Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ichabod and the Pirate

Ichabod: It seems I have been strong armed into an interview with Captain Alan Silvestri, a pirate with a curse. I thought I was done but he would not be silenced. He is captain of the ship The Immortal and calls Tortuga his homeport. Though in this so-called pirate haven there are functioning elements of the modern world…blenders, iPods, CDs player. Your story is being featured in a book entitled The Kraken’s Mirror by Maureen O. Betita. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Alan: Mr. Crane, I’m a pirate. It’s a bit obvious, don’t you think? (((tossing his great coat on the back of a chair, Alan sweeps off his tricorn, runs a hand through his long silver hair, hauls a cutlass from its scabbard and sets it noisily on a small table, followed by three pistols)))

Ichabod: Yes it is. Now you claim to be the victim of a curse of good luck. What do you mean by that?

Alan: I’ve sailed the seas of the Kraken’s Caribbean for over 50 years. I was fifteen when I had the misfortune to meet a beautiful woman who tricked me into accepting a curse of good luck. I was young, I was an idiot and thought it a grand adventure. At times, it was. But even good luck can grow tiresome.

Ichabod: You actually believe this woman cursed you with good fortune?

Alan: (((eyes Ichabod sharply and leans forward))) You don’t believe good luck can be a curse?

Ichabod: How could it be?

Alan: Nothing is free, Mr. Crane. And even good luck comes at a price. Imagine if I arrived and took up residence in Sleepy Hallow… As my good luck increase, more and more misfortune falls upon the inhabitants of your lovely little village. I stay long enough – ruins. (((leans back, stretches out his legs and crosses his ankles)))) Makes for a poor welcome.

Ichabod: You are implying that people have tried to do you harm because of this?

Alan: (((grinning))) Yes. Of course, any attempt to actually do me damage rebounds on the poor man who thought to do me harm. I am a successful pirate, though am presently considering retirement.

Ichabod: Now are there any witnesses that might vouch that your curse is real?

Alan: Ask anyone across the Caribbean! I’ve held the curse for 50 years. (((looking away))) A long, lonely 50 years.

Ichabod: Is there anyone specific?

Alan: (((a sparkle enters his eyes))) I’m sure Emily Pawes would be happy to vouch for me. She fell to Tortuga from the modern world as the answer to my dilemma.

Ichabod: Fell from the modern world? What do you mean by that?

Alan: You see, Emily found a mirror, the Albino Kraken made sure of it, and this mirror brought her to Tortuga. Just in time, really, you see, the curse was closing in. At most, I had three days before the curse struck, friend or foe, it didn’t care. My luck truly proved good with her arrival. Emily didn’t believe in any of it at first, in fact she considered herself quite insane. She’s from a world much like the woman writing your tales, that has the magic of electricity, mechanical boxes that play music… She certainly didn’t expect to find them in Tortuga. But we be a fortunate port, and much washes up on our shore. What is lost in one world may end up found in ours.

Ichabod: (((sighs))) It does sound a bit insane. How did you convince Miss Pawes to believe in your curse?

Alan: I was persistent, finding Emily impossible to resist. It took me months to convince her of my reality. Doing so proved…entertaining and enlightening. She is a very passionate woman, once inspired.

Ichabod: Yes well…now what is this business about the Kraken?

Alan: The great Albino Kraken considers the Caribbean his domain. In fact, he considers all the oceans of the world his domain. A powerful, wise and frightening beast. May I suggest if you are ever told to be gentle with all offspring of the Kraken… (((smiling brightly))) …that you do so? I never knew the Albino Kraken was such a romantic! Until Emily arrived. I pray she will remain at my side until the day I die.

Ichabod: Well, good luck to both you and Miss Pawes in that endeavor, Captain Silvestri. Everyone, sane or not, deserves their happily ever after. Even if we have to take it and make it happen.

Alan: I am sensing you have your own tale to spin around the scuttlebutt.

Ichabod: Perhaps, but now is not the time or place. Before you go, Captain, would you mind telling us about the woman that has written your story?

Alan: Ah, well. Maureen O. Betita plays a bartender on the Romance Writers Revenge, a blog that sails what she terms the cyber seas. She actually knows very little about mixing drinks, by the way. From what I understand, she overheard someone telling my story at the Tortuga Liquor Barn, scurried back to the ship and began writing. She’s not a bad sort, for a scribe. The ship is infested with writers, mostly women I understand. Though I hear they encourage strong muscular young men to sail with them.

