Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Well you prepared for your conference and you executed your plans perfectly. Now what?

You're home, exhausted and excited. And when you look in that cool free bag you got at that conference its full of promo....and your purse is full of cards!

Take a Deep Breath

Now, hopefully you kept all the important ones separate. Sorry, forgot to mention that you should have a special place, ie a business card put all the cards that are important. Oops!

If you followed all the steps in my previous blogs it should be a simple thing to sort through the cards and choose the top people you connected with. They are your FIRST STRING


Facebook and email them immediately

Don't wait

Remind them of who you were and how you met...Now do you see why you needed the back of your business card to be blank and why you wrote details on their cards? Their kids names, that article you told them about. The blog they were interested it?

See, I'm not full of total crap! LOL

Also be sure to include any info in the email about what you discussed. Real networking is about not how that person can benefit you but how you can benefit each other.

If there was something that you can do to help them out make sure to include it in this email. That special touch, showing that you cared enough to help them out will go a long way to forming a real relationship

Hopefully your new friends respond and you can cultivate the connection that will benefit both of you.


These are the folks who gave you cards but maybe you didn't feel that there was a huge connection. Well you never know who will become a friend and who will forget you. Often my first stringers forget all about me :(

At my second conference I realized these second stingers often remember you and when you can reconnect they get bumped up to first string.

Don't discount someone that you chatted with for ten minutes. Take a moment to drop them a line and say Hi!

REMEMBER: Email every connection you feel is useful or valid.


You can kick it old school and send them a thank-you card via snail mail.

Just make sure that their address was on their card. Don't google it or they will think you're a nutter! LOL


Sometimes you get no response, after a week and a half feel free to drop a second email but don’t go stalker crazy.

That’s why FB is so great because they accept your request and the social connection is there to be cultivated until the next conference


You did it!

Your preparation paid off and putting yourself out there despite personal fears paid off!

Well, I hope I offered you a few helpful tips for making your conference successful!

Good Luck!


'Spicing up your love life one naughty read at a time!'


  1. Great stuff, but no one who's ever met you (especially in the bar) is going to forget you. :-)

  2. Good gosh. You have a lot of very good information here. I am a very introspective person. I'm truly happiest with my own company. I DO try to be social at conferences though, simply because I enjoy hearing about others experiences and lives.
    Great post Deanna.

  3. Thank you so much--tons of useful information. I like what you said about networking being a two-way street: it's all about what you can do for each other.
    I hope to use this information soon (either this Friday/in June.)

  4. Great series, Deanna! Can't wait to see you again! *bounces*

  5. I'm going to really push that I have something to offer the people I meet. And hope they reach out to me...but I will also follow directions, oh Network Goddess.

    Now, I'm doing a basket giveaway in Club RT and will end up (hopefully) with a massive amount of drawing slips with connections on them... Build a newsletter? Friend them all on Facebook? Toss them in the was all about the promotional opportunity while there?

  6. Thanks to all who stopped by. I really hopw I was able to help you out, even just a little! :)

    Seleste ((((jumping up and down too)))

    Maureen, a newsletter is a good idea. You can even do a secondary drawing to win a copy of your book would be a good idea. On your slips make sure you have a box to check if they are on FB and what their FB name is so you can connect personally with them all!