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How well does kink sell?

Welcome Margie Church to the blog!

Writing is Margie's passion. If she's not writing, she's thinking about writing.

Margie writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). Margie has a degree in writing and editing and has been a professional writer, editor, and journalist for over 25 years.

If you enjoy books that you can't put down, then read one of Margie's.

Now, without further ado, take it away Margie!!!

Thanks, Deanna!
I just finished a class on understanding the male point of view. I have to take a pot-shot at all my male friends and say I thought the class should have only lasted maybe 30 minutes…but it lasted two weeks. *face palm*

One of the subjects we covered was the gay man's emotions. You can't get through that subject without discussing sex between men. That led to a conversation among a few of us about techniques and behaviors. There were very few commenters that afternoon, mostly, I think, because those of us talking wrote gay romance, liked reading it, or were bi. Ultimately we agreed that old saying, "If it floats your boat, that's your business."

I've gone round and round with one author about using content alerts on books. He views them as warnings. I view them as sales pitches. He's driven by SEO, I'm driven by sales. Like it or not, gay romance, and anything with a ménage in it are super hot right now.

My newest book, THE 18TH FLOOR a BDSM romance and has two lines of content alerts. Is that a good thing? While I was writing the book, I knew it was taking a lot of twists, but when I paged through the finished story, I was surprised at how creative I'd been. To the point of thinking I should use a pen name. LOL While the book is laced with super hot sex in all kinds of situations, there is still a very solid plot. Alexa and Sebastian have a romance – they have an emotional relationship that grows throughout the story.

We find out that both characters appear pretty buttoned up on the outside, but inside, well, there's plenty of kink. Alexa has no idea Sebastian is a Dom. Sebi has no idea that Alexa has so many fantasies. Together they explore their desires and their hearts.

by Margie Church

Alexa Robbins is so consumed by her career, the only sex she has is listening to her nymphomaniac neighbors go at it. When Sebastian Law discovers her in the eighteenth floor conference room early one morning, the table becomes a pallet for making one of her fantasies come true. Will he enjoy her extensive repertoire?

On the outside, Sebastian appears a buttoned-up, well-dressed, techno geek. Inside, he's a Dom with a hearty appetite for all types of carnal pleasures. He risks alienating Alexa by revealing his true nature, but he won't keep the secret for long.

Together, they explore all the things that turn them on. And discover whether they're a perfect match for life beyond the 18th Floor.
Content advisories: bi-racial m/f, m/m, BDSM, ménage, spanking, flogging, oral sex, anal sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sex in public places, phone sex.



By Margie Church

Alexa's high heels clicking against the concrete created a sharp contrast to the muffled thump of Curt's rubber-soled shoes the next morning. As usual, the security guard escorted her into the building at six-thirty.

Alexa pressed number eighteen on the elevator pad. "See you tomorrow, Curt."

"Sure. Have a good one." Grinning, he gave her a two-finger salute.

The door slid shut and began its ascent. She sipped her vanilla latte with its extra shot of espresso, hoping the highly caffeinated brew would kick-start her brain and her ambition. Stepping into the carpeted hallway on the eighteenth floor, Alexa noticed another familiar person. Sebastian Law. She chewed on her lip, thinking about the powerfully built, mocha-skinned man who made her want to do naughty things to him whenever their paths crossed. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to pay much attention to her.

Starting up an office romance wasn't on her short list of wise career moves, but she'd spent plenty of time daydreaming about what was under the buttoned up exterior Sebastian cultivated with such care. Sebastian, or Sebi, his close friends called him, favored wearing dress slacks, long sleeved shirts, suspenders, and ties. The description was laughable until she saw how well he filled out his clothes. He walked the halls looking like a living GQ cover model five days a week. Tailored shirts clung to his broad-shouldered torso, and hinted of a well-toned body. And his ass looked so sweet. She was guilty as charged of frequently staring at his gorgeous rear as he walked down the hall. Some days it was all Alexa could do to keep from reaching out and caressing him as they passed in the hall.

Her nipples hardened thinking about the rest of his body. She guessed Sebastian was a few years older. As the company's lead technology contractor, Sebi's responsibilities matched his serious expression. But when he smiled . . . watching his lush lips part into a breathtaking grin distracted Alexa more times than she cared to admit. His mouth frequently became the object of her attention instead of the words he spoke. More than once, he'd had to repeat himself because of her lack of concentration.

