Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Matt Bomer Doves!

On the Second Day of Sex-Mas Deanna gave to you....

Two Mat Bomer Doves!

Okay, well it's not the best pun, but I think when you see this "White Collar" hunk, and star of this summer's hit "Magic Mike" you will forgive me!

So why do I love Matt?

Um.....really? You have to ask?

Just look at that body! 

Now THAT'S my idea of a wet T-shirt contest!! 

And in glasses...-------------->

So if seeing Matt has made you thinking Naughty things today on this 2nd Day of Sex-Mas then why don't you hop on over to Decadent Publishing and pick up one of  The Naughty North Pole holiday erotica stories.
Here's a excerpt of Book One Ms. Claus's List:

I am Ms. Claus.

Note the Ms. not the Mrs.?

Santa is my twin brother…not sure how the married rumor got started, eeew!...but he runs the North Pole except for that one most magical night of the year: Christmas Eve. When Santa is away, the elves will play. With me, if they’re lucky enough to be picked from my List.

Please, no nice elves need apply. Because I really want to find out how naughty you can be!

If you haven't got hooked on this naughty holiday series,  get started with Book One, MS. CLAUS'S LIST today!
As a gift, enjoy 25% off  with special promotion code HF75Y at

Stay tuned for more Twelve Hotties of Sex-mas with LC Dean brings Jensen Ackles tomorrow!! 

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