunno if you’d appreciate my sense of humor though, I kind of sharpen my claws on your wit. Heart’s Sentinel can be purchased at several locations online. Here’s a few:
Decadent Publishing
All Romance eBooks
1 Romance eBooks.

Ichabod: Well, thank you for talking to me today, Adam. It has been highly entertaining.

Adam: Well, prof, I hate to cut this short, but I didn’t eat before we sat down for this little chat and a hungry shapeshifter isn’t someone you want to be trapped in a room with. Ever.
Maybe I’ll catch you on one of your long walks through the wild side, prof. (((Adam stands and shifts.)))

Ichabod: (((staring at the pile of clothes on his floor))) I wish I could say that my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I would almost swear that man DID turn into a big black cat!
Oh, dear! Perhaps these beings are telling the truth! No! I refuse to believe it. Something made me imagine that. I wonder if that Brom Bones put a hallucinogenic substance into my water pitcher. I wouldn’t put anything nefarious passed that man. But just to be on the safe side, I think I might have to avoid being out at night this time of year. What with Halloween so close. Because if there is a chance some of these things are out there that means the Headless Horseman might exist, too! (((gulp)))

The FBI Agent


Ichabod: Today we have with us FBI agent, Jackie Rutledge out of the Chicago field office whose story is being featured in a book entitled Deadworld by J.N. Duncan, which will be in bookstores April, 2011. Miss Rutledge claims that there is an afterlife and sometimes those dead folks come back to this side, for better or worse.
Miss Wadsworth told me to be extra nice to you because she read your story and says it is…now I quote…awesome

Jackie: She thinks its “awesome” all the shit I had to go through? I don’t think I care for this chick.

Ichabod: Yes, well. I am beginning to doubt my hostess right about now as well. You should see the crazy people she has sent my way to interview. Just Sunday I was forced to talk to a man that thought he could turn into a cat or a panther or something. But I digress, Miss Rutledge. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Jackie: First of all, I'm not sure why I even agreed to do this. I don't like reporters in general, but as you seem to be bordering on insulting my partner's psychic abilities, I'm going to step in and say a few things here. First off, my credentials. I'm a field agent with the FBI out of Chicago. I hunt down killers for a living, and while 99 times out of 100, these come as living, breathing, despicable human beings, I'll be the first to say that on rare occasions, the dead like to get in on the action.

Ichabod: Um ... you had me until you said ‘the dead.’

Jackie: Yeah, it was nice when I could be like you. But I know this because I've seen it in action. Also, my partner is psychic. She can talk to dead people. She has seen ghosts, and yes, I mean those hazy, gray apparitions you typically think of when wondering just what ghosts might look like. I've seen one myself as well, so don't give me that arched eyebrow look. I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Ichabod: You do, eh?

Jackie: I will readily admit to skepticism with regard to the supernatural. I understand your reticence, and you certainly look the reticent type, but I've had direct encounters with ghosts in the past. The particular case from a few years ago when I saw a ghost comes to mind, when we had members of a family being killed. Three men were murdered: a son, a father, and grandfather, all by different people. It turns out these murderers all had one thing in common. They were possessed by the ghost of the young woman raped and killed by these family members. When we caught up to the final killer, my partner made this ghost leave. It stepped out of the person's body and I saw it with my own two eyes. Seeing is believing, let me tell you.

Ichabod: Unlike the others I've interviewed, you seem to be a very logical person. I myself have seen strange things, too. I don’t believe in ghosts but I avoid traveling through Sleepy Hollow at night. The rumors of the Headless Horseman are growing wilder the closer we get to All Hallow’s Eve. But I have to say, were I to actually witness something, as you said, I might change my mind. Are you working on any cases of interest currently?

Jackie: I'm on a case that has all the earmarks of supernatural involvement once again. My partner sensed the presence of the dead around a boy who was drained of all his blood.

Ichabod: (((pales a bit))) The body was literally drained...as in vampires? I haven’t had the best experience with vampires.

Jackie: Yes, literally drained, but no, I'm not saying it's a vampire. Even my belief only goes so far.

Ichabod: (((sigh of relief))) How can you be sure that there really is a “presence,” as you called it, near this drained body?

Jackie: I trust my partner's abilities in this regard. She knows what she's doing and I've seen her in action. And no, you can't come along to check it out. If you can't trust my word on this, then you can go soak that big, scrawny head of yours.

Ichabod: Really, Miss Rutledge! I wasn’t insulting her. I was simply asking…but apparently you are in a confrontational frame of mind. Perhaps there is a way I could speak with her?

Jackie: If you insist on speaking with her about these matters, I can give you the FBI office's number. She might talk to you about this, but I'm guessing no. She doesn't like being public with this as you might imagine.

Ichabod: I can imagine.

