Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions for Life!


I hope you woke up as happy as these two fellas....*sigh*

As for me, I went to a party at one of my best friends homes and had a wonderful evening. And I didn't even pig out on all the yummy food, which was hard enough, believe me, LOL

My hubby and I had a second party to attend as well but we only made a cameo. We were in bed by 12:15 AM...

That was a first, but hey, I have no hang over so, yea me.

But now it is January first and the day I have to start my New Year's resolutions. Because I'm a dork, I usually begin practicing my resolutions a month in advance. Kinda like studying before a real world exam. Yeah, call me a weirdo... I'll wear that hat.

I usually like to set two resolutions, one superficial and one to make me a better person. Writing goals are different and the subject of another blog....hmmm, maybe I should blog about resolving to blog more....

I used to do the 'loose 25 pounds' bit, but lets face it, those never work.
Last year I resolved to know? Do all three facial cleansing, toning and creaming steps, foot cream, body lotion, head to toe every day.

Happy to report that skin is clear and supple, so mark that as a success.

I also resolved to keep in better contact with friends.

This one made my life so much richer and I have some great memories to prove this resolution was a success, too.

I am so happy I put a little time into a few wonderful people because, damn, I can barely imagine my life without you guys.....if you are reading this, you know who you are!

I hope to keep these two habits I made for the rest of my life...which I think is the whole point of making a resolution.

A New Year's Resolution should be something that improves your life and makes you happier and more confident with yourself.

For example, one year I made a resolution to stop letting people take advantage of me....who can't use that one? Once I resolved not to worry about what others think of me so much....and in true resolution form, I'm still working on both.
But hey, if its not something you have to continue to work on or it comes too easy, it's kinda cheating, don't ya think?

So this year my superficial resolution is to wear make-up every day. Cuz we all know a little lip gloss and mascara always makes us feel better. :)

I was struggling with my other resolution. I've used up some really good ones in the last few years so the ideas were running in short supply.
In the end, I decided that last year's was just so good, I am going to simply improve upon it.

In 2012 I am going to put a conscious effort into spending quality time with the people I love!

Sickeningly sweet, but hey, I can't be a cynical bitch all the time! LOL

What about you guys?

Do you set New Year's Resolutions?

What are they? I would love to hear from you!


  1. It's been spotty the last few years but this year I wanted to make a different one and not the usual stuff so I decided to make it an educational one. Learn Spanish...I love languages and I've always wanted to learn so that will be my one and only one I make:-) I figure the other stuff should be a given so I took it out of the equation.

  2. Cool! I hear that Rosetta Stone really works, fyi! Good luck!

  3. Thanks Deanna, I heard that too:-) I have to look into it:-)