Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas is for the kids, with Andrew Q. Gordon

Thank you, Deanna for letting me be a part of your holiday blog event.  

I’ve always loved the holidays, but once I left ‘home’ it always felt a bit different. Yes, I usually had a Christmas tree in my apartments, and Mike and I usually had a tree since we’ve had our home, but as I’ve heard over and over – holidays are for the children. Much as I tried, the zip in my step, the smile on my face and the anticipation of having cookies come out of the oven, just slowly faced away.
As some know, Mike and I spent seven years and moved once in our attempts to have a child.  (After Virginia passed their anti-gay amendment in '05, we didn’t feel comfortable being parents in that state so we moved to the much more friendly confines of Maryland.) But once ‘lil q graced our lives, for me at least, the magic of Christmas had returned. And this year more so than ever.
I don’t mean to say the first two years weren’t special, because they were, but there is something about singing your favorite holiday song (Rockin' around the Christmas)and having your barely two year trying to sing with you. Or having her point to the computer (she thinks that is where music and videos come from since that is where we mostly play them) and saying Jingle Bells pease.

Last year she saw the gifts and thought they were pretty.  This year she’s starting to understand. She’s seen Santa twice before this year, but this was the first time she seemed excited.  [Not that you can tell from the picture] After Santa, we went shopping for Daddy [Mike] and for the first time I had to worry that she’d tell him what we bought. She thought it quite funny that she knew a secret. So pleased, in fact, she told her Daddy she had a secret. [She also told the people at daycare I go to work naked, so no one knows quite what to believe when she speaks.]
As I write this, we’ve yet to pick out the tree, but she’s been talking about going to get a ‘cissmas’ tree.  She’s even telling us where she wants us to put the tree.  She wants to poke into every box of ornaments and as frustrating as it can be, half the time I just sit back and watch. At some point I suppose I’ll stop smiling, but I’ve not reached that moment yet. I’ve discovered my inner child again and have her to thank for rekindling the fire of excitement. (Wish me luck as we make our first batch of Christmas cookies this weekend.)
The holidays are indeed for children, but there is no rule that says we can’t all be kids again – even for a little while. Taking the time to go do the little things that made us happy as a kid is a great way to beat the stress of the holidays. The cards can wait, the gifts aren’t as important as the memories, and no one ever frowned at a Christmas cookie that I’m aware of.
Let me end by wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.
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