Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Invisable Boyfriend

The Invisible Boyfriend

Ichabod: Today we have with us Alisa Paulson whose story is being featured in a book entitled Untouched Places that was written by Grace Meadows. She claims that her boyfriend Ull is a Huldufolk.
What, you may be wondering, is a Huldufolk?
Well, when I asked Alisa to explain she said that they were a race of invisible people who had sworn an oath to defend nature at all costs. Invisible people….this should be good.
How did you meet your invisible boyfriend?

Alisa: I met Ull while I was holidaying in Iceland. Iceland is so beautiful but can become dangerous without a moments notice. While holidaying there I was compelled to explore the natural beauty. One day I was hiking a mountainous trail. Unfortunately, I was unaware of a thick fog that was coiling around me–unaware until my visibility was impaired. If Ull hadn’t saved me, I may have died on that mountain.

Ichabod: Well it was lucky for you that the invisible man saved you. Tell me, Alisa, do you have a house full of cats?

Alisa: No, Ichabod, I do not. I was told you are a well educated. Surely, you’ve heard of the third man factor.

Ichabod: Yes, I have but why don’t you explain it to our readers.

Alisa: Many have reported, when they were abandoned and alone, facing certain death that a mysterious third person materializes out of nowhere to rescue them.
Well, that’s what happened to me.
Then I fell in love with Ull –and he with me.
But, after saving me, fearing for my safety, Ull vanished from my life.
For you see, he worried what others –like yourself –would think of our relationship.
He remained hidden from me until I once again faced death –this time from cancer. He returned to me because he couldn’t stand to see me suffer.

Ichabod: (((looking around the room))) And is this Ull with us now?

Alisa: Yes and I would advise you to guard your words.

Ichabod: Of course.

Alisa: Unfortunately, only those like myself –those with second sight can see Ull. It’s unfortunate especially for you. Because, you see, Ull could teach you so much.

Ichabod: Such as?

Alisa: He would tell you, “Your world believes too much in what you call fact. You think the only way you can find truth is through math and science. You have forgotten there is another way to see… Old ways of knowledge, old ways of life, are lost to you. You have forgotten the ancient traditions. You have forgotten how to believe without seeing. …You are buried up to your neck in concrete.” Oh, yes, he would have nothing but pity for you.

Ichabod: (((amused))) I will not apologize for being a logical man. I like solid facts, science and math. You seem like a lovely woman, Alisa, but you cannot expect me to simply believe that you have an invisible boyfriend. Where is the proof?

Alisa: Ull informed me that, in Iceland, Huldufolk and Mankind live in harmony. So, I would advise you to travel to Iceland and consult an Icelander concerning the existence of Huldufolk. They’ll tell you –if you’ll listen.
I can’t risk Ull revealing himself to you.

Ichabod: Well, I’m sure a journey to Iceland for you might be easy, what with your 21 century planes and automobiles. Traveling in my day takes much longer and I have too many plans this winter to go off on such a wild goose chase.

(((A chair slowly rises, floats there for a few minutes, and then flies across the room, coming to rest mere inches from where Ichabod sits.)))

Alisa: Ull...

(((the chair is set back down)))

Ichabod: (((blinking))) Well, perhaps... I think I might want to read your story. Can you tell me about the woman that wrote it for you, Alisa?

Alisa: Well, I’m told that Ruth Arnison –an employee of mine –told this story to Grace Meadows. Grace is closely related to Leanne Dyck. In fact, some claim that they are one in the same person –but I have my doubts. They’re just too different. Grace writes erotica. Something Leanne would never do. Interestingly, however, Leanne is currently working on a paranormal psychological thriller –The Sweater Curse. The main character is an After Walkers. After Walkers much like Huldufolk are Icelandic entities. If you want to learn more about that entity ask Gwen Bjarnson –the main character –she’d be a good source and I’m sure she’d enjoy talking with you.

Ichabod: It seems there are all sorts of magical beings in Iceland. Is there a way I can contact this author?

Alisa: You can follow Grace Meadows by visiting her Blog
You can visit Leanne Dyck’s web site

Ichabod: And where can my followers purchase this book?

Alisa: Thanks for asking, Ichabod. Untouched Places is currently available from Decadent Publishing. The Sweater Curse will soon be available from them as well.

Ichabod: Well, I have to say I am glad these interviews Miss Wadsworth has scheduled are over. All these strange people and the things it appears they can do. It's almost making me doubt my own sanity. It is so easy for individuals to be duped: especially in the face of levitating chairs and whatnot.
Now, if I could figure out how they have done these tricks and slight of hand perhaps my new business partner and I might be able to make a bit of money. I can't wait to go home and see what Brom-- I mean, my business partner has to say about it.

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