Jackie: Hey, we got a job to do and you get all kinds of weirdos coming out of the woodwork when ghosts get mentioned. Hell, maybe you might want to call this company we're investigating called ‘Special Investigations.’

Ichabod: And what organization is this?

Jackie: Apparently they hunt ghosts, but you might want to hurry on that, since I'm guessing they may not be in business much longer, if I have anything to do with it. Its run by some cowboy wanna-be named Nick Anderson. Don't say I didn't warn you though.

Ichabod: I may call ‘Special Investigations’ another time. I believe I would like to read your story, Deadworld. Can you tell me about the man that has written it?

Jackie: The author of my story? You mean the ass-hat who keeps throwing me into one shitstorm after another?

Ichabod: (((taken aback))) That’s not usually the response I get. Most of my interviewees adore their author.

Jackie: Read what he's done to me and then we'll talk. Do you know how to handle a gun? I might part with mine if you're willing to do a little "behind the scenes" work for me in this matter.

Ichabod: You are the second person I have interviewed that asked me to commit an act of violence. I do not condone physical violence. Unless of course, you’re referring to spanking. Everyone loves a little spanking now and then, wouldn’t you agree?

Jackie: (((observes Ichabod for a moment))) Anyway, the author of Deadworld author is J.N. Duncan. I haven't been able to track down the sonofabitchsonuvabitch, but you might have some luck through the publisher, Kensington. My hands are tied somewhat in this regard as you might understand. Hell, you’re probably into that. But I might make it worth your while if you can make something happen. I'd like a few words with that...okay, anyway. I don't want to get carried away here or bring any more suspicions down on me.

Ichabod: You are a highly energetic woman.

Jackie: I’ll take that as a compliment

Ichabod: It was intended as one. Is there a way I can contact this troublemaker so that I may speak with him personally about the problems they he is causing you?

Jackie: If you really want to do that, you can make contact through Wordpress, Facebook or Twitter. Do so at your own peril, but like I said, if you can manage to dissuade the bastard of making my life hell, I'll compensate you for your efforts.

Ichabod: (((chuckle))) Now where can my followers purchase this book Deadworld?

Jackie: Fortunately, this story is not on the streets yet, but if you insist on getting your hands on it, you can pre-order it at Amazon. Just look for Deadworld. And no, don't ask me what the hell that title means. I don't want to know.

Ichabod: Thank you, Miss Rutledge. You have been an absolute pleasure.

Jackie: Seriously?

Ichabod:(((laughs))) Yes! I believe you are the most logical person I have spoken with in all of these interviews. I suppose Miss Wadsworth was correct in sending you my way. It’s a refreshing change to talk to someone that doesn’t imagine they are living statues, vampires or cats. And don't get me started on pixies! (((shakes head)))

Besides, I could always use a friend in the FBI. That rotten Brom Bones has been up to his old tricks again, breaking into my school house and turning everything topsy-turvy. That has to be something the authorities could put a stop to. Too bad they can’t stop that constant winking business. Every time Brom bests me, be it with word or deed, he always winks at me. The intention behind that frustrates me to no end. Hopefully this Saturday, when I attend the quilting frolic at the Van Tassel mansion, he will not be in attendance.

Then again, what sport is there in competing for a girl when your rival is not there to witness your victories? It seems rather like a waste of time, if you ask me.

The Invisable Boyfriend

The Invisible Boyfriend

Ichabod: Today we have with us Alisa Paulson whose story is being featured in a book entitled Untouched Places that was written by Grace Meadows. She claims that her boyfriend Ull is a Huldufolk.
What, you may be wondering, is a Huldufolk?
Well, when I asked Alisa to explain she said that they were a race of invisible people who had sworn an oath to defend nature at all costs. Invisible people….this should be good.
How did you meet your invisible boyfriend?

Alisa: I met Ull while I was holidaying in Iceland. Iceland is so beautiful but can become dangerous without a moments notice. While holidaying there I was compelled to explore the natural beauty. One day I was hiking a mountainous trail. Unfortunately, I was unaware of a thick fog that was coiling around me–unaware until my visibility was impaired. If Ull hadn’t saved me, I may have died on that mountain.

Ichabod: Well it was lucky for you that the invisible man saved you. Tell me, Alisa, do you have a house full of cats?

Alisa: No, Ichabod, I do not. I was told you are a well educated. Surely, you’ve heard of the third man factor.

Ichabod: Yes, I have but why don’t you explain it to our readers.

Alisa: Many have reported, when they were abandoned and alone, facing certain death that a mysterious third person materializes out of nowhere to rescue them.
Well, that’s what happened to me.
Then I fell in love with Ull –and he with me.
But, after saving me, fearing for my safety, Ull vanished from my life.
For you see, he worried what others –like yourself –would think of our relationship.
He remained hidden from me until I once again faced death –this time from cancer. He returned to me because he couldn’t stand to see me suffer.

Ichabod: (((looking around the room))) And is this Ull with us now?

