Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Sentinal


Ichabod: Today we have with us Adam of River Gap pride whose story is being featured in a book entitled Heart’s Sentinel, released Aug 2010. Adam claims to be a shapeshifter. For those of you who have never heard of that, it’s a person that can become and animal (((snort))). But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt because we have been seeing some strange things these last few interviews. Now, Adam why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Adam: I’m a Sentinel of the River Gap pride.

Ichabod: A pride, you say? Like lions?

Adam: (((chuckles))) Not lions, but definitely big cats. It’s my duty to protect our own. I’m also a mixed martial arts instructor for our community. I consider myself a laid back kind of guy, but I take my responsibilities seriously. Any threat and I get feral.
Of course, you don’t believe in the other side of me. I’m betting you’ve never seen a cat bigger than a house cat, much less seen a man shift into one.

Ichabod: (((eyebrow raise))) No, I can’t say that I have seen a man turn into a cat. I’m not sure if that is scientifically possible, but for argument’s sake, can you give my readers an example of how that works?

Adam: Shifters have a wider range of extremes than humans. We see more clearly, farther, and don’t need as much light. We hear sounds humans can’t hear and at greater distances. We smell much more than feeble human noses. We’re faster and more powerful. And it follows that we feel more strongly too, more intensely.

Ichabod: That’s a very interesting talent. I suppose it would make certain activities more interesting.

Adam: There are activities and then there are activities. You thinking about the kind that get you all hot and bothered, prof?

Ichabod: (((bluster))) No, I was just making an observation.

Adam: Oh, well, trust me, there’s some high points and low points to the feeling. A man’s gotta know how to…handle… a situation.
Course, there’s also the ability to actually Shift into our animal form. For example, my other form is a jaguar. A panther, in fact. The black phenotypic variant of a jaguar.

Ichabod: A panther, hmmm? I know I will regret asking this, but if you turn into a panther, what do you do about clothing when you return to human form?

Adam: (((grin’s wickedly))) Depends. Sometimes I head for the nearest cache of clothes, sometimes I don’t bother.

Ichabod: That seems to be a most inconvenient side effect.

Adam: Us shapeshifters like to meet at the clothes line, it’s where we like to hang out.

Ichabod: I think we have gotten off track. Do you have any proof that this is true?

Adam: I could shift, but when I shift back. . . I’d be naked.

Ichabod: (((blushing))) Well, as intriguing as that sounds, I think I will pass. You have to forgive me, but this is all so far-fetched. Are there any ‘normal’ people who might vouch for your sanity?

Adam: River Gap Pride has given sanctuary to Mackenzie Sunton, who used to be human.

Ichabod: ‘Used’ to be human? What do you mean by that?

Adam: She experienced firsthand what it is to be forcibly Changed into a shapeshifter, not born. As a human turned shapeshifter, she could give you insight from both perspectives. I’m the Sentinel assigned to protect her and teach her what she needs to know to survive.
Don’t bother looking to interview her attacker, he’s a dead man.

Ichabod: ((((looks shocked)))) Yes well, perhaps you should leave such matters as vengeance to the authorities.

Adam: On pride territory, the Sentinels and Enforcers ARE the authorities. It’s a harsh world, prof, and shapeshifters live by harsh laws to survive. That a little too violent for you?

Ichabod: I can see you are getting agitated. Why don’t we discuss something more neutral? Can you tell me about this charlatan that has written your story?

Adam: You’re some sort of school teacher, right? You remind me of this other cross-eyed teacher I knew, couldn't control his pupils.

Ichabod: I run a perfectly ordered classroom, thank-you very much!

Adam: (((laugh))) Just kidding. You really ought to find some way to relax, Ichabod. Maybe stop by that Tavern you like to frequent. Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you know a little about PJ Schnyder. She is a quirky girl, but she’s no charlatan. For a human, there’s a lot of cat to her. She loves snuggles and scratches, and curling up in a patch of warm sun for a nap. When she’s writing, she’s been snuggled up on her big comfy chair with her netbook. When she’s out and about, she never fails to pounce on a plot bunny.

Ichabod: Is there a way I can contact Miss Schnyder so that I may speak to her?

Adam: You can find PJ at the following links:
PJ's web site
But I don’t suggest trying to sneak up on her at home. I might take issue with that. I do protect my own.

Ichabod: And where can my followers purchase this book if they wish for a good laugh? I’m, assuming it is in the fiction category (((snort, snort )))

Adam: I’ve got a couple of good lines in the book, actually. Dunno if you’d appreciate my sense of humor though, I kind of sharpen my claws on your wit. Heart’s Sentinel can be purchased at several locations online. Here’s a few:
Decadent Publishing
All Romance eBooks
1 Romance eBooks.

Ichabod: Well, thank you for talking to me today, Adam. It has been highly entertaining.

Adam: Well, prof, I hate to cut this short, but I didn’t eat before we sat down for this little chat and a hungry shapeshifter isn’t someone you want to be trapped in a room with. Ever.
Maybe I’ll catch you on one of your long walks through the wild side, prof. (((Adam stands and shifts.)))

Ichabod: (((staring at the pile of clothes on his floor))) I wish I could say that my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I would almost swear that man DID turn into a big black cat!
Oh, dear! Perhaps these beings are telling the truth! No! I refuse to believe it. Something made me imagine that. I wonder if that Brom Bones put a hallucinogenic substance into my water pitcher. I wouldn’t put anything nefarious passed that man. But just to be on the safe side, I think I might have to avoid being out at night this time of year. What with Halloween so close. Because if there is a chance some of these things are out there that means the Headless Horseman might exist, too! (((gulp)))

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