Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stickers for Success!

OK so its been awhile....and in the interim I joined a cult.

Well, not really, I joined Weight Watchers. But if you want the truth it is kinda like a creepy cult though I have lose 5.7 pounds (insert applause)

And when i weighed in (I so cannot go to the meetings the incessant cheerleading makes me want to stab out my eardrums with a pencil or any other sharp object) I received a 5lb weight loss sticker. No lie, it was a star too, just like the ones I got in kindergarten for learning to tie my shoes, eat paste and finger paint, etc.

I almost laughed in the woman's face and thankfully I had enough wits about me not to do so because she was honestly happy for me.

This lame sticker thing got me thinking...... as I sit here and eat my last cherry turnover from vacation...mmm sugary flakes are all over my slightly smaller belly....

As writers maybe we should give ourselves stickers (figuratively of course unless you are into scrapbooking and have all kinds of sticker crap laying around).

Every time I plot a new book, finish a chapter, write a killer sex scene....who is there to give me a sticker? No one. Writing can be a lonely thing if you don't have friends to give you stickers and shout outs.

So maybe this blogging nonsense isn't so bad.

I've been trying to read blogs I've run across, make comments and I realized every time I make a comment I am converting into the woman behind the counter giving out lame little 5lb stickers.

And maybe its not so lame to get a sticker.....cuz frankly it feels pretty damn good to have someone acknowledge your achievements and your efforts. Even if it seems silly and childish.

So c'mon leave me a sticker! Make a comment! Follow my blog! And I in turn will use my cynicism elsewhere.....perhaps in knocking those damn Kardashians. Honestly don't you hate those bitches?



  1. I'm following - I'm following, Ok? How could I refuse, with your wonderful flowing style? To say nothing of the cheeky remarks.

    Best, Mark.

  2. Wow! Congratulations on your success!

    But, how do you carry around a sticker that weighs five pounds, LOL :)

    You’re not alone. I follow Laurell K Hamilton on twitter and she is always on a diet. A woman’s butt was not made to be plunked in a chair for 8 to 14 hours day. So you will probably find lots of writers going through the same thing, if you looked.

    I like your analogy of how we don't get so much as a sticker. But...... If we work, hard enough we get the prize at the end of the long, dark tunnel and that's reward enough for me.

    Great blog.

    Have a rockin awesome day!
    Hugs, Keira

  3. Mark, I've never been called 'cheeky' before! I love it!
    Keira, I think I actually lost the sticker....whoops!

  4. Feedback is a rush. For me it's what turned writing from something I did to something I was compelled to do. My favorite stars are the ones where a complete random drops some positive feedback on me.

    Also, I don't post LOL much, 'cause I don't LOL much. The poll at the bottom of the page? I LOLled. Gold star for you!

  5. Consider yourself licked and stuck. Er...uh...*hands over shiny beer flavored vampire-bite sticker* :D