Friday, December 14, 2012

Three Frenches with Jensen Ackles!

On the Third Day of Sex-Mas, Deanna brought to me....Three Frenches with Jensen Ackles!!!!

And all via the talented, awesome and sometimes naughty L.C. Dean!!!

Take it away!


Jensen Ackles is coming to town…

Merry Christmas to me if Jensen Ackles ever really did come to town. I'd confess everything if it brought me under his sexy control. Maybe it's the character he plays or it could be the man himself, but whoever Dean Winchester or Jensen Ackles, the guy could jumpstart a cadaver's libido. He pushes all the right buttons without half trying.

He cleans up well so you could take him home to meet granny -- just don't leave her alone with him -- the whole cadaver thing works on live women of all ages as well. Look at those eyes and tell me I'm wrong.

And except for the gun, he could be the guy next door - a man you could cuddle up with like whiskey-spiked cocoa on a cold night. Or read a book with all snug in your bed while visions of his sugared plums danced in your head. 

But he's still rough enough around the edges to make a woman's knees shake like a bowl of jelly.

And his car is panty-wetting all on its own, but add in Jensen and…well, excuse me a minute…. Did I mention there is a porn star who impersonates him? Careful who's around if you go looking for more visual inspiration. Most say NOT Jensen Ackles but it is hard to tell. I stared at some of them for hours trying to decide if they were real or fake.
To those of you out there accusing me of impure thoughts, you're right. I'm dirty minded but I am NOT superficial. Honest, I'm telling you it's his smile and his eyes and his laugh and his personality and his talent and his oh-so-sexy underlying dominance and his car and…. It is NOT just his body. No, sir. You can't tell me it is. But…
I wouldn't shove him out of bed. And if he wanted to bring Sam along (Jared Padalecki), well…that's another fantasy altogether.
If you're heart beats faster and you body goes weak at the thought of a strong man like Jensen Ackles, allow me to introduce you to two of them in Ginger Snaps for Two. The perfect, non-fattening treat for your winter break. As a stocking stuffer I will give one commenter choice from my backlist in the format that works best so don't forget to give me a way to get in touch.
Link to Backlist of my books. Here's a blurb for GINGER SNAPS FOR TWO

Ginger Burke considers herself a hard-assed bitch. She micromanages every aspect of her world, including the subs she controls as a part time, professional Domme. No one has ever been foolish enough to think she has a soft side.
Selleck Mathews knows what it's like to hide behind what others expect, letting down his guard only around the gentle compassion of his partner, Neil Trygstad, who wants nothing more than to love and be loved. Together they are nearly content except they long for someone to laugh at Neil's jokes and crave Selleck's gentle dominance.
Ginger's needs ring in her voice and shimmer in her expressive blue eyes. Once the guys decide to break through her shell and find the sweet center, they have no intention of letting up until her control snaps and she settles in their arms for the ideal holiday, perhaps even the perfect forever.
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The fourth day of Sex-Mas will be brought to you by Silvia Violet!


  1. Loved it and so agree withe everything you said about Jensen,,, the man makes me drool! I would so love to bite his... or nibble on his... or lick his... well you know. Book sounds Great!

    1. I so understand your struggle Carole - oh where to start and what to save for last.

  2. Oh yes! Start at the top and work your way down...(like an ice cream cone, lol)
    Book sounds wonderful!

    1. Now there's a plan, Ashley. Why didn't I think of that? :) Thanks for the compliment as well. Ginger and her guys were fun to write about.

  3. Thanks for sharing one of my favorite hotties, LC!!! Good luck Carole and Ashley!

    1. Thanks, Deanna. And I am going to leave the contest open through the 12 days so if anyone wants to comment for the contest they may do so.

  4. Oh my! He can come stuff my stocking any time! Love the excerpt!

    1. And anything else he wants to stuff? Thanks, Betsy!