Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Naughty Read for One Nice Cause

Well you know all know what they say...Tis the Season.
But for what?

Spending money we don't have? Listening to Bing Crosby? Eating copious amounts of cookies?

How about giving back?

I have had an amazing year. I had my first two books published and a third on the way. Being published has been a life long dream of mine and now that it has happened I want to share some of the love. So I am going to give a little something to a good cause instead of buying more candles and crap I do not need.

SO if maybe you, like me, have been just a little too Naughty this year, I have just the way you can do something a little Nice without totally being good...I gotta look out for all us lump-o-coal-in-the-stocking-folk! :)

What is this Nice cause, you may ask? No, it is not my beer fund. Not this time anyway. This one is legit, LOL

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

If you are not familiar with R4L, it is a life-changing event which gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease.

Read For a Cure is a Decadent Publishing program benefiting the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Each month, my awesome publisher, Decadent Publishing, donates ALL PUBLISHER PROFITS from one book per month to Relay For Life in their efforts to help fight back against cancer.

How cool is that?

In December my erotic m/m short story SECRET SANTA will be that book. Would you just look at that juicy cover? Mmm-mmm Now you see where it's starting to get Naughty again...

Three of the most important people in my life, my two grandmothers and my grandfather all died quickly of very aggressive cancers. They didn't even get to fight. I would love to be, even in a small way, a part of helping fund research so that other families might have a better chance than mine did.

When I signed my first book, Red Riding Hood, with Decadent I was just so happy that someone liked my writing that I gave very little thought to what was going on around me. Later, when I heard about their charitable donations I was so impressed with such willingness to give back that my publisher inspired me to do the same.

During the this Holiday season I will be donating 50 cents from each purchase of SECRET SANTA to this great organization. Its just a tiny way to help but maybe you can help me make it big. You know, try and make up for what you did last Saturday don't deny it. You KNOW what you did...

And I'm such a giver I'm given you a chance to try and get back on Santa's good side. Better late than never, right?

If you have never read an m/m story before, I hope you to pick SECRET SANTA when it comes out next week, not only because m/m books ROCK, but because this story is One Naughty Read for One Nice Cause!

Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy Season!


For more information about how you can help donate to Relay for Life or to join TEAM DECADENT click on the Relay for Life widget on the left of this page or check out their link HERE


  1. I will read anything this brilliant author writes. Oh and in case you have never read anything by Deanna, just know it will super, sizzlin hot!

    Hugs, Keira Kroft

  2. Congrats! Hmm hot MM holiday lurve.

  3. Ooh, Santa BABY! Congrats on getting published this year and for being so generous. Hey! Love that pillow!

  4. Thanks Keira and Katie! And Em....I can knit you one...

  5. Congrats love that u are giving to others

  6. Where can I find a Santa who will 'do me'?!