Thursday, August 11, 2011


Do you use real people like celebrities to inspire your fictional characters?

I know I do.

For instance, take the two hunks in my new story BEAR IT ALL Travis and John.

They are based on a *blush* porn star I love. I know I'm revealing a bit more than I should...he he he he he...Oh well!!! The actor I love goes by Travis on the Corbin Fisher website.

I even named the guy Travis because he was so real to me when I wrote it.

I refuse to comment on other ways this little firecracker inspired me, LOL I will leave that all to your vivid imagination.

My other hero, John is based on a very straight man you may have heard of before.

Trace Adkins.

If you know him....I need no further explanation as to why I was having naughty fantasies about him starring in a book with sweet Travis.

After taking a look at my inspiration, I'm sure you can seee how these two men needed a story in my mind?

How could I ignore it?

I know the men look a bit different on my cover, but you gotta admit Fiona Jayde did a damn good job giving the reader a great idea of my two guys!

I would love to hear from other writers out there.

Do you use real people to base your characters on? Or are they all in your head?

BEAR IT ALL Now available from Decadent Publishing

Travis hired 1 Night Stand hoping for a hot encounter with a sexy older, hairy man, someone to make him feel safe and cherished, and John looks custom made to order.

After losing his partner three years ago, John needs to learn how to open his heart and live again. He thinks a one night stand in the Caribbean might be the answer, but when he sees the young, thin and much smaller Travis, he thinks the agency sent the wrong man.

Can desire overcome misunderstanding when these two bear it all? Or will both men walk away from exactly what they need and desire?


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  2. She keeps saying 'Come to the dark side, Wendy,' but I can't -- I want those guys to MYSELF --or my female characters!

    Wanna find out what happens to Corbin & Trace ...I MEAN, Travis & John...well check out THE ONE HE CHOSE...on sale now at Decadent Publishing!

  3. For the first book I wrote the character descriptions were in my head. The second one was a partial. Blake was in my head and Rick was from a picture I'd seen. This last one, only one was also from a picture.

    The covers never actually look like what we might imagine. Then again, that's probably a very good thing! Your cover is amazing and just on that alone made me want to buy it.

    I wish you much success with the story and, as always, it's great to read how other writers deal with things.

  4. ....we have cookies and beer on the Dark Side, Wen....

    Johnny, I too bounce around on how I create my characters. These two are the first actually where I had real people so vividly in my mind. More often than not, I find a pic but end up changing the people in my minds as I write.
    And I so hope you enjoy Bear it All...its my favorite thing I've had published so far :)