Friday, August 6, 2010

Hmmmm, now what?

Okay, the initial high of becoming published has worn off much like the delicious afterglow of a good orgasm. Now the real work must begin.

"But how shall I do that, dear Henry, dear Henry?" (BTW, you're supposed to sing along to that dear Liza, dear Liza)

Oh wait, that reminds me! (picture me bouncing in my seat like a kid with ADD) the guy that plays King Henry the Eighth in The Tudors? Jonathan Ryse Myers? Totally a two on the Sham-Wow-O-Meter. . . .

But back to the point at hand. Now what?

I have to think of a way to begin this online promotion thing. I admit I am but a lowly hairdresser with the computer skills of a chimpanzee at times. (Please, if you are either a hairdresser or a primate reading this, do not be offended. Note the purple font.)

Examples of my lack of technical prowess: I deleted half of my final draft on accident and had no back-up. Computer store could not recover it but thankfully I had earlier drafts. It's all better now! :) Also, still don't have my wireless router hooked up because I can't figure out which hole the jack-thingy goes in.

In an effort to do something, I have begun to blog, and people actually read the first post, for which I am grateful but surprised. When I figure out where your blogs are and how to follow you I will return the favor. I was being snarky when I was knocking blogs. But there was no purple font yet.
I also have a friend helping me with a website where I will post myriads of hot men. Get your Sham-Wows ready!

However, I confess most days I feel like vegetarian staring blankly at the menu of a BBQ joint saying, "Um, does everything come with a side of dead animal?"

While I feel like a moron when I read all these cool things my fellow authors are doing I have decided not to let my ignorance get me down!!!! I am diving into the symbolic pool wearing that bikini and rocking more rolls than a bakery!

Look out cyber-world! Here I come!


Always, Deanna


  1. Hey, at least you were brave enough to put up the Google Friends thing. I'm too scared I'd be without friends for forever LOL.

    As for the publicity thing? Just breathe. Work on your facebook and twitter and the blog for a bit. You've got the interview with me coming up in a few weeks. Do what feels comfortable (or at least only uncomfortable, don't go for the pain with this one).

    And in the meantime, write something else, Silly Woman!


  2. Sorry this is so late, Deanna, but congrats on another post and again on your first publication! Someone once told me the best promo for a first release is to write your next release so you can build up a backlist. I guess that means write, write, and write some more. Good luck!!