Oh, I was concentrating all right—on what it would feel like to kiss you until you lost all your buttoned up control and fucked me right on the eighteenth floor conference table.

She reached the conference room at the conclusion of that thought. Her breath hitched in her throat. There won't be anyone around for another hour. She'd been coming in early long enough to know.

Alexa couldn't resist walking inside. The room temperature was much cooler than the hallway. She left the lights off and walked to the large oval table. Running her hand ran along the smooth top sent shivers up her spine.

What would mahogany feel like against my naked back?

The window blinds were wide open.

Anyone could watch us.

She closed her eyes and let the fantasy bloom in her sex-starved body until a groan left her lips and her pussy ached for relief.


The conference room light came on with an unnerving glare. Sebastian stood with his hand still poised over the switch.

Her face flamed.

"Are you okay? Why are you in here alone?"

She gulped, steadied her voice, and delivered a quick lie. "Good morning, Sebastian. I thought I saw a falling star." She covered an imaginary yawn with the back of her hand. "I guess I got distracted. The sky is so clear."

Sebastian turned off the lights and walked to her.

His masculine scent filled her nostrils. Oh shit, I so want to freaking jump him. Even her thoughts sounded like an ache. She trembled inside as he stood next to her observing the pre-dawn sky.

"It's a shame to miss so many sunrises and sunsets because of your job, isn't it?"
His mid-southern accent caressed her ear as surely as his tongue could.
Concern drew his eyebrows together. "Are you cold? You shivered."

One more remark like that and Alexa was convinced she'd be able to crawl under the carpet and disappear. This was the first time they'd ever been alone and she was acting like a lovesick dolt.

She rubbed her arms for effect. "Maybe a little."

"I don't think we'll see any more stars now. The sun has decided to make an appearance." Sebi faced her. His eyes searched her face.

She focused on his lips. "You're really handsome." Did I just blurt that out? Dust particles in space were bigger than her ego at the moment.

He cleared his throat, and raised his expressive eyebrows. "Thanks. Does stargazing always make you so horny?"

"It's not the stars. It's you." She held her breath, waiting for him to laugh or get angry at her bold declaration.

His fingers cupped her chin.

Alexa's heart hammered in her chest while her libido pleaded for him to kiss her.

She held his waist, curling her fingers in the crisp fabric above his belt.

"Did you think I hadn't noticed how sexy you are?" His voice dripped with charm.
Her mons pressed against his zipper. The thin fabric strained against his swelling cock. The heat between her thighs simmered. She was soaking wet and he hadn't even touched her yet.

She wrapped her fingers around his tie, drawing those sensual lips to hers.
Sebi kissed her possessively, not wasting precious minutes on teasing foreplay. He flexed his jaw to draw her tongue into his mouth.

Alexa was glad she'd been holding onto his shirt because her knees buckled. A moan formed deep in her throat and escaped. Her fingers dug into his ass cheeks, pressing him firmly against her as she dry fucked him like a wanton hussy.

Sebastian broke from the kiss.

Those hot lips she'd fantasized about worked their way down her neck. While he deftly unbuttoned her blouse, he kissed her nipples through her bra, biting and tugging the sensitive, lace-covered nubs.

Alexa unbuttoned his slacks and shoved them down.

His erection sprang free.

Her pussy responded by adding to the pool of wetness at the apex of her thighs.

They didn't waste time on words. Other employees would arrive soon. Alexa reached for her purse and found her cache of condoms. While Sebastian slipped one on, Alexa took off her panties and dropped them into her oversized purse.

She caressed his balls. "I'm not wearing those the entire day. Every time you see me, you'll know my pussy is bare and missing your gorgeous dick."

A salacious grin covered his lips and rose into his dark eyes. "Don’t be surprised then, if you're what I'm eating for lunch."

Hopping onto the conference table, Alexa slid her skirt up around her waist. The chilly surface raised goose bumps on her bare ass. She crooked her finger at Sebi. "I want you right now. Sink your big, black cock into my tight pussy."

A look of satisfaction came across his face as Sebi reached for her hips and moved Alexa into position. "I hope you can remember to contain your sounds." He teased her with the head of his cock. "Most women have a difficult time keeping quiet when I'm fucking them. We can't draw attention."

