Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas storytime with HANK EDWARDS

Ahh, December. The wind bites a little harder, the day ends a little faster, and the family starts to act a little crazier. Hank Edwards here, visiting Deanna's blog to remind you that every now and then, you need a break from all that wide-eyed rushing around. This time of year is filled with shopping, parties, decorating, baking, shopping, holiday specials on TV… all of it! Because of all of this, you probably only have a few minutes to yourself, right? Well, I've got just the stuff to help you make it through this holiday season with a pep in your step and some naughty thoughts in your head.
First on the list is my Story Orgy Single, MISTLETOE AT MIDNIGHT, a sweet, funny story about Dustin who works at a ski resort in a town in Colorado. He's trying to ignore the Christmas holiday because his heart was broken last year, but with the help of his best friend, Stacey, and a mysterious piano player new to town, Dustin just might find his Christmas spirit again. MISTLETOE AT MIDNIGHT is available at AMAZON, ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS, and SMASHWORDS.
Another Story Orgy Single, which is actually three singles in one, was just released on Saturday, December 7, and it's a holiday themed flash fiction triple play titled A GIFT FOR GREG. The title story is a sweet Christmas reunion tale for these difficult economic times. Coming along for the sleigh ride are the stories STEW BRANNIGAN RIDES AGAIN and STRIPPER CLAUS, both guaranteed to spark a fire in your yule log and definitely spike your eggnog! A GIFT FOR GREG is available at AMAZON, ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS, and SMASHWORDS. Don’t forget to search on the STORY ORGY SINGLE series in any of your favorite publisher sites, Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, or Smashwords, to find all of the available short stories from your Story Orgy writers. Or, like our Story Orgy Fan Page on Facebook to get release updates, the occasional hot picture, or delicious recipes.
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Here's an excerpt from STEW BRANNIGAN RIDES AGAIN. Enjoy, and don't forget to take some time for yourself this holiday season to bask in the warm glow of some hot m/m romance. Happy Holidays!
By Hank Edwards
Stew rounded the corner of the canned soup aisle and ran smack dab into none other than Jarrod Gammon. A flare of pain fireworked into life in his left hip as he twisted to avoid the brunt of the collision, and Jarrod flinched himself as he turned his shoulders.
"Sorry, there, Jarrod," Stew said. "Didn't see you."
"All good, Stew," Jarrod returned as he rolled his shoulder back. He'd lived in the south long enough to pick up a drawl and it coated each word with a sweet, sexy icing. He nodded down to Stew's basket filled with canned goods. "I see you're restocking the bachelor pantry ahead of the storm."
"Yup. You look to be doing the same. Name brand though. Fancy."
"I like a certain ambiance when I open a can, "Jarrod replied, surprising a laugh out of Stew.
"You're pretty funny when you're not being pitched off a bronco," Stew said.
"Back at ya, when you're not being stomped on by a bull."
Ouch. Point, Jarrod Gammon.
"Well, Jarrod, it was good to catch up, but it's time for this old guy to go stand in line for twice as long as it'll take me to drive back home."
"How are things out at the Fork in the Road Trailer Estates?"
Stew shrugged. "Could be worse. There could actually be a fork in the road out there, and then the directions to get to my place would be twice as difficult."
Jarrod grinned. "You ready for the storm? It's going to get deep they say. Twelve inches, at least." Jarrod's eyes seemed to glow as he said it. "That's a lot of anything, don't you think?"
Stew regarded Jarrod a moment, took in the younger man's grin and the way his gaze had zeroed in on Stew's own. Deciding that it was Christmas Eve and he could claim he was drunk off an early celebratory six pack if Jarrod reacted poorly, he said, "Nine inches tends to be my limit. But I've been known to be able to make ten work."
Sex filled the space between them, almost a third party to their conversation. The air grew thick with pheromones, just like Stew had learned about in that animal husbandry class he'd taken at the community college.
"Think you'll get snowed in out there?" Jarrod asked, his voice lower now, his gaze much more serious.
"Yup." Stew nodded but couldn't pull his gaze from Jarrod's eyes. "Probably take all y'all a week at least to get the road plowed and work your way into the streets of Fork in the Road."
"Yup, probably. Couple of men could do a lot of plowing themselves during that time," Jarrod said.
Stew's cock roared to life, hungry, horny, and eager. "Yup. If they had a mind to."
"My mind's made up," Jarrod said. "It's been made up for years now, just didn't know how to ask."
"You know what number I'm at?"
"I'll be expecting to hear your plow truck at the end of your shift," Stew heard himself say. "If you got the balls to show up." He started to walk away, then turned back. "And bring some of those name brand can goods you're so high and mighty about."


  1. Deanna, thanks for hosting Hank on your blog! Thanks Hank for hanging out with Deanna to talk about your book. I just recently read Mistletoe at Midnight and loved it. Reading this I wanted A Gift for Greg, too. So….I just purchased it from Amazon. :) I'm looking forward to sitting down to read it.

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! I hope you enjoyed A Gift For Greg as much as Mistletoe at Midnight! Happy Sunday to you, and thanks for commenting.

  2. Yay! You will love Hank's writing Sandy!