Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sorting Out by Silvia Violet

In Sorting Out, Jack, Gray, and Mason have a lot to work through. They have to figure out how to make a three-way relationship work long term, and Jack has to come to grips with the difficulties of being an openly gay cop and with losing Gray as a work partner so he can be open about having him as a life partner. There’s a lot of tension between the three men, and Jack is wounded both physically and emotionally, but in the midst of all that, there’s still plenty of heat. No matter how difficult the rest of their lives gets, the physical part of their relationship sustains them. So today I want to share a never-before-seen scorching hot excerpt…..

“I know what you can handle. I will not take you too far,” Gray assured him.
Jack bit his lip and nodded. “You never have.”

“And I won’t now. I’ll expect you to use your safeword if anything I do hurts your chest. We’ll either work around it or we’ll stop.”

A shiver ran through Jack. Gray never disappointed him, but he was afraid, more so than he’d been since he’d first agreed to let Gray help him find out what surrendering could really mean.

Mason moved to stand next to Gray. “Can I help him loosen up?”

Gray nodded. “As long as you don’t let him come.”

“Yes, sir,” Mason said. His face was flushed, his eyes dark. He’d obviously been anticipating this moment for a while.

As Mason reached out and skimmed a hand over Jack’s torso, he remembered a time months ago, when Mason had been as unsure as Jack felt now. That night, Jack had been the one to help him forget about being nervous. The three of them had come so far since then, but Jack worried he was taking them backward.

“Stop thinking,” Mason said. “That’s what this night is about—you turning off and letting us give you pleasure. Yes, you have decisions to make, but you’ve got to let go for a while before the stress eats you up.”

“You have decisions to make too, and Gray—”

Mason laid his fingers against Jack’s lips. “Not now.” Mason leaned forward and kissed him just as Jack was about to protest again.

The kiss was soft, gentle. Jack opened to Mason and the tension in his chest eased. He reached up to cup Mason’s face, glad the movement was no longer painful. Mason deepened the kiss and Jack yanked Mason against him so their cocks could rub against each other. “Want you. So much,” he said against Mason’s lips.

Gray cleared his throat. “Do not forget yourselves.”

Mason swiped his tongue across Jack’s lips, and they both looked at Gray. Mason was panting as hard as Jack even though simply standing upright didn’t require special effort for him.

Jack knew Gray had spoken, but his lover’s words hadn’t registered. His brain was foggy with Mason’s rich scent and the desperate need to get more friction on his dick.

“Yes, sir,” Mason responded, his voice hoarse.

Jack simply stared and kept humping Mason.

“Jack?” Gray prompted.


“If you come without permission I will find a way to punish you even with your current limitations.”

Don’t come. Punish. “Yes, sir.”

He wanted to come though. Right that second. He wanted to push Mason to his knees and drive his cock down Mason’s throat.

“At least he’s forgotten to be worried,” Mason said between nibbles on Jack’s neck.

Sorting Out can be found at All Romance ebooks, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Read another excerpt at Silvia’s website or find out more from her on Facebook or Twitter.

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