Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am so excited to unofficially announce my upcoming m/m short story Secret Santa due out mid December from Decadent Publishing.

I wanted to give you all a little tease!

Here's my unofficial excerpt. Enjoy!


Being naked and blindfolded really enhanced the senses.
Adam felt like his entire body was on sensory overload. The pungent aroma of pine, snickerdoodles, and sugar cookies was so overpowering he almost wanted to sneeze. His very skin crackled with more excitement than the promise of new toys under the tree had ever given him as a kid. He gave his dick a playful tug, the lube making his hand glide easily and sending a shiver of delight through his middle.
He giggled to himself. He still couldn’t believe he was doing this!
Naked and prone over the sofa between the glittering tree and the fireplace, Adam was Paul’s Christmas present. Complete with a large red bow around his hips for ‘unwrapping.’ He had invited Paul over for cocktails, though the second his boyfriend got a direct view of Adam’s willing ass, the jig would be up and Paul would know Adam was more interested in cock than tales.
He could almost picture the shock then the hunger that might play across Paul’s face when he entered the apartment and saw Adam, hard, dripping, and ready for him. His cock stirred with interest and he stroked it lightly, the heat of his hand keeping it hard. The desire to watch his lover’s enjoyment almost made him reconsider the blindfold idea.
No, that was half the fun.

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  1. I'm not sure why I was so convinced your holiday story was coming out with someone else. Yay! Of course, my commenting is rather distracted do to the yumtastic picture to the left of this box. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah...books. Not men...books...about men...with other men...is the guy in the pic in the book? Please say yes.


  2. Sounds Hot!!! I hope Paul likes his Christmas package! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Pine and snickerdoodles? You SO made me laugh! Um, I hope I was supposed to. As always, Deanna, your writing rocks.

  4. He is yumalicious, isn't he Seleste?
    I think you might be in store for some surprises, Johanna!
    Thanks, Em...and you know you were supposed to laugh!

  5. Nice. I can only imagine who arrives to unwrap Adam!

  6. Nice excerpt!! "...more interested in cock than tales." Love that. Congrats on the upcoming release!

  7. Thanks Sloan! Congrats are due for you too! Can't wait for Breathe!

  8. Well, thanks for all who stopped by! I put all of your names in a hat (actually it was a McD's Styrofoam sweet tea cup) and it looks like Hank wins a copy of Sleepy Hollow!!!
    Thanks for all of you who stooped by and read the excerpt. During the holiday season the proceeds from Secret Santa will go to relay for Life for the American Cancer Society so I sure hope your guys stop by again!