Ichabod: (((smiling))) Well, that sounds like a lovely addition to any ship. I think I might enjoy Ms. Betita and the company she keeps.

Alan: (((snorts))) I’m quite thankful she managed to get most of the details right and Emily considers her a good friend. Women make friends so easily!

Ichabod: Is there a way I can contact Ms. Betita so that I may speak with her personally?

Alan: She presently inhabits the cyber seas at several ports of call. Her main harbor is at www.maureenobetita.com. She babbles quite frequently at www.romancewritersrevenge.com, under the name of 2nd Chance. In fact, Fridays are her bonifide command. I understand she also visits www.castlesandguns.com every Tuesday and attempts to speak coherently every Sunday and Wednesday at www.believinginsecondchances.typepad.com . And she even blathers on some absurd site I understand is called Twitter. (((takes a deep breath))) I have no idea how she manages to find time to write!

Ichabod: And where can my followers purchase this book, The Kraken's Mirror?

Alan: I understand the book is coming from Decadent Publishing. I do like the cover, though my Emily carries more curves. And the great Albino Kraken isn’t nearly so translucent…

Ichabod: Don’t get me started on inaccurate renderings. Did you see how awful that dastardly Walt Disney drew me?

Alan: (((wincing))) Yes that wasn’t a very good likeness, I’m afraid. One more thing about, Ms. Betita, along with all the writing, she enjoys putting together what she terms ‘pirate swag’. She’d like to offer a piece to some lucky commenter. And chocolate. She has an unhealthy attraction to the stuff! Perhaps another womanly attribute… She and Emily tend to enjoy sitting about the Revenge, devouring chocolate.

Ichabod: Well I shall thank Ms. Betita in advance for the prize. And I may have to stop by her ship some time. Miss Wadsworth is also giving away a copy of a book she wrote about a very loose young woman named Red Riding Hood. Thank you, Captain Silvestri, and to all of my other interviews as well.
It has been very interesting listening to all of these stories. I am just so intrigued how easily people believe such tales. They have all appeared to be sane and normal. But to believe such fantastic things as matchmaking sea monsters...really!
(((laughing))) I believe Brom Bones and I are going to make a fortune off these "believers" when we embark on our journey to "rid" people of their "ghostly" tormentors.


  1. I just love pirates...sigh. So happy to finally meet Captain Alan!

  2. I can't wait to read this book! And as a first time visitor to this blog, I must say, there are some very diverting images. Nice pick up to a girl's day.

  3. Thanks, Missy. Ichy was a bit of a lark, he seemed oddly fascinated by Alan's hands...

    Of course, I find them attractive, but that's me! Glad you stopped by!

  4. Terri - Yup. Next time I'm on the hottie posting calander I may be crying out to Deanna for assistance!

  5. Wonderful interview! Loved it and I do love your cover. :)

  6. All hale the might beta reader! Hale, Sabrina! ;-)

  7. Glad you all stopped by!
    Terri, I often waste many hours selecting my hotties and, Maureen, I might share a few!
    Now, were you saying what I think you were saying about Ichabod's fascination with Alan's hands? I mean, you read the book so I kinda think you were being a bit naughty...

  8. Who me? Naughty? Perish the thought...

    Hee, hee.

    Stop by the Revenge some Sunday and you'll see our weekly hottie search results. I'm thinking we lost Donna somewhere on your site, honestly.

  9. Hey! You guys are giving me an undeserved reputation!

    Of course, Captain Alan just trashed yours as a bartender, Maureen. LOL

    Great interview, gentlemen! I'm really excited to read this book. Maybe I need to go to Tortuga first to see if an e-reader washed up on the shore for me. LOL


  10. True, Donna...but truth is truth and I am learning! Silvestri's Bite is tasty for real!

  11. Aww I posted a comment but lost it while I was trying to log into my wordpress. Sigh. Let me see if I can remember it ...

    Oh my LORD! There are some VERY naughty pictures on this site! I likey very much!

    LOL! That was the gist of it.

    Keep up the good work Pirate Mau! Argh!

  12. Thanks for stopping in!!! You know you are all in the running for pirate swag and erotica!! I think I recall something about chocolate, too!

  13. Send me the link for The Revenge, Maureen...pleeeezzzze!!!!

  14. I didn't put up the naughty ones, Barb! Otherwise I;ll have to get me one of those nifty "Content Warnings"

  15. ah, Deanna... come visit! www.romancewritersrevenge.com

  16. MISSY JANE!!!!
    You win the pirate swag and a copy of Red Riding Hood! Enjoy!