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THE FROG PRINCE: X-rated teaser

Okay, here it promised!

An exclusive excerpt from my new release too hot for Amazon or my publishers page. Lucky you I have that wonderful little disclaimer on my blog!!!


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“Fetch me a glass of water,” instructed Prince Philip.

Once his thirst had been quenched, he gestured to the chair across from him. “Sit down.”

The princess obeyed him as he expected.

“Do you require anything else?” asked she.

“Just a moment to catch my breath.”

As the magic of the witch’s curse left his system, Philip remained a bit befuddled and
disoriented. This princess had vowed to care for him while he had been a frog, breaking the first layer of the witch’s spell. Could she accept everything and break it completely?

Philip did not have the answer. Looking about the stately quarters, he comforted
himself with the knowledge of how it would be much nicer, at least, to spend the night
here rather than in the wet rocks among the grasses growing along the bank of the well.

Thankfully, as the seconds continued to pass, he became more and more in control of
his body. He closed his eyes and relished the blood moving through his veins, heating
back up as the magic wore off, and he returned to his full human form. Though he could still sense the lingering remnants of the unfinished spell, the warmth in his limbs was exhilarating.

After seven years of long, lonely days swimming in the cold water of the well with
naught to talk to but amphibians who could not hold up a decent conversation and
surviving on a wretched diet of flies and other insects, the prince was extremely pleased to be in his own skin.

Hardly able to believe his good fortune, Philip wiggled his fingers and toes, feeling as
if he might be in a dream. But as he began to explore his long-absent body, he accepted what had occurred as fact. He was once more a man. His flesh had begun to return to normal temperatures, and he noted with gratitude his muscles had remained firm. The prickle of his dark body hair felt like tiny needles of excitement as he stroked his forearms and thighs, enjoying the warm blood pumping in his veins again. Almost in a panic, he cupped his balls then sighed with tremendous relief, grateful everything remained where it belonged.

However, that innocent touch against his long-ignored manhood started a familiar
tingle at the base of his spine, moving up to scintillate his entire groin.

He let out a soft moan as the forgotten feeling of arousal came over him. Running his
hand over himself, fingering the foreskin, his cock stirred. The rush of blood leaving his head, flowing from every inch of his body to restore and swell his member, felt superb. Dizzy, he gripped the edge of the bed to keep from passing out.

“Are you well, dear prince?” asked Elena.

Prince Philip hid a wicked smile as he rolled back his foreskin to reveal the tender,
shining head of his cock. Indeed, he would be well enough soon, for the princess had
made no move to oust him from her chambers—a naked male stranger. Rather, Elena stared openly at his nudity, no shame in her pretty green eyes as she watched him fondle himself, just as he had watched her do at the well. Her breathing increased, as did his own, and he smiled when her tiny tongue darted out to lick a pouty lower lip.
As his fingers brushed the protected and long-neglected skin on his cockhead, velvety
and wet, he went weak with need. Oh, how he had missed this intimate touch while living in the cursed body of a wretched amphibian. The feel of physical pleasure and the glorious release his body expelled when he achieved it.

Well aware of his young female companion watching him, he began to stroke his
thumb over his head, savoring the moisture he quickly created. Such lewd actions
garnered a gasp from Elena.

Looking up, he gifted her with a lecherous grin as he brandished his now fully erect
cock for her hungry eyes to take in. Let her watch, learn how I like to be touched.

Delighting in her shocked yet curious reaction, Philip stroked his shaft with long, slow
movements, rolling his foreskin back and forth over the head until a steady amount of moisture began to seep from the tip in long, clear strings.

“What are you doing?” demanded the princess.

“I told you to make ready your silken bed for me,” the frog prince reminded her.

“What had you believed that to mean?”

“I did not guess, but I do not think that you, as a man, should be allowed to sleep in
my bed. It was an entirely different matter when you were an ugly frog.”

“My dear, Elena, you did not ask if I was a man or a frog when you made your bargain
with me. I hold no guilt over my deception, for you did the same, making a vow that you never intended to keep.” All the while he spoke, his hand never slowed in stroking over his hot, sensitive cock. He hissed a bit, then finished by saying, “Nonetheless, a vow was given and accepted. You are bound by your word. Shall I have to get your father so that he may remind you as well?”