Alisa: Yes and I would advise you to guard your words.

Ichabod: Of course.

Alisa: Unfortunately, only those like myself –those with second sight can see Ull. It’s unfortunate especially for you. Because, you see, Ull could teach you so much.

Ichabod: Such as?

Alisa: He would tell you, “Your world believes too much in what you call fact. You think the only way you can find truth is through math and science. You have forgotten there is another way to see… Old ways of knowledge, old ways of life, are lost to you. You have forgotten the ancient traditions. You have forgotten how to believe without seeing. …You are buried up to your neck in concrete.” Oh, yes, he would have nothing but pity for you.

Ichabod: (((amused))) I will not apologize for being a logical man. I like solid facts, science and math. You seem like a lovely woman, Alisa, but you cannot expect me to simply believe that you have an invisible boyfriend. Where is the proof?

Alisa: Ull informed me that, in Iceland, Huldufolk and Mankind live in harmony. So, I would advise you to travel to Iceland and consult an Icelander concerning the existence of Huldufolk. They’ll tell you –if you’ll listen.
I can’t risk Ull revealing himself to you.

Ichabod: Well, I’m sure a journey to Iceland for you might be easy, what with your 21 century planes and automobiles. Traveling in my day takes much longer and I have too many plans this winter to go off on such a wild goose chase.

(((A chair slowly rises, floats there for a few minutes, and then flies across the room, coming to rest mere inches from where Ichabod sits.)))

Alisa: Ull...

(((the chair is set back down)))

Ichabod: (((blinking))) Well, perhaps... I think I might want to read your story. Can you tell me about the woman that wrote it for you, Alisa?

Alisa: Well, I’m told that Ruth Arnison –an employee of mine –told this story to Grace Meadows. Grace is closely related to Leanne Dyck. In fact, some claim that they are one in the same person –but I have my doubts. They’re just too different. Grace writes erotica. Something Leanne would never do. Interestingly, however, Leanne is currently working on a paranormal psychological thriller –The Sweater Curse. The main character is an After Walkers. After Walkers much like Huldufolk are Icelandic entities. If you want to learn more about that entity ask Gwen Bjarnson –the main character –she’d be a good source and I’m sure she’d enjoy talking with you.

Ichabod: It seems there are all sorts of magical beings in Iceland. Is there a way I can contact this author?

Alisa: You can follow Grace Meadows by visiting her Blog
You can visit Leanne Dyck’s web site www.oknitting.com

Ichabod: And where can my followers purchase this book?

Alisa: Thanks for asking, Ichabod. Untouched Places is currently available from Decadent Publishing. The Sweater Curse will soon be available from them as well.

Ichabod: Well, I have to say I am glad these interviews Miss Wadsworth has scheduled are over. All these strange people and the things it appears they can do. It's almost making me doubt my own sanity. It is so easy for individuals to be duped: especially in the face of levitating chairs and whatnot.
Now, if I could figure out how they have done these tricks and slight of hand perhaps my new business partner and I might be able to make a bit of money. I can't wait to go home and see what Brom-- I mean, my business partner has to say about it.

The Vampire Succubus


Ichabod: Today we have with us Kate Kincaid whose story is being featured in a book entitled Requiem by Ashley M. Christman. This work of fiction, I highly emphasizes the word fiction, will be released 9/27/2010 from Noble Romance. Miss Kincaid claims that she is not human. I am curious what this means. Miss Kincaid, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Kate: Well Ichabod, I’m a vampire who also has succubus abilities.

Ichabod: (((clears throat))) Um, could you repeat that, Miss Kincaid? I think I misheard you. Did you say that you were a vampire succubus?

Kate: You heard right, Ichabod.

Ichabod: And what, pray tell, it a vampire succubus?

Kate: What this means is that I can feed on food or ((gives a flirtatious eye)) lust. I can choose either or, depending on the victim or my personal preference. If I feed on sex, then my need for blood is lessened.

Ichabod: (((fidgets restlessly))) You feed on sex? I know I am going to get myself in loads of trouble with my student’s parents for asking this, but how in the blazes does something like that work?

Kate: (((laughs))) If you must know, one time my maker and I went to this dance around your part of the woods.

Ichabod: Near Tarrytown, New York?

Kate: That would be the place.

Ichabod: And what do you mean your ‘maker?’

Kate: The vampire whom snatched me from the wretched condition of mortality and made me into what I am.

Ichabod: That’s preposterous.

Kate: I’m going to ignore that for now. Anyhow, there were plenty of virile men and sexy young women. As you can imagine, lots of repressed sexual energy filled the room thanks to those ridiculous puritanical values you all have.

Ichabod: (((sniff))) Not me. It’s the Dutch settlers that live here who are so blasted puritanical, believe me.

Kate: Yeah, I do. I heard all about your favorite tavern from some of the men at the dance. They were quite chatty.