The first sensations of penetration released a deep moan in her throat. Her demanding career hadn't left Alexa much time to date on a regular basis. She had no idea how horny she'd become and how much she needed a good, hard fuck.

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Do they attract you to a book or help you steer clear?

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Cocktails and Cock Tales with HANK EDWARDS

Today we have HAND EDWARDS at the cyber bar. Author of the Charlie Heggensford Fluffers series of books, which will make you LOL PIMP.....piss in my pants I just learned....when you read it@

The third book in the Charlie Heggensford series, Vancouver Nights, was a finalist in the Gay Erotica category for the Lambda Literary Awards.

Yay, Hank!!!!!

Hank has also written Holed Up, Destiny’s Bastard, and Plus Ones for LooseId.

And a sexy less well known bear story called Wood which I thoroughly enjoyed from the anthology Bear Lust-Hot & Hairy Fiction Vol 2 of the Bearotica series....Lol bearotica, I love that word! You can find it on Amazon

I love bears... just had to throw that out there :)

Currently working on a paranormal vampire / zombie series set in the Old West, the Venom Valley Series, Hank plans to self-publish his new series.

What we are Drinking

2 parts vodka
3 parts lemonade
garnish with a lemon
Opt for a sugared rim and mint leaf if you are trying to impress the in-laws

Deanna: First things first, Hank. Where are you and what are you wearing?

Hank: Oh God, I knew I should have changed clothes. Sigh … I’ll be honest. I’m in my office/cat room (the kitty condo, cat beds, and cat toybox are in here along with my iMac), and I’m wearing bike shorts and a T-shirt. Yeah, I’m dressed like a suburban soccer mom at the mall. (((Sigh)))

Deanna: Nice visual, hon. Now what’s your poison? Whiskey? Coffee?

Hank: I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea. In the winter I drink hot tea, in the summer, iced tea. I am a very simple man. My cocktail of preference, especially in these sizzling summer months, is vodka and lemonade. Mmmm. In the winter, a nice pinot noir really takes off the chill.

Deanna: Me and vodka were separated for awhile, considered divorcing, but recently have reconciled. So I believe I'll have a double, thank you very much!

Hank: LOL (((whips up a batch)))I enjoy all kinds of vodka drinks, but usually stick with the simple vodka and lemonade or vodka and tonic, mainly because after having a few...several, I can still remember how to make them.

Deanna: Now that we’re comfy, tell me about your new book?

Hank: (((takes a sip))) My upcoming release is called Bounty, and it’s the first book in my self-published Venom Valley Series that involves vampires and zombies in the Old West. Oh, and it’s got a touch of witchcraft and a dash of Native American spirits thrown in for good measure.

Deanna: Hmmmm, zombie cowboys? Like this? ------------->

Hank:'ll have to wait to read it.

Deanna: Okay, tease! Now tell me where did the idea for this story come from?

Hank: The story started with a simple thought one day while I was busy doing something mundane. I just thought: vampires and zombies in the Old West; hunh. Then it grew from there, you know? Like, two undead species, but very different from each other. Vampires are very cunning and sexy and superhuman, and zombies are the disintegrating human shells, but so deadly and contagious. Then I threw in the human characters and realized I had a huge story arc plus many several, smaller arcs that could make for a good series.

Deanna: What was the hardest part of writing this story for you?

Hank: The hardest part has been finding the time. I decided to self-publish the books after one publisher noted that the first book ends on a cliff hanger and they don’t usually go for that. (((shrugs, gulps vodka and lemonade.)))
So I’m taking a big step and researching the self-publishing world.

Book One, Bounty, is finished, and my partner put together the amazing cover. He also did the cover art for Vancouver Nights which made our trip to the Lambda Literary Awards in New York City this year that much more special!

Deanna: He did a great job! Both of those covers are wonderful! Make sure you tell him I said so.

Hanks: Thanks, and I will! I want to have a first draft of Book Two completed before I publish Book One, just so it’s ready to go soon after publishing Book One, so people don’t wait months and months or years to see what happens to the characters, right? None of this Harry Potter wait for three years, or George R.R. Martin and a five year hiatus.

Deanna: (((raises her glass again))) Here's to Harry Potter sales!

