Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Coming In Two Days!

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful, but curious princess by the name of Elena. Whilst exploring the secret pleasures of her favorite toy near a well by the palace, Elena lost her toy down the deep well. When a frog appears, offering to rescue her toy if she promises to become his friend and playmate, Elena makes the bargain. For surely a promise to a frog will not need to be kept!

If only the princess knew that keeping her promises will bring her pleasures beyond her wildest dreams when the frog ends up being a prince. For not only will she get a husband...but his sexy footman, too!

Here's an excerpt:

“I am tired, princess,” the frog told her then. “You must carry me to your room and make ready your silken bed. There we will lie down and go to sleep.”

“You cannot sleep with me,” declared the princess.

“What promise did you make to me at the well?” the horrid creature asked her.

When she heard the gloating tone in his voice, Princess Elena began to weep. She feared the cold-blooded thing that ordered her about so. Nothing satisfied him but her complete obedience. Though compelled deep in her soul to obey him, she hated the very thought of it. And now he wanted to sleep in her pretty, clean bed!

“Father,” Elena pleaded of the king. “You must not make me obey the frog.”

The king grew very angry with Elena for her reluctance and said, “What you have promised in your time of necessity, you must now perform.”

Very much put out, Elena picked up the frog with her finger and thumb, and carried him upstairs. Her face burned with humiliation as all of the court watched her go.

Once alone in her room, she dropped the frog in the corner. She did not care what the king had said. She would not let that frog up on her bed.

After she readied herself for the night behind a screen, the princess climbed into her bed wearing a silk sleeping gown and nothing else. She hated the frog being in her bedroom. For if he remained, she would not be able to play with her golden ball. That made her angriest of all. She closed her eyes tight, and punched her pillow petulantly, trying hard to find sleep. The merriment of the party four stories below the open window mocked her wretched state of mind.

However, the frog came creeping up to the bed, whispering, “I am tired and want to sleep as much as you, dear princess. Take me into your bed or I will tell your father.”

She had only wanted her golden ball and now it seemed she would be destined to spend her days at the mercy of this frog’s every whim!

“You must pick me up gently and place me in your bed,” croaked the frog again. “I command it.”

Elena felt beside herself with rage. How dare this amphibian order her about? It was intolerable! She was a princess! She should not have to obey the orders of a frog like some mere servant! Thus justified, and rightly so, Elena threw back her blankets and climbed out of the bed to snatch up the frog.

With all her strength she threw him against the wall. “Be quiet, you horrid frog!”

But as the frog fell to the ground, he ceased to be a frog.

Why, he transformed into a man!

A beautiful man with dark eyes and hair as black as night.

And he was completely naked!

Though Princess Elena became distraught by this turn of events, she couldn’t help but think: Of course he would be naked. A frog would look quite silly in breeches and a doublet!

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