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 Enjoy this first SNEAK PEAK of the latest installment in the Naughty North Pole, A GIFT FOR SANTA. Nick Klaus aka THE Santa Claus, has just agreed to go have a beer and "catch up" with long time friend Jack Frost. Watch the sexual tension blaze....

“So is it true?” Jack asked quietly from the corner of that intoxicatingly sexy mouth.
“About your elves?”
“What about them?”
He nudged me with his elbow. “That their cum tastes like candy?”
I almost spit out my beer. Choking back the mouthful, I said, “Um, I wouldn’t know firsthand, but yes, I believe they do.”
He gaped. “How is that possible?”
“It’s all the candy they eat,” I explained. “Sugar seems to alter their chemistry.”
Sniggering, Jack shook his head. “No, not that. How is it possible you don’t know firsthand?”
I frowned. “They work for me. I can’t take advantage of them.”
“You leave the Pole like three times a year. So you mean to tell me that’s the only time you get laid?”
I glared at him, not liking the direction of this conversation. “How do you know how often I leave the Pole?”
His hand waved about in dismissal. “That’s irrelevant. You’re avoiding the question. When was your last time?”
“That was certainly not the question.”
He shrugged, draining his beer so effortlessly my thoughts went to indecent places about how open his throat might be. Dammit, how did he always manage to push my thoughts to a sexual place?
Signaling the barkeep for another round, he said, “It might not have been, but you knew that’s what I was after.”
I said nothing as a third drink was placed before me. Part of me wanted to call Jack a nosey asshole, toss down a twenty, and hightail it out of there. If I recalled, our last encounter had ended in exactly that manner and I believe the word I called him had been “fuck-stain.” Not one of my better moments. But that was the way it went with us. The sexual electricity would spark until Jack made a wise-ass comment, then I got pissed and left.
Knowing how things usually ended, why had I come again?
Oh yeah. Because Jack Frost made me crazy stupid every time I got around him.
“I was just curious,” Jack said, his voice void of humor or condensation.
It should have annoyed me, but I was the fool who opened up this particular door. Never before had I shared anything so personal, nor had he. We flirted, made innuendo and went our separate ways. Rather than walk off in a huff per my usual, I sighed and downed the rest of my second beer before picking up the third. “It’s been a while. Can we just leave it at that?”
Of course, he couldn’t.
“How long’s a while?”
I studied him, the sharp, angular features, the blue streak he’d had in his hair long before weird hair color had become trendy. Everyone knew Jack had a list of lovers in his little black book as long as the Naughty and Nice List. I had not been with anyone for a very long time. Nothing killed the mood the way hearing a running commentary of thoughts during sex did. Most days I preferred knowing what others wanted and expected of me, yet during intimacy it ruined the element of discovery and the new found joy of learning your lover.
However, with Jack Frost—as well as with other supernatural beings powerful enough to block my abilities—I heard nothing. Unlike the white noise of human or elf thoughts I’d learned to tune out long ago, only silence met me when I was with him. Probably what made him so damn intriguing. Or maybe it was his mouth, that wide, succulent feature made my insides do the rumba. I’d always imagined sex with Jack—and oh yeah, I had imagined—would be exactly what it should be. Exciting and new.
Looking away from his knowing stare, I feigned interest in my mug, unsure if I wanted to share with Jack Frost when my last time had been. The man had been a broken veteran whose lover had died in the trenches of Europe. I’d felt his grief, his wanting, in palpable waves. Ordinarily, giving an adult human their Christmas wish went beyond my abilities, but in that moment I had what the man needed. One last hurrah before he went straight, literally. I’d made love to him all night, holding him while he cried, telling him he was perfect just the way he had been born and one day he would know true love again. Over the years I had checked in on him and his wife, brought their children the best toys, but I could always hear his lonely desperation. I was delighted to discover him one Christmas divorced and living with his partner. I liked to think maybe I’d helped him heal and accept that his lover during the war had not been a phase but real and genuine, something to be celebrated, not hidden.
“Well?” Jack prompted after my continued silence.
“1945. V-E Day, when Nazi Germany surrendered.”
Beer spewed from his lips. “What? You’ve gotta be kidding me!”
I frowned at his shock, more out of annoyance with my stupidity for telling Jack something so personal. Now he would think I was a loser or a fool—neither opinion I wanted the winter sprite to have.
The Jackson Five’s version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town came across the radio and beside me Jack sniggered into his beer. “Apparently Santa Claus hasn’t been coming at all, in town or otherwise.”
The night I spent with my sad veteran held a special place in my heart, and I didn’t appreciate Jack cheapening it with his laughter. “You can be a real prick, Jack.”
“Okay, not cool. I take it back.” He held up his hands in a truce.
I bristled with annoyance when I saw him still trying to suppress his amusement. “Asshole.”
Jack gave me a helpless gesture. “Come on, Nicky, you gotta admit that was funny.”
I forced down any humor wanting to surface. “No, it wasn’t.”
“Matter of opinion.” After a sip of beer, he set the mug down and regarded me for a moment. “Now, don’t get mad at me for asking, but why so long?”
I sure as hell couldn’t tell Jack the real reason behind my dry spell was more than just distracting thoughts being played out by my lovers like instruction manuals. He might figure out my sex drive wasn’t dead at all, rather it had been put on hold, secretly waiting for someone to rev it up—namely him.
Gods, I really was nuttier than fruitcake.
“Look,” I began. “Running the North Pole is a lot of work. I have to keep things moving, monitor everyone and everything. Do you know how time-sensitive all of this is?”
“If time is an issue, why take away precious moments to come here with me?”
Was he being rhetorical or did he really want an answer? It didn’t matter. I’d dallied long enough. At least this little encounter had not ended with an argument. The only bitter sting of this meeting: the lonely one inside me.
I pushed my stool from the bar. “I should never have come. I need….”
A gentle touch on my arm stopped my retreat. “I know what you need, Nick.”
His intoxicating tone went straight to my cock.
“I have work to do,” I argued.
“You always give everyone what they want. Don’t you think it’s time Santa got a gift for Christmas?”
Crossing my arms, I frowned. He never called me Santa except to be derogatory, and I sort of hated it when he did. With Jack I enjoyed being just plain Nick.
With a sly look, he tossed a twenty on the bar. “If you stopped running away from me, Nicky, you might get lucky.”
I bristled. “I don’t run away. I might leave, but only because I get sick of that mouth of yours.”
Jack licked his lips, and damn if I could stop myself from staring at the way his tongue slid over those enticing pieces of flesh. I swallowed hard and all bravado and irritation fled in the face of such temptation.
“You haven’t seen enough of my mouth to really be sick of it.”
My eyes widened and the thud-thud of my heart in my chest seemed impossibly loud. The air in the bar felt hot and suffocating all of a sudden. I fought the urge to tug on my turtleneck and release some heat.
 The Naughty North Pole Book One
Piercing blue eyes met mine. “Come on. I double-dog dare ya.”
A breathy chuckle escaped me. “What are you, eight years old?”
Smirking, Jack slid off his stool. “I have a room across the way at the Holiday Inn. Care to finally make good on all this back and forth, or do you just wanna take care of your North Pole yourself?”

The Naughty North Pole Book Two

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