Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Takes A Kraken

Exactly what is a kraken? And why does it take one to protect a world such as the Kraken’s Caribbean?

Well, I’ve done a fair amount of research into the Kraken’s background and I don’t have a lot of answers. And he ain’t talking much about it.

I found an old document, purported to be written by some crackpot who called himself the Highpriest of the Great One, but I tend to view such things with skepticism. I’ve seen no sign that the Albino Kraken is interested in religious services. (I really thing they guy got the Caribbean Kraken mixed up with Lovecraft’s Cthulhu…)

One thing that seems certain is this…the Kraken who guards Tortuga is very, very, very old. And really crafty. In The Kraken’s Mirror, he shows a propensity to use the other world and time portals to draw useful people to Tortuga. He can also block those who want to do harm, though he isn’t omnipotent in that regard, as shown in The Chameleon Goggles chronicle.

After the events in Goggles, he is recovering and things get very dicey in The Pirate Circus! (Available on February 3rd, btw.)

I keep referring to him as an he, but to be honest, that isn’t a sure thing. Captain Silvestri confidently refers to the Albino as a he, but claims there is no female. Emily is skeptical of this, knowing where there is a he, there is generally a she…and there are numerous little krakens swimming about the waters of the world. They had to come from somewhere.

The Highpriest claimed that the Great One had, at one point, been female and given birth. Again, that would mean that he…uh…she…mated with herself?

I suppose it’s possible, but the brain hurts a bit at the thought. I mean…no, I’m not going to go there! Even if this is Deanna’s blog and she’d probably delight in the idea…

Since the Kraken certainly isn’t going to answer these questions…and why should he…he is the great power of the Caribbean and doesn’t have to answer anything, ever…all I can do is speculate.

Meanwhile, Bosun Janey is dealing with a skeptical Benjamin Silvestri, trying to keep his little boy out of trouble, and rescue his wayward niece from her folly…and keep her hands of Ben. It’s a trial, juggling all this with her pirate duties! Then the pirate circus comes to town…and she doesn’t want to get into why she dislikes clowns so much…


Bosun Janey knows who and what she is. A pirate. And a damned good one at that. Living a life of excitement, adventure, and sailing the seas of the Kraken’s Caribbean is enough for her. But when the Quill is stuck in dry dock, Janey is left to search for distraction along Tortuga’s waterfront. How does a pirate occupy herself? Certainly not by making friends with a six-year-old boy or mooning after the boy’s father. That’s not how a pirate behaves!

Widower Benjamin Silvestri arrived in Tortuga seeking a fresh start. At first, the pirate haven doesn’t seem like a safe sanctuary for second chances, but life is full of surprises. The sun breathes life into his little boy, and new freedoms help his errant niece embrace her true nature. And then there's Janey. A pirate and most unconventional woman, she stirs feelings in Benjamin that are far from proper.

But who’s to say what is proper in Tortuga? Before he and Janey can explore the possibilities, Benjamin's son and niece disappear onto the high seas. Together, the couple set out to rescue them—because only a loving father and a cut-throat pirate stand a chance against the dangers of The Pirate Circus.


What are your thoughts regarding Kraken in general? And don’t do that ‘Release the Kraken’ thing with me! My Kraken don’t take orders from anyone, be it Zeus or Davy Jones! ;-)

One lucky comment will win a copy of The Pirate Circus…so leave your e-mail addy!


The Kraken’s Caribbean, where anything can happen. And usually does!

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  1. Always wonderful to host you! Thanks Maureen!

  2. Thanks, Deanna! I hear some interesting things about you and the Clauses... The Kraken likes elves, finds them nice and crunchy and says they taste like peppermint. So I hope they lay low today... ;-)

  3. Thanks for hosting Deanna! Maureen, I LOVE your Kraken Series! As far as the Kraken and reproduction, maybe she is like a female rat...a friend purchased one to feed his boa constrictor. Boa wasn't ready to feed yet, and the rat gave birth to many little ones. A few weeks later, she gave birth AGAIN. Apparently they just hand on to the sperm so they can keep having babies. I like Kraken MUCH better than rats!

  4. Could be! You know men...they automatically assume a beast of such magnificance must be a male... But we know that may not be true!

    I personally think he 'had' a girlfriend...