Hanks: Here here!(((Chugs the rest of his vodka and lemonade and pours another.))) Meanwhile, I’m working at the Evil Day Job, EDJ, that pays the bills and trying to maintain a touch of social life.

Deanna: I have more of an ADJ...Annoying Day Job. (((accepts a refill))) I think vodka and I might be getting back together permanently!
I don't know if that makes you a good influence or a bad one! Ha!
Now tell me, what was the easiest thing about writing Venom Valley?

Hank: The first book really wrote itself. The characters were so vivid to me, and their stories so real, I just basically wrote what they told me to. I think the characters’ storylines, which start out removed from one another, all intertwine very logically as the book progresses.

Deanna: What is your dream story, your opus, if you will? The one you dream about writing but haven’t done it?

Hank: At any given moment, I have several stories circling inside my head like vultures looking to feast on dead brain cells. This Venom Valley Series is quite the opus for me. I have a very emotional story lingering back there as well, a contemporary romance set within a tale of animal rights (I’m an animal lover, just ask those spoiled cats lounging there in the corner surrounded by catnip mice and bowls of food), and a few sequels, but first the vampires and zombies need to be unleashed. (((Sighs, chugs down the fresh drink.)))

Deanna: When did you first discover you were a writer? Were you like sitting on the toilet and just said, “Ya know, I think I’m gonna write a book.” Or was it more profound?

Hank: Ha! Well, it wasn’t quite the toilet scenario. As a kid, I always wanted more from my favorite movies like “Alien” or all those disaster movies from the 70s, so I wrote my own sequels. That changed to horror and disaster stories of my own and I’ve been writing off and on ever since.

Deanna: Hmmm, what did you do with your toys as a kid....((((laughs and downs her drink)))What helps you when you are stumped on a scene in a manuscript? I usually have a cocktail … or three…LOL But that’s just me.

Hank: It’s going to sound sick, but a workout helps me. I use the elliptical for my cardio workout and it sparks a lot of brain activity or something, because a lot of times I’ll come away having figured out a way around things. However, just the other day in a meeting at the EDJ, I was only half listening (shhh, don’t tell!) and came up with a resolution for a problem I was facing in Venom Valley Book Two. I quickly acted like I was paying attention and jotted it down in my notebook, which just goes to prove that you never know when that muse in the back of your mind is going to shoot a rubber band idea at you.

Deanna: LMAO!!!!! I love it!!! Hopefully no one looked at your notes.

Hank: I know, right? Refill? ((((holds up the pitcher in question)))

Deanna: Well, just a smidgen(((tips the bottom of the pitcher to fill her glass to the brim when Hank actually gives her just a smidgen))) These things go down a bit too smooth...oh well!
Most of my stories have a theme song, do you do that for your characters?? If so what is it?

Hank: I never really envision a specific song for my characters or books. However, I tend to listen to movie soundtracks when I write, like the original three movies from the Star Wars trilogy, or Lord of the Rings, for atmosphere. Sometimes songs with lyrics get in the way of my writing.

Deanna: Well that's long as you don't start calling your book Precious I think you're okay! LOL

Tell us about a scene that you have written then afterward, when you read it, you shocked yourself? You know I want a dirty answer (((hint hint)))

Hank: LOL! Well, yeah … (((blushes, sips from drink))) Well, when I was writing the third book of the Charlie Heggensford series, Vancouver Nights, a friend of mine challenged me to have Charlie go beyond the usual fluff and fuck scenes. So I introduced a couple of characters that were into watersports and fisting and then I decided they needed to experience enemas as well. I really took them beyond the standard fluff and fuck scenes!

Deanna: You sure did! I can never look at a bowling pin the same way again!!!(((starts laughing hysterically)))

Hank:(((shrugs, pushes the lemonade aside and takes a swig of the vodka))) When I read the book over I was kind of shocked I had done it. And then seeing it in print!! Eeep!!

Deanna: And the champagne enemas!! (((laughing she wipes tears from her eyes))) That still makes me laugh!!! Hey, don't drink all the vodka, Hank!

Hank: (((moves the bottle out of reach, then tips his head back and effortlessly drains half the contents)))

Deanna:(((quirks her brows))) Well, now I know where Charlie gets his skills.

Hank: (((chokes on a laugh and vodka comes out his nose)))

Deanna: You're suppose to swallow not spit, Hank!!! (((laughs))) You should know that!

