Saturday, December 15, 2012

Five Golden Daniel Craigs!!!

On the fifth day od Sex-Mas Deanna brought to me.....

Five Golden Daniel Craigs!!!

And the super awesome Angel Martinez!!!


Please, Santa, I’ve been good this year. 
Sort of. 
Couldn’t I please have Daniel Craig for Christmas, just this once?

Why Daniel? 

Oh, my… This is a man with something going on behind his eyes. 

The world has tons of pretty, pretty boys, but Daniel’s sexy comes as much from within as from the outer wrapping.

Intelligence sparks in those eyes and a quiet humor that you just know will be dry as a good martini. This man doesn’t have to brag and go out brawling to prove himself. 
He just has to look at you and you feel the power in that gaze – raw, rugged, ready to try anything.

Onscreen, yes, he’s marvelous. A top-flight actor who is fast becoming my favorite Bond, (and I’ve loved James Bond for a long, long time) he projects emotions in such a sparing, subtle way – no histrionics and overacting here. 

But off screen, he’s gracious and good humored. He even said that he thought the director of the Bond skit for the Olympics opening ceremony was pulling his leg, unable to believe they’d be allowed into the Palace.

And do I even need to mention how incredible he looks with Javier Bardem? I had such naughty, naughty slash/fanfic fantasies about Bond and Silva after seeing Skyfall. Had them all wrapped up in each other, all hot and… ahem. There may have been butter involved. I’m not telling. But really, how brave of them both to let the byplay between them go so far. Best Bond moment, ever.


No matter what role Daniel decides to play in the future, I’ll be watching. Just the grown-up sexy kind of man I want to snuggle with when the weather outside is frightful.

For another one of my favorite guys who’s facing frightful weather both internal and meteorological, check out my latest release:

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Where can you find Angel? Besides hiding behind the trees outside her study window, you can find Angel here:

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The Sixth Hottie of Sex-Mas will be brought to you tomorrow by Seleste DeLaney!


  1. Oooh, yes, please, a Daniel Craig in my stocking... er, in my bed... or anywhere close to me!

    He IS my favorite Bond now, and I've been a fan of the series for years! Sorry, Sean, you're sexy as hell, but Daniel really nailed it!

    Merry Christmas, Angel!


  2. Daniel Craig is a hottie as far as I am concerned. His eyes do draw you in as mysterious

  3. Daniel is no doubt a hottie, but I'd rather have the latest Angel Martinez book under my tree. :-)
    cherienoel (at) yahoo(dot)com