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This is an excerpt from my latest 1Night Stand book from Decadent Publishing entitled THE BEST EVER. 
The following scene will help you get to know Jason, the adorable hero of THE BEST EVER, while he get dressed for a party that his high school crush, Blake Huntington, invited him to on the eve of Jason's 1Night Stand.


To my Pride boys: thanks for the idea for part of this scene **smooch**

Jason Lewis is a self-proclaimed nerdy guy who hates his red hair. Bullied most of his life, at 22, social situations still make him awkward. On a trip to the World Video Game Expo in Las Vegas, he decides to enlist the help of Madame Eve in his failed romantic endeavors. While at the con, Jason runs into sexy, professional baseball pitcher Blake Huntington, the jock he tutored in high school. Blake invites him to a party but after hanging out with his high school crush all night, Jason regrets booking a 1NS "encounter" later that night. What Jason doesn't know, is that Madame Eve has already arraigned for him the best night ever  

Sweater or button-up?
What for? Abby texted back.
Remember Blake, Jason started to reply then quickly deleted it. No, his sister would not remember some kid he tutored in high school. Best to keep it simple. A party
What kinda party? #contexthelps
He rolled his eyes at her hashtag. In a sports bar
That’s what I thought. Blue stripe or green plaid?
Jason had purchased five new outfits from Gap and A√©ropostale for his 1Night Stand date, and currently he had all of them staged across the hotel bed. He certainly couldn’t wear the video game-themed stuff he’d packed for the con. After being invited to Blake’s party, he was damn glad he had a selection.
Abby texted him back: Green #gayboys #worsethanwomen
He sent her the tongue sticking out emoticon, then studied the two outfits they’d narrowed it down to.
Well...he did have those new green underwear with the navy blue trim which not only matched the green shirt, but really flattered his ass.
Yup, that decided it.
With a determined nod, he texted back: Green it is! Thx 
Ur welcome, have fun! 
Once dressed, he decided Abby had made the right call. The color complimented his complexion so it appeared less freckled. Even his hair didn’t seem so orange. It could have been the pomade he’d used, but maybe it had finally gotten darker. Or the lighting in his hotel room was just more flattering. Whatever the cause, he thought he looked good. He wondered if Blake would notice. He should feel bad thinking about one man when another had come to the city to meet him, but excitement over spending time with Blake won out.
He arrived at Sidelines at a quarter after eight, not wanting to appear too eager. After giving his name to the security guard at the door, he feared it might not be on the list. What if Blake had only said all that for the cameras?
With a nod and a welcome, however, the man gestured him inside.
He should’ve known Blake was being sincere.
The bar was loaded with eye candy—tall muscular hunks everywhere. Dozens of TVs broadcast various games, and neon and tin beer signs decorated the walls. Scanning the crowd did not produce Blake, but the sound of his resonant laughter caught Jason’s ear. He spied the man at the far end of the room with an old dude he recognized as an NBC reporter, but he didn’t remember his name. Two attractive women flanked Blake’s sides, hanging on his every word.
Far too socially awkward to join them, he found an unoccupied barstool, set the glass down, and ordered a rum and Diet Coke.
From his vantage point, he could watch Blake in the mirror above all the liquor bottles. That wasn’t stalkerish, was it?
Blake appeared to be the most popular person there, just like in high school. He laughed and talked, all the while those hazel eyes sparkling. His ass-hugging jeans and maize-and-blue T-shirt from their alma mater clung to a body perfected by sports.
Damn, the man was captivating.
When twenty minutes passed and no one besides the bartender talked to him, he let out a sigh. Time to go. He needed to get ready for his encounter—jeez, that sounds impersonal.
Disappointment filled him. He’d allowed himself to get too excited about spending time with Blake. Social situations had never been his forte, and now his mood had soured. It shouldn’t have. Blake didn’t owe him anything.
Leaving the bartender a tip, he made his way to the exit.
A familiar voice halted him.
“Jay! When did you get here?”
His face warmed with a heaping layer of embarrassment and pleasure. “Hi, Blake.”
Face wrinkling in accusation, the other man asked, “Were you gonna leave without talking to me?”
“You were busy.” He stuffed his fists in his pockets.
“I’m never too busy for you, short-stack.” Blake threw a brotherly arm around his shoulders, yanking him against his side, his huge grin aided by the beer in his hand, no doubt. “Though you aren’t so short anymore, are you?”
Tucked under his arm, he smiled awkwardly at the long, sweeping look Blake gave him. Heat bloomed in his cheeks.
Blake leaned in, the hot breath against his ear making him shiver. “I’m glad you came."

I hope you enjoyed this experpt. THE BEST EVER  will be available from Decadent Publishing on July 26th

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