Hank: You're so bad!

Deanna: (((grins and steals the vodka))) I know! That's why you love me!

Now while me and Hank do our best to polish off this bottle, (((takes a hefty swig and passes it back))) we would love to hear from you guys!

Have you read Hank's books? Which was your favorite?
Do you like vodka?
And what are your thoughts on champagne enemas?

I want to thank Hank for coming to the cyber bar today(((waves drunkenly at Hank))) Thank you, Hank!

Hank: (((waves back, cheeks rosey from too much alcohol))) You're welcome! Thanks for having me!

Deanna: If you would like to visit Hank on the web you can find him in these places:
Author Facebook Page

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Cocktails and Cock Tales with Kayla Jameth

Today I would love to welcome Kayla Jameth to the cyber bar.

A knight and a former princess, Kayla now spends her time writing m/m romance. A true Renaissance woman, she has done everything from cross stitch like a proper lady to welding with the best of them. An eclectic life has left her with a unique understanding of the world inhabited by men and an appreciation for the difficulties faced by men in m/m relationships. It is her devout wish that her experiences translate into a richer telling of such tales.

What we are Drinking

Four Parts Orange Juice
One Part Amaretto
Enough Vanilla Ice Cream to make a nice milk shake in the blender.

Deanna: First things first. Where are you and what are you wearing?

Kayla: (((Hands Deanna a frosty mug))) Why don’t you follow me this way? My favorite reading chairs are in my library.
(((Waves Deanna to the one on the right before dropping into one or the horse-shoe shaped chairs))) These chairs are just so comfortable. (((slumps down and snuggle into it with my legs draped over one of the arms.))) Just make yourself at home.
As you can see I’m a bit of a tomboy so I’m just in my usual jeans and a t-shirt. There’s nothing fancy about me.

Deanna: And what is this yummy drink you made for us today?

Kayla: It’s called a dreamsicle and tastes a bit like an orange push up. It’s a nice little dessert that can pack a bit of a punch depending on just how stout you mix it. I think it’s a nice end to the day. (((Takes a sip)))

Deanna: (((takes a sip and smacks lips))) Oh, nice, you gave me a stiff one!

Kayla: (((grins))) I try!

Deanna: Now that we’re comfy, tell me about your new book.

Kayla: (((Leans forward))) My latest work in progress is an m/m romance called ALEXIOS’ FATE. It’s about a youth, named Alexios, in ancient Greece who happens, through no fault of his own, to capture Apollo’s fancy. There is a fair amount of history and the gods and their lesser brethren walk the pages in this period piece. Once again we are reminded that one man’s history is another’s mythology.

Deanna: I've read an older version of this story and I love it. I can't wait to read the finished version! But tell me, where did the idea for this story come from?

Kayla: I have an online group called Inspired Writing. We post a photo periodically and write a story to go with it. This particular photo was of a nearly naked man chained to a rock with a Greek temple and a trireme in the background.

Deanna: Oh and there he is!!! Yum! No wonder you were inspired!

Kayla: (((refills the cocktails))) The setting was obviously ancient Greece and very reminiscent of Andromeda. She was chained to a rock to be devoured by a sea monster in retribution for her mother unwisely bragging that she was more beautiful than the daughters of one of the local sea gods. Perseus saves her from the monster and weds her in the traditional myth.
My story is similar. Alexios’ father makes a boast that angers Apollo. The young man is chained to the rock and Apollo sends a storm to destroy him because of his father’s hubris. But will anyone be able to play the part of Perseus and save him from his fate?

Deanna: What was the hardest part of writing this story for you?

Kayla: (((Leans back and stares at the ceiling for a moment))) Hardest part… Nothing in particular. This story wanted to be written and practically flew onto the paper for me. The one thing that gave me difficulty initially was dialog. I needed more dialog and asked my good friend Deanna, the queen of gab, to help me out with suggestions on how to get more in there. (((Nods at hostess)))Thank you very much for your suggestions. They took a 20K short story up to a 35K novella and added a lot of depth at the same time.

Deanna: Awwww, thanks, hon! I was glad to help! What was the easiest thing about writing this book?

