Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This weekend, Feb. 18th and 19th, Rainbow eBooks has my short holiday story SECRET SANTA available for FREE download. Its a sexy, fun story and I hope you stop by and get your own copy! It comes in 5 different formats for all types of e-readers.

It's Christmas Eve and Adam has a special gift for Paul - himself, wrapped in a big red bow.

Blindfolded and ready for a magical holiday, Adam anxiously waits for his boyfriend to come and unwrap him. Just when he thinks their date has been forgotten, the door bursts open and his lover arrives. They have the best sex of Adam’s life, but afterward Paul disappears before Adam can catch his breath or remove the blindfold.

Left with only the memory of a tender kiss, a mysterious Santa hat, and a tray of half-eaten cookies, Adam soon discovers his lover was not who he thought it was...

And for every dollar you spend on Rainbow Ebooks this weekend those generous folks over at there are also entering you for a chance to win your own copy of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW.

I hope you all get a chance to stop by this weekend to download your FREE copy of SECRET SANTA and your chance to win the erotic retelling of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW

Enjoy your free story and good luck!