Ichabod: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Kate: (((laugh))) Oh, yes you do. The tavern that the men like to ‘tarry’ at on Market Day. I heard you like to be tied up.

Ichabod: Yes, yes…well let’s not mention that here. I have a reputation to uphold. Now, please, continue with the rest of this fanciful story.

Kate: (((laughing))) Oh, you’re too easy to tease, Ichabod! Don’t worry, I won’t tell any body about what you’re up to in that back room. I have secrets of my own and perhaps some of my secrets could be shown to you. Well, that dance was ripe for the picking so I just turned on the succubus charm, flirted a bit and before the end of the night, I had an orgy of blood and lust to feed from. I was satiated for nearly two months after gorging myself on them.

Ichabod: I recall hearing about that incident. There was blood found in the house and everyone was out of their mind for days. The authorities deemed that a cruel hoax. Someone put something in the punch. Surely you can’t expect me to believe that you and this ‘maker’ of yours drank their blood?

Kate: Don’t forget the wild sex. The spankings alone were enough to leave some of the young men unable to sit for a few days. I heard there was quite the boom in brides not found to be virgins on their wedding night for months afterwards. Tasty tarts, they were.

Ichabod: Now that’s an image I’m going to have trouble erasing from my mind. Miss Kincaid, I am grateful that you have agreed to chat with me but you must admit, this is all a bit far fetched. Makers, blood and wild orgies. Do you have any proof that this might be true? Any other people that might vouch for your sanity?

Kate: Perhaps you should ask my friend Jack, you can trust him. He is, after all, an angel.

Ichabod: ((((looks skyward))) And now the succubus talks to angels.

Kate: If you don’t want to talk to Jack, perhaps you can pay a visit to my other friend Nick, though I’m not sure he won’t just try and get you to sell your soul to hell.

Ichabod: Perhaps some other time. Since you appear convinced that your story is true, why don’t we discuss something more neutral? Less vulgar. Can you tell me about this charlatan that has written your story?

Kate: Ashley M. Christman is a stubborn recluse. She lives with her partner Tom and their dog, Colby in the upper Midwest. When not conjuring up fantastic worlds or telling the life stories of her subjects, she’s outside, enjoying the great outdoors. She can also be found at the local library, banging away on her keyboard while listening to all manners of music.

Ichabod: Is there a way I can contact this author so that I may speak with them her personally about the nonsense they are perpetuating?

Kate: >Her website www.ashleymchristman.com or her Facebook Fan Page, Ashley M. Christman. You can also contact her on Twitter.

Ichabod: And where can my readers purchase this book if they wish for a good laugh? I’m, assuming it is in the fiction category (((snort, snort )))

Kate: You know Ichabod, for a being a silly human, you have some nerve being so condescending. I’d be careful if I were you, or I can arrange for you to be just as headless as the horseman.

Ichabod: Another false story perpetuated by the superstitious.

Kate: Whatever, pal. Readers can find my tale at Noble Romance

Ichabod: Do you have any final thoughts, Miss Kincaid?

Kate: I’ll be coming by for a late night snack, Ichabod. Don't worry, babe, I’ll bring the rope. (((as if she had some supernatural ability, she sped away like a blur in the night)))

Ichabod: Well, that was interesting, for sure. While Miss Kincaid was lovely, she was quite confrontational. I suppose that might be expected of the mentally unsound. On the other hand, if she was simply barking, how did she manage to know about me and the tavern? Maybe she was telling the truth….. (((laugh))) No. I’ve been hearing so many ghost stories lately it must be my imagination getting the best of me again.

That rotten Brom Bones probably sent her here to tease me.

Yes, no doubt about it. A sex crazed vampire succubus!

(((laugh))) Really! What poppycock!

Golems and Pixies!


Ichabod: Today we have with us Micah Slate, whose story is being featured in a book entitled Fae Eye for the Golem Guy, which was released on the first of August. Micah claims to be an animated golem, living in sin with a princess of the Fae. Now, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself before we get into these fanciful details?

Micah: As you’ve said, I am a golem. I was crafted from marble by Leonardo da Vinci, set to guard the artwork in his studio. When he passed on, I found work where I could, but I’m bound by the Words that animate me to protect art. I’ve found my most gainful and satisfying employment as chief of security at an art museum.

Ichabod: Oh! You protect art! Now that seems like a logical, mentally sound profession. So explain to me this golem business. You seem to be a living breathing person, what makes you think you used to be a statue?

X: C’mon, stone man. You’re too stiff. Not that that’s a bad thing, in my book, but you need to loosen up a little. Tell the man what he needs to know.

Ichabod: Excuse me, who is this tattooed mannikin?

X: The X that marks the spot. You can call me Xavier if you need to. I’m Micah’s fairy godfather. I mean, I’m a pixie, but the fairies have had such a monopoly on it that the name sticks.