Kayla: Just about everything. I’m a pantser. I write what my guys tell me and they kept me busy trying to keep up. I really think I enjoyed writing Alexios’ tale more than anything else I have ever written. The descriptions of the culture and the surroundings, the mythology and religious aspects, the limitations of all the characters, slave, prince, king and god alike all had constraints inherent in their separate statuses they couldn’t ignore. No one, not even a god, is truly free.
One of my beta readers said that the sex in this story is very political. Every character’s actions are all based on status, power and wealth. I did not set out to write this story that way. I merely wrote situations that were historically correct, but by so doing the sex must perforce be political.

Deanna: What is your dream story, your opus, if you will? The one you dream about writing but haven’t done?

Kayla: I’m not sure that applies to me. I don’t have an epic in mind. I actually do all my stories from photo prompts. I see a photo and wonder how the people in the picture got into that situation and what they will do next. Then I spend some time ironing out all the flaws and wrinkles in the story line. I like puzzling out a logical/reasonable reason for everything.
(((Shrugs))) I guess I just haven’t seen the right photo yet.

Deanna: When did you first discover you were a writer? Were you like sitting on the toilet and just said, “Ya know, I think I’m gonna write a book.” Or was it more profound? 

Kayla: I guess my epiphany was only marginally more profound. I was reading some Samurai Champloo slash where the author had used every name in the series, but hadn’t bothered to keep the setting or the characters true to the anime. The main characters had been brought up into the present and their personalities swapped. And it only devolved from there!
I told Sara, whose slash I helped edit, that I could do better than that. She made me prove it. About eighteen months ago I wrote the first chapter of my slash INFINITE INFATUATION. I intended my first and only piece to be a one shot PWP (Plot, What Plot?), but somehow it has grown to be six chapters long.
I still didn’t call myself an author.

Deanna: I know it can be hard to admit you actually are an author, like your bragging or something. But trust me, Kayla, You ARE an author and I love your work. I've read several of your stories a. The first one I read was that m/m Cinderella spin off. Can you tell our readers about it?

Kayla: That would be the cinderfella story I wrote called CINDER-GARCON? and then some original pieces in response to the Inspired Writing photos. Several people called me an author at that point, but I argued that point with them.
It wasn’t until a publisher offered to publish a short story for me that I started to think of myself as a writer. I finally gave in and admitted it when I started a blog a few weeks back and put in the welcome that I am an author of m/m fiction.

Deanna: Well, you are a great writer, dear! I only have the best at the cyber bar! Speaking of...

Kayla: Oh, looks like we're out! (((whips up another batch and pours them out)))

Deanna: (((taking a sip))) I'll either be drunk by the end of this or on a sugar high. Probably both! Now, what helps you when you are stumped on a scene in a manuscript? I usually have a cocktail … or three … LOL! But that’s just me.

Kayla: (((Chuckle!))) When my boys are balking, I go look at the hotties in my photo albums. When they get jealous enough to behave, I’m more than willing to listen.

Deanna: Most of my stories have a theme song, do you do that for your characters?? If so what is it?

Kayla: For Alexios I listened to a Niyaz playlist. I wanted an exotic Mediterranean feel and didn’t want to be distracted by lyrics.

Deanna: Tell us about a scene that you have written then afterward, when you read it, you shocked yourself? You know I want a dirty answer (((hint hint)))

Kayla: I’ve always written very explicit sex scenes so I’m not sure which one to pick. (((Stares off into space for a moment))) The final chapter to INFINITE INFATUATION is called “With This Ring” and features a PA…

Deanna: What's a PA?

Kayla: A Prince Albert piercing!

Deanna: Oh, I should have known that! Any other stories that got naughty?

Kayle: DIRTY POOL… It’s the story of a fledgling D/s pair who goes into a leather bar. The Dom challenges other men to play pool and bets his sub’s favors. Several men have their way with the young man bent over the pool table in a packed bar.

Deanna: I love your dirty mind, Kayla!!! Thank you so much for stopping by today and bringing these yummy drinks.

Kayla: I had a great time, Deanna. Thanks for having me.
If you would like a chance to win a FREE copy of my story LEGENDS in Breathless Press's Ad-dick-tion anthology, just post a comment below!

Deanna: Thank you, Kayla!

Don't forget to check out Kayla's FREE stories DIRTY POOL or CINDER-GARCON? or CONTROLLED FALL at her BLOG

You can also find her on Twitter
Facebook Author’s Page
Facebook Page

And you can buy her books here: LEGENDS at Breathless Press

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Do you use real people like celebrities to inspire your fictional characters?

