Thursday, September 30, 2010

Romancing the Book Snob!

“I wouldn’t get caught dead reading that,” said one friend to another when she saw her reading a paperback with a gorgeous highland warrior on the cover and a begowned heroine.

So we are introduced to someone I despise: The Book Snob.

We all know who they are. That chick in the cubicle next to you that is only reading to make herself look smart or because a certain daytime talk show host told her to. Grrrr, that one puts a twitch in my eye!

Personally with the wide variety of story lines in the romance genre I ask,"Why read anything else?"

In a romance you will find everything you could want. Thrillers, spy novels, vampires, murder mysteries, science fiction, political thrillers, inspirational, GLBT, westerns and fantasy that would make a Tolkien fan look twice.

The one thing you won’t find is the main character you just frikkin' devoted two weeks of your life to kicking the bucket in the last ten pages.


Well that might happen, but the heroine probably has some magic voodoo up her sleeve to resurrect him.

God, don't you just love fiction? (((sigh)))

In today’s stressful job market and tough economic times we all need an escape. We go to the movies and we want to laugh and we want to walk away feeling happy. We should demand the same things form our reading material.

Classic literature is filled with romance. What would Elizabeth Bennet be without Mr Darcy? And poor Jane Eyre, didn't she need her Mr. Rochester? What would Howard Roarke be without his nemesis and lover Dominique to understand him?

One of the first things people often ask when being introduced to a new couple is, “How did you two meet?”

That's because we're hoping the couple might have an interesting story!
A romance novel is a guaranteed interesting story!

So tell me this, oh lofty book snob, why is the content of a book with a guaranteed happy ending somehow inferior reading?

Why is a book tossed aside because of a tawdry cover some art department at a publishing house selected not the writer?

Didn't your mama tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

The next time someone asks you if you have a good book to recommend try telling them to read a romance. They will find a well-crafted page turner that will leave you walking away with a smile on your face.

So I’m issuing all of you book snobs men and women alike out there to take a chance! Walk into your favorite book store and peruse that table with all those strapping hunks on the cover and see what all the fuss is about. Find out what every romance fan has known for a long time:

Nothing feels better than Happily Ever After!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Sick Puppy!

Oh yeah, I must be. I write graphic, steamy sex! Some good ol' tied to the bed and getting your ass whooped sex.
Sometimes I write murder, too.
Once I wrote about incest and another time I wrote rape. I've even been known to write about punching someone in the face.
Oh, wait! Once I wrote about spitting in someone's face!


I am one sick puppy! You better be careful about inviting me over to your house. I might pee on a rug!

Believe me, I must be whacked in the head. And it's a wonder I haven't been arrested. Because didn't you know......

If you write it you must do it.

Well, that's what some moron said about erotica.

Wake up, people!!!! It's called fiction!!!!

I don't murder, I don't like to be tied up naked outside, I don't punch people (even if they deserve it) and I've certainly never spat in another human being's face!

Tell me....why do people automatically assume that if you write sex you must be a freak in the sack? I'm sure some of us erotica authors might be...not this chicka....but why take that leap? Why assume?

Has anyone asked James Patterson where he hides all the bodies? Is Stephen King really a sadistic clown? Can JK Rowling really stupify us?

More than likely, 'no' to all of the above.

Then why do erotica writers get the label 'pervert?'

Here are some truths. I write sex because....

It's fun!
I'm good at it!!
It makes money!!
It makes people happy!!

This issue is something I do not need with all the other things I have to do in my life. The people saying this about me also said it takes no talent to write sex....I can't even blog on that one!! It makes me too mad and I don't want to be that blogger.

I even considered getting a new pen name and starting over. But it took me a long time to get where I am even if I'm only on the first rung of the ladder to success. Then I grew a pair and decided I will not cower! I will not hide!

My name is Deanna Wadsworth and I write erotica!!!

Nan na na na boo boo! Stick your head in doo-doo! ┌Π┐(▶_◀)┌Π┐

Whew! Now I feel better!