Ichabod: (((laugh))) You are a pixie? Now, I have heard everything. And where do you fit into this fantasy?

X: My doll Ricardo and I made sure stone-killer and his lady love the Philly-chick hooked up.

Ichabod: Your doll Ricardo? You aren’t actually admitting that you and…

X:Ricky and I got it goin on, Icky. I know you ain’t got a problem with that.

Ichabod: (((bluster))) Well! I have no idea what you are talking about.

X: (((laugh hysterically))) Oh, I got you. You in Narnia, so keep the back room in the tavern on the down low.

Ichabod: Narnia?

X: So far in the closet you’re having tea with Mr. Tumnus. Now I know you gonna want the 4-1-1 on Micah’s lady. Her name’s Ophilia, and her deal is she’s daughter of The Morrigan, queen of the Unseelie Sidhe, and she’s got some wicked bad mojo of her own that she’s on the run from.

Ichabod: Philly-chick? Mojo? Is that pixie talk for something?

X: (((to Micah))) He trifling with me? Or just breathing dust?

MS: Actually, it sounds like he’s from the eighteenth century.

Ichabod: Actually, yes. Now tell me about how this ….what did you call her? a Philly-chick? How is this woman important to your story?

X: Stone-killer here helps keep her grounded, ‘cause he’s got the stoic goin’ on. Now, what she does for him, I’m sure you can guess, but in case you’re as much a stiff as you look, it’s the same what Ricky does for me.

Ichabod: (((utterly speechless)))

X: Yo, Icky, you still there?

Ichabod: Let’s get back on topic, if you don’t mind.

Micah: IF I could be permitted to answer my own interview questions.

X: What? Oh, sure, S.K.

Micah: Thank you. When any of the Art under my protection is threatened, the Words in my head give me a feeling for direction and distance, as well as compelling me to act. In addition, the Words provide me with strength, stamina and speed beyond what I normally have. As my form is that of an athletic man, but I am made of marble, I am normally quite strong.

Ichabod: You hear voices in your head? Interesting…

X: And again you put ‘em to sleep, Stone-Man. Let me lay it out for you. What Micah too humble to say is that when the Words be on him, he’s major bad news to the book burners and canvas slashers. I seen him cut down a full grown Ogre in under three seconds. Broke its wrist with brute powah, gut him like a fish with that big blade he keeps in the basement, then move on before it knew it was dead.

Ichabod: The only thing I understood in that entire statement was that you saw Micah gut an Ogre. Is that correct?

X: True dat! Course, that nothin’ compared to what he do when Philly-chick’s mojo work on him. Leo be the premier anatomist of his day, unlike Ken our friend Stone Killah anatomically correct an’ all, an’ the Words even make him look all soft and squishy like you or me. Not that the important bits be soft or squishy when Philly chick around, y’know what I’m sayin’?

Ichabod: You truly have absolutely no decorum, do you?

X: You whiling, dawg. Chill.

Ichabod: (((scowling at X))) So, in review Micah, you claim to be a living, breathing statue made by DaVinci that protects art because the voices in your head tell you to? And your beau is one of the Unseelie Sidhe?

Micah: That is about the size of it, yes.

Ichabod: Do you have proof that any of this is true? Any other people that might vouch for your sanity?

Micah: I could, if you like, lift something, or perhaps let you shoot me.

Ichabod: That’s preposterous! I will not go to prison for shooting you so you can perpetuate this insane delusion that you are made of marble!

Micah: Well, I wasn’t really asking you to because I’d rather not be shot today. While I am not harmed by things that would harm a mortal, I feel them. I actually feel more than a mortal would, since mortals are easier to knock unconscious. As well, my strength is not so much that it is immediately obvious that it is supernatural, unless Art is threatened.

Ichabod: (((snort))) Naturally. Your super strength can only surface when art is being threatened. And since there is no art around here you have no real way to prove your story. So I suppose I should just take you at your word?

Micah: I’m not in the habit of lying, but I suppose I can see your point. As for others to vouch for me, Xavier and his life partner Ricardo would, as would Ophilia, although you’ve obviously doubts about her sanity. You could ask Ms. Teresa Gelt. I believe she is currently a guest of the state of Pennsylvania, although I’m uncertain in which correctional institute they’ve housed her. She shot me at point blank range with a scattergun. That did knock me unconscious for a minute or so. Long enough for Ophilia to deal with her.

Ichabod: How convenient. But I probably won’t be paying a visit to Miss Gelt any time soon. Though she is the only one that knows she is human. I must admit, you have woven a very intricate delusion for yourselves. It probably makes for interesting fiction reading. As I said earlier, your complete fantasy has been penned recently in a novel. Can you tell me about the snake oil salesman passing off your book as fact?