I know I do.

For instance, take the two hunks in my new story BEAR IT ALL Travis and John.

They are based on a *blush* porn star I love. I know I'm revealing a bit more than I should...he he he he he...Oh well!!! The actor I love goes by Travis on the Corbin Fisher website.

I even named the guy Travis because he was so real to me when I wrote it.

I refuse to comment on other ways this little firecracker inspired me, LOL I will leave that all to your vivid imagination.

My other hero, John is based on a very straight man you may have heard of before.

Trace Adkins.

If you know him....I need no further explanation as to why I was having naughty fantasies about him starring in a book with sweet Travis.

After taking a look at my inspiration, I'm sure you can seee how these two men needed a story in my mind?

How could I ignore it?

I know the men look a bit different on my cover, but you gotta admit Fiona Jayde did a damn good job giving the reader a great idea of my two guys!

I would love to hear from other writers out there.

Do you use real people to base your characters on? Or are they all in your head?

BEAR IT ALL Now available from Decadent Publishing

Travis hired 1 Night Stand hoping for a hot encounter with a sexy older, hairy man, someone to make him feel safe and cherished, and John looks custom made to order.

After losing his partner three years ago, John needs to learn how to open his heart and live again. He thinks a one night stand in the Caribbean might be the answer, but when he sees the young, thin and much smaller Travis, he thinks the agency sent the wrong man.

Can desire overcome misunderstanding when these two bear it all? Or will both men walk away from exactly what they need and desire?

Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Kind Of Sequel

A few months ago my fellow author and good pal Wendy Burke sat in my beautician chair--that's my daytime gig if you didn't know--laughing, per our usual, about all the stories we want to write one day. Brainstorming, cackling, interrupting each other and generally being glad we were the only two in the salon so we didn't disturb anyone else by me shouting something obscene like, "I know! I know! They should do it in the butt!"

And yes...I have been known to do this.

Well, on this not-so-significant day, Wendy and I came up with a pretty cool idea which I am happy to say has actually happened.

See, our publisher Decadent Publishing, has this cool series called 1NightStand. In this series, a couple comes together after hiring the 1NightStand service run by the mysterious Madam Eve who sets them up for a fantasy night of sex and romance.

Now, I had been entertaining the idea of writing a bear story for awhile and thought I could take the idea percolating in my brain and mold it to the 1NS series requirements. The product became my story BEAR IT ALL. I don't know how we got on the subject, but before I knew what happened, my bear, John, had a sister named Grace and Wendy was already mentally plotting out why Grace would be contacting a matchmaking service like 1NS.

We didn't know how far we would go, or if this was just more beauty shop brainstorming. After all Wendy writes sensual straight romance, and I write erotic gay romance.

Would our readers be 'versatile' and open minded enough to switch teams to find out what happens to our characters?

Maybe...we hope so.

Regardless, Wendy and I knew we were onto something.

A New Kind of Sequel.

As often happens in short stories and novellas, you only get a small taste of the characters' future lives, their HFN (Happy For Now.) But what happens after the one night stand? Do they make it? Do they move in together? Get married? Adopt a kid from China? What?!?

Now you can find out!

If you enjoyed reading my story BEAR IT ALL you don't have to wonder what happens to John and Travis. All you have to do is pick up a copy of Wendy Burke's book THE ONE HE CHOSE...on digital bookshelves tomorrow. As the younger sister of my hero John, Grace's story offers a peak as to what happens to my boys.

But there's more!

A certain concierge in THE ONE HE CHOSE is going to get a story of his own, too! I am writing it right now. In his story he will find love and you, the reader, will get a chance to find out what happens to Wendy's characters Grace and Jake!

Stay tuned for updates but in the meantime, reserve your copy of THE ONE HE CHOSE!

A year after losing her beloved husband, Grace Wizler learns he left a special surprise for her. A fabulous getaway in the beautiful Canadian Rockies that includes a date with a mystery man arranged through Madame Eve's 1NightStand dating service. She's shocked and intrigued...what was Ben thinking?

Grace's date is charming, handsome and about to find out whether the woman of his dreams will return his affection. He's waited forever, but he's ready to risk it all on a 1NightStand.

Coming tomorrow from Decadent Publishing!