Monday, October 11, 2010


Firstly, Ichabod Crane would like to thank Miss Wadsworth for allowing him the use of her blog to champion a subject he has been passionate about for some time: There Are No Such Thing As Ghosts!

The following interviews are all his thoughts and Miss Wadsworth would like to post them all with the declaimer: These interviews have no bearing on her own personal beliefs. Please hold none of Ichabod's nonsense against her.

Yes, well that was most unnecessary, Miss Wadsworth. Nonetheless, I am the schoolmaster in Tarrytown, New York and recently it has been brought to my attention that more than just my students are in want of a proper education. In my century there are many superstitious folks who tell tales of ghosts and goblins.

Perhaps the most dominant spirit where I live is a figure on horseback without a head. It is said to be the ghost of a Hessian trooper whose head was carried away by a cannonball in some nameless battle during the Revolutionary War. Some allege the body of the trooper is buried in the churchyard and the ghost rides in a nightly quest for his head or a suitable replacement.

It is commonly known is the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow.

While I choose to avoid traveling this hollow at night, it is not for fear of the Hessian ghost taking my head. It is simply a matter of convenience, regardless what that infuriating cad Brom Bones tells people. The road traveling around Sleepy Hollow simply has less going up and down. Since I do not own a horse I must walk everywhere and I do not wish to tire myself out. The longer road also takes me past my favorite tavern in Tarrytown, not that I could ever mention that to Brom. He would torment me further if he knew… but I digress too much. As the bane of my existence, Brom Bones has a way of sidetracking my thoughts just by the mere mention of his name.

Back to the purpose of these interviews. Over the years I have made a study of supernatural events and sighting. After very little time it was clear to me that the existence of ghosts and the like is utter and complete poppycock. As if some ghost were riding about looking for a new head. It is truly laughable. Nonetheless it seems there are still some folks out there who either believe in such fantastical tales or claim to be one of these ghoulish beings themselves.

Absurd really, isn’t it? Doubtless they might be friends with Brom.

Well, Miss Wadsworth has kindly arraigned for me to interview a sampling of these, shall we call them ‘special’ people. Over the next two weeks they will be stopping by so that they may be given a chance to try and convince me that they are telling the truth and not simply barking mad.

Please go to the top of this page and click on the tab 'The Ichabod Interviews' then make up your mind for yourself.

Ichabod Crane

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