Micah: Robert is a renaissance man. He’s worked professionally as a carpenter, stock boy, medical technician, computer technician, roofer, tutor, janitor, and now as a science teacher. He is a storyteller, his medium is words rather than song or paint or clay.
X: Ain’t you glad I’m here, Icky? Bobby be a mad scientist, and he have two crazy chicks all up in his cranium. Aggie and Penny put the stories in the melon, then poke him with sticks until they come out all fermented and alcoholic. They put the Fae Eye in there, they put the Road Mage in there, they put the tale of Capricious Jones in there. There sequels comin’ out to all those, too. There even a whole list of what they put in there, ‘cause Bobby-boy be meticulous with his recordkeeping. You find that on his site, just make with the click on ‘Stories’.

Ichabod: He is being poked with sticks? How awful!

X: Awful? Not what I heard about you, Icky. You know you love you some poking.

Ichabod: (((ignoring X))) Is there a way I can contact Mr. Roman? The poor chap sounds as if he is being tormented by these insane characters.

Micah: Of course. His website is located at www.robertcroman.com, and all of the other methods of contacting him are there as well. His email is bob.roman@gmail.com, and I’m told he loves feedback on his work, whether it is a compliment or a critique. He has a page on Facebook called Bob’s Books, where he announces news items.

X: Yeah, all that true, ‘specially the bit about feedback. You triflin’ with him, he use it to get better. You all up tryin’ to get with him for his sweet words, his head get so big it fill the room.

Ichabod: Well, we wouldn’t want that! Now, I believe I would like to read this convoluted story you have told me. Where can I find a copy of this book, Fae Eye for the Golem Guy?

Micah: I’ll handle this, X. Robert’s books are available from Decadent Publishing. The story of how I wooed and won my lovely Ophilia is, specifically, here.

Ichabod: I would like to thank both of my guests today. They were far less confrontational than my last guest. Don’t get me started on vampire succubae. (((shudder))) But it seems that I am still a far way from convincing people that there are no such things as supernatural beings. Even if that tiny man appeared less than human. A bit creepy actually.

But to be perfectly honest, this delusion that super powers and pixies do exist seems to be running rampant this Halloween season and it gives me an idea. There could be a lot of money made off of people that believe in supernatural phenomenon. I just need to figure out how to do it. Perhaps I should ask Brom Bones. He always has clever ideas---

What am I saying! I would never give that arrogant man the satisfaction! I think I am starting to believe associating with all these insane creatures is making me barmy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cocktails and Cock Tales with Sloan Parker

Today I am launching a new feature on the blog. An interview portion called Cocktails and Cock Tales. And yes, you guessed it! We will be throwing back a few cocktails and sharing the scoop on stories heavily laden with cocks! LOL



3 pt Diet 7up

2 pt Black Velvet Whiskey
Serve over ice

This is my beverage of choice pretty much 24/7 and the beverage you should select while reading this interview!

Today I will be chatting cocktails and hopefully a cock tale or two with author Sloan Parker. She is the author of the erotic m/m/m novel MORE, one of my first introductions to m/m. Her latest book BREATHE was released TODAY!!!! Tuesday, Nov. 16th, from LooseId.

Deanna: So let's get started, Sloan. Where are you and what are you wearing?

Sloan: This one sounds like it should be interesting, but sadly, no. I’m sitting at the kitchen table looking out over my backyard. It’s a lovely, sunny fall day. I wish the winter weather would stay away, but other than that I love this time of year. I’m actually in real clothes this morning, wearing a sweatshirt and cargo pants (not my usual Saturday morning pajamas)

Deanna: Real clothes? Wow, I’m impressed! I’m still in my jammies. What’s your poison? Vodka? Hot Coco?

Sloan: You are easy, girl! To impress, I mean. *g*

Deanna: Hey, I may be easy but I ain't cheap! LOL Vodka tonic maybe?

Sloan: I think I'll pass. I had a bit too much vodka in my youth, so I don’t drink it much anymore. These days an ice cold Barq’s Root Beer is like heaven. No other soda comes close to a Barq’s. But sadly, I gave up soda about three years go. I do okay until I see someone drinking one around me. Then I’m about ready to tear it out of the person’s hands. I could have gone for one after revising my current project all day yesterday. I did have a nice cup of hot cocoa, though. It was yummy and decadent and just what I needed.

Deanna: Barq’s, huh? Guess now I know how to bribe you if I ever need anything. Have you seen the Barq's dog? Its a stuffed dog with a root beer can for a head. You know? Barq's has bite? He's cute but naughty. His name is Barqy. Any way, I'm off topic already. Let me get my cocktail and we can get started. Black Velvet and diet 7up... its early but hey, its five o'clock somewhere, right?

