Sunday, December 16, 2012

Six Renners a-Laying

On the Sixth Day of Sex-Mas Deanna brought to me....

Six Renners a-laying!

Take it away with Jeremy Renner Seleste DeLaney!!!



Six! Thank you, Santa! 

Of course, I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with six, but maybe I’ll feel generous enough to share the hotness of some of my Jeremy Renner goodness.

Let’s start with the arm porn. Have you looked at his arms? It’s like he found some magical formula for the perfect amount of veins where it’s sexy as hell and not body-builder-overdose. Watching him as Hawkeye working that bow over and over… *happy sigh* Let’s just say I would happily worship in the cradle of Renner’s arms.


And then there’s his acting. Not only is he Hawkeye, but he’s also Aaron Cross and William Brandt and… I love a guy who can kick ass and take names, and according to his directors and co-stars, he’s the real deal as far as a lot of his skills go. The motorcycle scene in Bourne Legacy, that’s all him. And you only need to see what Tom Hiddleston had to say about working with him in Avengers to know if Renner tells you he can do something well, he definitely can.

Did I mention what he does in his spare time? He restores houses with his brother. Not only is he talented on screen, he’s got this whole other slew of talents too. He also sings and plays piano.

And he’s funny. Don’t let his stint on Saturday Night Live fool you. The guy is a goofball, and he doesn’t care who knows it. Do you know how he decided to become an actor? The local police academy comes to the drama department and asks for volunteers for a training exercise. They’re supposed to act like thugs and be unruly when the cadets come in. “A cop walks in… I spit on him, I kicked him in the balls... I got paid fifty dollars and I’m like ‘Yes! I love acting!’” (*giggle* I might too if I got to do that.)

But he doesn’t come across as the belligerent type. If you really watch his films, you’ll see this strange dichotomy. I call it soft-Renner and hard-Renner. He can pull off sweet and soulful and make mom-types want to take him home and protect him. And then there’s hard-Renner. Sexy-fucking-take-me-now-hard-Renner. Where he looks like the guy who’ll take a woman, throw her up against the wall and do all sorts of horribly-wonderful-scream-inducing things. When that Renner shows up in a film, all I can do is shiver.

Last, but definitely not least, have you checked out that ass? Hello…

Yes, thank you, Santa. And no, you can’t have one. I’ve decided not to share. It might kill me but I want all my Renners-a-laying.


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In celebration of six sexy-ass Renners a-laying, I’m giving away a digital copy of Love & Other Indoor Sports. You can enter until Christmas Eve and I’ll announce (and email) the winner either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. If you want to make it quicker to get the prize, include which format you’d prefer in your comment (EPUB, PDF, HTML, or PRC). 

Also, let me know what your favorite part about Renner or one of his movies is.

Stat tuned tomorrow for Louisa Bacio an her Seventh Day Hottie!


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  2. Hello indeed! Look at that ass! (BTW, I followed you anyway!)

    1. Hey! Stop looking at my... oh, you meant Renner's ass. Carry on then ;-)

  3. Aww, come on Seleste. At least let me have the Renner while you're sleeping?? ;)