Elena’s eyes were wide, and she opened and closed her mouth, no sound coming out.
Her attention remained rapt on Philip’s hand as he began thrusting his weeping rod into his confident touch.

Laughing, the prince focused his attentions to his long-denied body. Seeking a more
comfortable place to explore, he sprawled out on the bed, taking hold of his most
cherished plaything with eager hands. He loved how long his shaft had grown, the feel of the veins running up the sides. Each time his foreskin glided over his damp head, swirls of delight shot through his every nerve. He slid one hand up to pinch a nipple at the same time he gently squeezed the sensitive, fleshy crown of his organ until it became even thicker with his desire.

So distracted with exploring his body, he barely noticed Elena leaning in close to
watch him. He had become lost in a world of pleasure, aware of nothing but the coolness of the sheets on his back as his fingernails dug into a nipple. His pulse thundered loudly in his ears, drowning out yet another gasp from the princess as he rolled his foreskin up and down in a steady, mind-numbing rhythm.

His testicles tightened, churning with anticipation as the pressure built inside them. He pulled them away from his body and squeezed as he pumped his cock with his other hand. Crying out with pleasure, the sharp sensation went straight through him. He stroked his shaft more insistently, and as he slid the hairy skin of his balls and rolled them between his fingers, his head began to swim. His breaths could not keep up. The walls of the dam broke.

Philip arched off the bed and cried out as lights blurred behind his eyes. Desire raced
from his extremities and into his groin. His body tensed as hot fluids spurted from his
cock, the first wave of glorious liberation sailing over his head. Soaring in the clouds, his second expulsion of seed sprayed across his belly. He squeezed and stroked his shaft until he had wrung every last bit of thick, white fluid free. He actually laughed in delight.

Perhaps the intensity of being in his own body again caused it or just the long, lonely
nights by the well, but he could not recall a more satisfying release.

Breathless and still burning with pleasure, the prince continued to gently caress his
spent cock. Eventually his mind began to drift back to earth, and his thoughts became
clearer. He slowed the movements over his now-sensitive member as he tried to catch his breath. Blood still thundered in his ears but slowly quieted. Only then did he remember Elena.

Opening heavy eyes, Prince Philip saw the girl staring at his belly in surprise. He
smiled dreamily as he dried off the seed with her blanket, immensely enjoying her
indignant look. He sat up, well aware of Elena’s eyes roaming over his nakedness,
lingering on the spent organ between his strong thighs.

“Have you ever seen a man do that? Play with his cock?”

“I am a maiden of virtue,” cried Elena. “How should I have seen such things?”

Chuckling to himself, the prince noted with delight that her nipples poked through the thin sleeping gown, hard and alert, belying such innocent indignation. “Oh, I do not believe my maiden is so innocent. Have you ever seen a man in his true form?”

“Well…” she hedged.

“You must tell the truth,” he commanded.

“Sort of,” she admitted quietly. Her obedience, though it came with reluctance,
pleased him. “Once I have seen part of the stable-boy when he was with Cook’s

“Did you like what you saw?”

“I was curious.”

“What did you see them doing?”

“The stable lad was going to put his”—she pointed meekly at his groin—“into her

Prince Philip tried not to allow his amusement to show. “It’s called a cock,” he said,
lifting it in illustration. “Is that what you were attempting to experience at the well with the golden ball? The feel of a cock in your—how do you call it?—your nonny-nonny?”

She nodded.

“Speak up and say, ‘Yes, my prince.’”

“Yes, my prince.”

“Very good, Elena. Do you play with your golden ball like that often?”

“Only the once.”

“You lie. Come now, tell me the truth.”

Her cheeks flushed a most fetching pink, and she looked at the twiddling fingers in her lap. “Every hour since the day you saw me at the well, my prince.”

He could no longer hide his amusement. “Every hour, eh? Why so often?”

At that, she turned her green eyes on him in earnest entreaty. “That wonderful feeling
does not last very long, my prince.”

“What would you say if I told you that I could teach you how to make it last? Would
you like that?”

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