Now that we’re comfy, tell me about your new book BREATHE

Sloan: Yep, all comfy. And please, no bribing me with soda. I’m not that strong. Thanks! My new book, BREATHE, is the story of two strangers living in a small town. They meet and discover an undeniable attraction only to learn a little too late they should never have met at all. Or so they think. One man’s wife was killed in a car accident a year before the story starts. The other man is the person who caused the accident that took her life. They are (hopefully) two very likeable guys stuck in an impossible situation.

Deanna: I'm sure if you wrote it, they are likable. :) Where did the idea for this story come from?

Sloan: Several years ago there was a tragic car accident a few miles from my house where a young woman was killed, leaving behind her husband and four-year-old son. It was such a sad story, and my heart broke for the grieving family. Then one night I saw footage on the local news of the man who had accidentally caused the crash. He was in the courtroom apologizing to the woman’s family. I had the TV muted (with closed captioning on since I was working). I only caught a bit of what he was saying, but the look of misery and despair was something I’ll never forget. He’d have to live with that guilt for the rest of his life.
Naturally I felt horrible for this woman’s family, but I also couldn’t get the other man out of my thoughts. Would he ever be able to forgive himself? Would he ever be happy again? That’s when I started writing notes for BREATHE. I wanted to tell the story of these two broken men who were both miserable and lonely, who then found, not only incredible passion together, but something more.

Deanna: Wow, that’s a powerful source of inspiration. What was the hardest part of writing BREATHE for you?

Sloan: I guess I’d have to say the last few weeks of self-editing. I worked on revising and editing this book for months. I never got tired of the story or the characters, but I was frustrated with the speed of putting the finishing touches on it. I wanted to submit it, but I knew it wasn’t quite ready. Now I’m glad I spent the extra time on getting it to the point where I was really happy with manuscript.

Deanna: What’s the easiest thing about writing it?

Sloan: The ending. By the time I got to the last quarter of the book, the words just seemed to fly out. And they were pretty good for my first draft. I edited those pages far less than the rest of the book. And those final chapters move me like nothing else I’ve written. Every time I read through it I get chocked up, or I read like crazy through the high-conflict scenes. There is one tense moment where I had to keep reminding myself to slow down and edit the damn thing.

Deanna: What is your dream story, your opus, if you will? The one you dream about writing but haven’t don’t it?

Sloan: BREATHE was my dream story for the last few years. Now that it’s written, I’m really focused on putting the same passion I had for writing that book into the two that I’m working on now. One is a May/December romance, which I’ve always wanted to write. The other is a friends-to-lovers story about two guys who met in high school and, years later, finally give in to their passion for each other. That one holds a special place in my heart since I met my own sweetie in high school.

Deanna: I totally would love the friends-to-lovers story. What do you mean by a May/December romance?

Sloan: I love friends-to-lovers stories and always wanted to write one. A May/December m/m romance is a love story between an older man and a younger one. Walter Simon (a secondary character in MORE) is finding himself in all sorts of trouble when he falls for a much younger reporter, Kevin Price.

Deanna: I loved Walter!!!! He gets his own story!??! Yippeee!!!!!
Now when did you first discover you were a writer? Were you like sitting on the toilet and just said, “Ya know, I think I’m gonna write a book.” Or was it more profound?

Sloan: LOL…not sure it was profound, but I also wasn’t on the toilet. I was bit by the writing bug when I was a kid and had the chance to enter a short story in a local competition. I didn’t win, but walking around the university-sponsored event, seeing all those books and listening to the authors talk about their passion for their work, I knew I wanted to write a novel. I also grew up in a family of readers and storytellers, so reading was very much a part of my childhood. My mom was a librarian. I spent so much of my childhood literally surrounded by books. I’d go to work with her and get pissed when the other kids would “steal” my mom’s books. Eventually I got the gist of how a library worked. To this day, I think public libraries are some of the coolest places on earth.

Deanna: That’s funny! You thought the kids were “stealing” your mom’s books, lol. What helps you when you are stumped on a scene in a manuscript? I usually have a cocktail or three. But that’s just me.

Sloan: Yeah, took me a while to get the concept of a library. LOL. I get too loopy on cocktails. I don’t write humor well, so it’s probably best I don’t try to write that way. *g* I have found getting up and stepping away from my computer helps. Things like taking a shower, going for a walk, or getting in the car for a drive almost always work to get the ideas flowing. I cannot tell you the number of times I sat on the edge of the bathtub, wrapped in a towel, writing notes while dripping water all over the floor.

Deanna: Most of my stories have a theme song, do you do that for your characters?? If so what is it?

Sloan: There are several songs that remind me of BREATHE. “Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls, “Breathe (2AM)” by Anna Nalick, and “Breathe” by Faith Hill are a few. I posted on my blog a couple of weeks ago, http://blog.sloanparker.com/?p=4343, with some of the lyrics that are very much at the core of Lincoln and Jay’s story. I listened to these songs quite a lot when I wanted to get in the right mood during the edits.

