Friday, November 5, 2010

4 1/2 Cherries!


I just got my very first review for Red Riding Hood and I can't tell you how excited I was.

5 Cherries!

There are so few hilights in a writers life. We get rejection after rejection, then we get the call. But fast on the heels of that, is the "hey we don't like the ending, rewrite it" email. Then the editor hurts our way too oversensitive feelings by ripping apart our "baby." They it comes out, and well? We have no clue who is buying it. Probably just our friends we tell ourselves.

But then a TOTAL STRANGER with nothing to gain says they liked our book.

And they put it online for all to see.

How the F cool is that?

So here is my first review, ever, from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

And know what else?

Red Riding Hood is up for Book of The Week!

Voting is tomorrow and Sunday! I hope you stop by!


  1. Red Riding Hood is up for Book of The Week? Excellent!

    It is F cool when someone you don't know does that! Especially after what our sensitivities must endure to get there! That's the stage I am still in and looking forward to someone writing on my wall like that one day!

    Best wishes!

    Leigh Anne Lindsey
    Science & Sci-fi writing blog

  2. Thanks Leigh!!!
    It is an amazing feeling of validation and I hope you get there one day too!

  3. I just fell across your blog thanks to your comment on Em-Musings blog, your profile picture had me intrigued!

    SO now I'm a new follower! And I see that you have a few books you've written! I am for sure checking them out, especially Red Riding Hood since that's just what I was for Halloween! Perfect timing!!!

    Great meeting you! Feel free to stop by my neck of the woods if you have time!

  4. Hi Jen! Welcome! So were you a naughty Red or an innocent Red for Halloween? :)