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Christmas in July welcomes Jakie Nacht!!

Thanks for joining Christmas in July, Jakie! 

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Here's another great Christmas story by our guest Jackie Nacht!


Stores open at midnight. Look for sales, the season’s hottest toys, long lines, fighting and two friends revealing their love for one another on Black Friday    
    Chaddrick had been friends with Xathan for years. Now that they are in college rooming together he realizes he’s actually fallen for his best friend. After having a long talk over Thanksgiving with his sister, he finally works up the courage to admit his feelings to his best friend…at the toy store he works at on Black Friday.
    Xathan has given every signal to Chaddrick that he’s willing to move their friendship into relationship. He doesn’t want to lose the bond they have, but knows that Chaddrick is the one meant for him. So when he sees Chaddrick come stumbling through the toy store doors at his job…he has no idea what to expect. Tired of not admitting his feelings, he wants to tell his friend the truth. Will he be able to confess to his friend he’s in love with him and if so, can he do it in a store full of shoppers?

 Xathan had never moved so fast, unloading the crate. Not even five minutes had gone by and half the crate was already empty. Apparently getting a slide for fifteen dollars was a pretty good deal.
    A commotion over in the electronics department caught his attention. Xathan looked to see a middle-aged man being escorted away by the police. Apparently, he must have been the twenty-sixth man. There were only twenty-five new systems in the store that were being released tonight. Xathan had seen the first guy come three days ago with camping gear and make himself a permanent fixture to the front of the store ever since.
    All eyes stopped their shopping to focus on the situation that went from already bad to worse. One of the lucky ones walked by the guy and wished him a Merry Christmas while holding up his bag. The guy went ballistic, having to have two cops hold him back from whooping the guy’s ass. Eventually, the guy was pulled outside where he was placed in the back of the cruiser.
    Ahh, the first arrest of the night. Lovely.
    The madness of the store began to slow down a little as stock personnel ran around reloading the stacks for the next wave to come in the doors. Xathan pushed back his slightly damp, sandy brown hair and blew out a puff of air. He was already exhausted and the night only had just begun.
    Why on earth had he thought he’d actually like this job during the holidays? Oh that’s right—he liked the malls during the holidays…when he was a consumer. Xathan loved the Christmas season. Hell, he was one of those people that were happy to see the shit start popping out on displays in September. However, this whole manic shopping was putting his holiday spirit to the test.
    There wasn’t too much time to think about the next painful eight hours of his life before the doors opened again with a mad rush of people. At first he thought he only imagined it. Then squinting chocolate brown eyes met his before the poor guy slid and fell face down, making it a clear reality. His roommate and friend had just entered the store. And if he didn’t get off the ground pretty quick, he was about to get his ass run over.

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