Deanna: Tell us about a scene that you have written then afterward, when you read it, you shocked yourself? You know I want a dirty answer (((hint hint)))

Sloan: There are a few scenes that I wrote late at night just before bed, then when I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t believe I had written them. I usually don’t write such a clean first draft, but something about the context mixed with my sleepy state must have just worked. One was a particular steamy, emotional scene in my first book MORE where the three men decided it was time to climb into the oversized bathtub together. It was an intensely emotional moment for them, but also highly erotic. I remember thinking…Damn, I wrote this?

Deanna: I loved that scene! It was so funny when Matthew said the water was all “cummy” afterward. I laughed out loud, so I think you can write funny better than you think!

Sloan: Glad you liked that part and found it funny. When I’m really into the character’s head I can come up with one or two lines, but to carry out a full romantic comedy would be tough for me. Maybe someday.
Thanks for the interview, Deanna! These were such clever questions, as I knew they would be since they were coming from such a witty, clever person. I had a great time! Thank you!!

Deanna: Awww, you don’t need to suck up to me, I already bought your book! LOL! Thanks for stopping by to chat, Sloan!

For the rest of you who would like to check out Sloan’s books you can purchase them here: BREATHE: http://www.loose-id.com/Breathe.aspx
MORE: http://www.loose-id.com/More.aspx

You can also find Sloan at her Website,
Facebook and follow her on Twitter

Secret Santa Coming Soon!

Yowzers! That's all I can say!
Here's an excerpt,. Enjoy!

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Adam said in a low, husky tone. He shifted his ass a little, just to tease. “Wanna open your present?”
Paul didn’t respond with his usual cocky reply, rather he let out a low groan that sounded almost painful. Adam’s head jerked toward the fireplace in shock at the closeness of the groan. Paul was already standing beside him.
“Jeez, Paul,” he chuckled. “You’re quick when you’re horny.”
“Mmm-hmm,” Paul moaned in approval.
Adam was always the one doing the chasing but recently Paul’s act of playing hard to get was starting to feel personal. If he had known this naughty little scenario would make Paul come running to him for a change, Adam would have done it a time long ago.
Adam looked toward Paul but could see nothing except for the colorful haze of blinking tree lights. For a flash, Adam worried over the music selection. Earlier he put on the CD as a sycophantic test. Paul hated Elvis, though the King was Adam’s all time fav. He had hoped the sight of a slicked willing ass would make the music more palatable. Now that Paul was actually here, Adam regretted trying to rile his lover.
“I’m sorry about the music…” A fingertip brushed his hip and he shivered.
“Shhh.” Paul’s voice was barely audible as he ran a fingernail down Adam’s spine to the red bow above his ass.
Adam gasped. His hips twitched from the scintillating touch, mildly surprised at the ban on talking, but willing to play along. While he had initiated the kinky tryst, it seemed Paul was the one calling the shots now. That made Adam hotter than hell.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am so excited to unofficially announce my upcoming m/m short story Secret Santa due out mid December from Decadent Publishing.

I wanted to give you all a little tease!

Here's my unofficial excerpt. Enjoy!


Being naked and blindfolded really enhanced the senses.
Adam felt like his entire body was on sensory overload. The pungent aroma of pine, snickerdoodles, and sugar cookies was so overpowering he almost wanted to sneeze. His very skin crackled with more excitement than the promise of new toys under the tree had ever given him as a kid. He gave his dick a playful tug, the lube making his hand glide easily and sending a shiver of delight through his middle.
He giggled to himself. He still couldn’t believe he was doing this!
Naked and prone over the sofa between the glittering tree and the fireplace, Adam was Paul’s Christmas present. Complete with a large red bow around his hips for ‘unwrapping.’ He had invited Paul over for cocktails, though the second his boyfriend got a direct view of Adam’s willing ass, the jig would be up and Paul would know Adam was more interested in cock than tales.
He could almost picture the shock then the hunger that might play across Paul’s face when he entered the apartment and saw Adam, hard, dripping, and ready for him. His cock stirred with interest and he stroked it lightly, the heat of his hand keeping it hard. The desire to watch his lover’s enjoyment almost made him reconsider the blindfold idea.
No, that was half the fun.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

4 1/2 Cherries!


I just got my very first review for Red Riding Hood and I can't tell you how excited I was.

5 Cherries!

There are so few hilights in a writers life. We get rejection after rejection, then we get the call. But fast on the heels of that, is the "hey we don't like the ending, rewrite it" email. Then the editor hurts our way too oversensitive feelings by ripping apart our "baby." They it comes out, and well? We have no clue who is buying it. Probably just our friends we tell ourselves.

But then a TOTAL STRANGER with nothing to gain says they liked our book.

And they put it online for all to see.

How the F cool is that?

So here is my first review, ever, from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

And know what else?

Red Riding Hood is up for Book of The Week!

Voting is tomorrow and Sunday! I hope you stop by!